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It has been a whole year since I blogged about this! It is a limited fragrance that comes out once a year around spring going into summer times. To be honest this fragrance should be sold every day of the year it is that beautiful! Like I said I did blog about it this time last year and I thought I would update you all because they have launched more products this year round which I am so happy about and definitely need to stock up on. Bronze Goddess is infact a once a year best selling fragrance pretty much every year, this is my third time purchasing it and I won't stop.

Bronze Goddess is absolutely beautiful. It is holidays, beach, sunshine and golden coconuts in a bottle, when you spritz it on suddenly your on a beach sunbathing soaking in them rays of sunshine with a cocktail in your hands. If you love that sort of feelings perfume gives you then get your hands on SEVERAL bottles of this, has I said it is limited edition and they do sell out quick. I always wait for this perfume to be released because it is one of, well should I say my top favourite fragrance. I love that coconut scent.

So this is definitely a summer sun-kissed fragrance, it does NOT smell overly beachy|holiday sun tan lotion scent it is completely different actually. Very elegant, any age group and person could wear this, also very feminine. I love how sweet and tropical the scent is, ah so devine. It's not too soft so it doesn't wear off but it's not over powering either so you don't choke other people on the scent ahha, a perfect combination.

They brought out last year the fragrance and a body oil, along with some bronze goddess makeup editions which are beaut. This year they have opened a whole new can of amazing wormies. They have the Bronze Goddess body creme, so not only can you spritz this beautiful fragrance but you can hydrate your skin with it too, ahhh I need to breathe. Also they have a shimmering body oil for you ladies that love to be glammed up and sparkle.

The packaging looks just has beautiful has the product it's self, looks very exclusive and golden. I think everyone should get there hands on at least two products minimum haha from the Bronze Goddess collection. Such a lovely scent for when you go on holiday too, walking holiday paradise haha. I can't wait for next year and what else they may bring.. Exciting!

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  1. It looks so nice, so many people talk about it! This is on my wishlist ;)
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