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WOW, really it can't be April already.. Surely! This year is just speeding by and many more beauty goodies will be released this year. With me being a bit unwell and fragile during February I wasn't really wearing makeup and things but March when I finally started to feel human again I was back on it haha! During March I noticed I was wearing certain bits and bobs and started to become part of my makeup look every day, so thought I would share some of my makeup favourites of March with you lovely ladies and gents!

Here is everything that I loved. Quite neutral makeup pieces which I noticed when taking these pictures. I will start left to right and just give you a brief about why I loved these throughout March.

The little square brown box is Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake - Thunder. Honestly the best eyebrow product I have come across, the pigment is spot on and such a soft touch too. You can either dip your brush in water (which is what I do) or you can purchase the Illamasqua Sealing Gel which you put a blob on the product and mix it with your brush. I would of bought the sealing gel however it is very popular and sold out so the lady told me a trick to use water and woohoo it works! It can come on quite dark sometimes so really do build it up has you go. It stays on ALL day, no smudge, no fade, no nothing, it stays!

I'll do the next Illamasqua product, which is the amazing duo that you can see! Bronzing Duo - Glint & Burnish. I know it is a bronzer but I have been using this has a blusher, with it coming up to spring and summer I absolutely love the bronzed cheek look. I fell in love when I purchased this product and has been my favourite since February. Gorgeous bronzed shimmer with a touch of pink. I usually get my brush and just sweep over both colours and apply it. The pigment is AMAZING, truly the best pigment bronzer I have come across. Here is a full review about this product here - Illamasqua Bronzing Duo

Sleek Tinted Lip Conditioner Pout Polish - Bare Minimum, I am very impressed with these Sleek lip products. I bought three but Bare Minimum shade has been the most used. Gorgeous sheer pink that adds a lovely healthy shine to the lips without being to greasy and sticky. I can see this product lasting me absolutely ages! It doesn't cause that build up and dry out your lips, it is so good for the price you pay also. Would definitely recommend these during Spring and Summer!

Back onto eyebrows Maybelline BROWdrama, Sculpting Brow Mascara. A very big life saver, easy to carry and also it is very good for when you forget your main eyebrow product for example mine is the "Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake" I talked about before. It is fairly basic yet very easy to use. It isn't like your standard mascara wand brush, it is in face fact a better designed wand, because it is long with a ball shaped end. Perfect for grabbing the shortest eyebrow hair and them hairs that stick out slightly. I have dark eyebrows so I purchased the shade "Dark Brown", such a natural finish and not to in your face either. Once it is applied it pretty much stays on the whole day! For £4.99 you can't go wrong, really good little product to keep in your makeup bag especially for them eyebrow emergency days! I will be writing a full review about this product, so keep your eyebrows peeled haha!

Mascaras, mascaras, mascaras! I can't live without them, continuously purchasing them! I shall start with L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes - Brown, yes I did say brown. The whole of March I have sure I went through a stage where I loved how long but yet natural it made my lashes look! I do have the black version, if you click the link here! It is the exactly the same brush and product, just a totally different colour! I was definitely loving the "Less is more" look during March! This brush made me lashes super duper long and didn't give me that clumpy spider look effect even though I applied several even crazy amounts of layers!

Next mascara again, is in brown haha! Lash Accelerator Endless by Maybelline. So Maybelline have made me proud this month hehe! This brush/wand is totally different to the L'Oreal brush, Less spikes much shorter should I say too and also the wand is a bit more stiff compared to L'Oreal's. Still this did certainly accelerate my eyelashes to a totally different length and no excess product on my lashes and no clumping! Amazing, and again I will make a review just about this product too if you ladies would like to read about it!

The last mascara but certainly not least is this Illamasqua one. I apologise, it doesn't have a name! I bought it from their sale they had online and went crazy but unfortunately it doesn't have a specific mascara name, so if any of you know the look of this brush and know the name then by all means, inform me haha! This is much different to the other brushes I have mentioned, just because this is a brush brush! The design of the brush it twisted? It is in brown so this brown mascara phase has been going on for about two months haha! This most definitely adds volume and length with the style of brush it has.

Ah the face NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, the most delicious foundation and will always be in my top month favourites! The reason it is in this months because it is such a natural looking foundation. There is no sign that you have loads on and also it is just perfect to wear all seasons. As we are coming up to summer, I want to be confident to wear less makeup but still feel covered. Sheer Glow does the trick, absolutely amazing foundation. Makes your skin look soft, glowy, dewy and radiant. All four things I love in a foundation. Here is a full review, if you click the link here!

That is it, my beautiful top March favourites! Really hope you enjoyed and do apologise it is six days late into April haha! I hope you try these products and they become your top April favourites because you never know! Love you all beauty addicts.

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  1. Great picks, love the loreal mascara :)

  2. Ahh, you have no idea how much I want to try NARS Sheer Glow's just so pricey! Grr :(

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