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I think some, maybe all in fact love a new product launch, I sure do! Garnier have definitely impressed me this time round with their new collection "Ultimate Blends", the title makes it sound amazing. New launches means new formulas, I am always happy to try a brand new product. This hair care range was launched in March|April 2014 with an amazing number of six blends of shampoos, conditioners, oils, treatments, scrubs and even a dry shampoo. Each blend is caring for a specific problem/or type of hair that can be neglected by British weather, heating equipment or just generally a lack of uumph!

I will be mentioning the "Sleek Restorer" range in the shampoo and conditioner. This type of blend has a mixture of coconut oil and cocoa butter, very nourishing and sounds like your about to apply paradise to each strand of hair. My hair is your typical dry, the occasional frizz bomb, lack of life and can be quite dull type of hair until I met this hair saver product. "Sleek Restorer" is definitely aimed for your frizzy, dry types of hair. If this fits into your category then by all means do try this. Don't worry they do five other blends so your will find something suitable for your exact hair needs.

Using this product a little over a week, (three|four times in total). I am amazed how perfect this product actually it is and I am not over-exaggerating. The scent is extremely gorgeous, but not only that my hair looks healthier, feels healthier than it has ever been. My hair strands don't feel brittle or dry and even my scalp doesn't feel irritated. It is beautiful and super lightweight, doesn't weigh down my hair which is impressive. Just my hair feels soft, silky and it has definitely removed that "dry" look it had and brought shine in it's life (haha). I feel that my hair looks also feels thicker, bigger and much more bouncier which I have always wanted to achieve.

You can find these at £3.89 for the 400ml at any local supermarket or your nearest drugstore like your Boots or Superdrug. However you can purchase the 250ml size for £2.79 in both the shampoo and conditioner. A very reasonable priced range I think. There's two more products that come with the "Sleek Restorer" which I will be adding to my hair care list is "Sleek Restorer 1 Minute-Mask" also "Sleek Restorer Oil". The other ranges in the "Ultimate Blends" collection are Shine Revitaliser, Colour Illuminator, Marvellous Transformer, Nourishing Repairer and Silky Smoother.


- If your blow drying your hair then put it on a warm setting, avoid the hottest temperature and hold the hair dryer a good few inches away from your hair and blow your hair down to prevent the frizzy hair look.
- Longer hair? Make sure to book a hair appointment every six to eight weeks for a trim also condition the ends of your locks every other day to prevent your ends drying out.
- Try getting out of them bad habits, smoking, stress and all that junk food because sometimes that can cause your hair to become brittle and dull.
- Once you have conditioned your hair with the Sleek Restorer conditioner, rinse your hair with cold water and this seals the cuticle, making it harder for moisture to enter the hair follicle which can cause that frizzy bomb.
- Let your hair dry naturally if you can, towel drying can sometimes cause frizziness! Try and only blow dry your hair if you really have too!

What do you think of the new GARNIER products, have you or would you try them?

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2 comments on "GARNIER Launches "Ultimate Blends" - The Sleek Restorer Range | Review ♥"
  1. I love the new range. I did a review of them too on my blog. I tried the cocoa butter one and it was gorgeous.

    1. Their new collection is perfect, I am definitely going to be trying each one of them haha xxx


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