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This is a healthy lifestyle post today! I just want to let you know about this amazing product that has changed my life, sounds quite drastic but it's true. JuicePLUS+ is a company that I work for from home and I was given this amazing opportunity not only to work for the brand but to also use their products. I was the type of girl that was sluggish, lazy and unmotivated. Since being on their products such has the JuicePLUS+ Complete Shakes & JuicePLUS+ Premium Capsules I have seen a massive difference in my hair, skin and nails not just that the main difference is how motivated I have become, not lazy and I am definitely not sluggish. This post is to tell you how this has happened and why I want to share to you all why I am so happy and also I want you all to become financial free like me and be able to enjoy life. Not only that I want people to experience how being healthy can make a massive impact and put a smile on your face has soon has you wake up. Let's make a change together.

First of all JuicePLUS+ is a while based nutritional supplement of 26 fruits, vegetables and berries! Also it is consumed and recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals around the world. It is a simple, practical and affordable (definitely affordable) way to add all these nutritional benefits from fruit and vegetables to our diet, every day. It is not not a substitute for eating more fruits and vegetables but it certainly helps to bridge the gap between what we should eat and what we actually eat. Think of it as insurance for when we don’t manage to eat our five or more servings a day. It works perfectly for me!

The products come in three forms, you have the capsules, chewables and shake forms. The picture above is my JuicePLUS+ Premium Capsules.Such a tasty treat to have every morning I wake up! Here are the reasons why these are fab and I have seen a really big difference, here are a few of the benefit you receive from the capsules:

• Increased Energy
• Increased Recovery
• Cleanse the liver
• Reduce Stress (Cortisol)
• Increase Growth Hormones
• Reduce antioxidants
• Improve Fatigue
• Reduce Inflammation by 41%
• Strengthen Hair & Nails
• Reduce Tooth Decay & Gum Disease
• Improve Skin Complex
• Reduce risk of disease… Diabetes, Cancer, Heart

It is an amazing product and I used it personally and become healthier and with the JuicePLUS+ Complete Shakes, I lost a total of 1st and a half in two weeks! Some of you may be thinking that is seems a lot in a short amount of time. I still ate and my body was being given every single bit of nutrition from the shakes! It isn't just for weight loss, there is nutritional benefits too! I have clients seeing great, quick results!

The JuicePLUS+ Complete shakes come in two tasty flavours! Vanilla & Chocolate. You can do anything you want with this, turn it into pancakes, make smoothies, healthy cupcakes or just simply drink it has a milkshake with skimmed milk! The shakes gives us guaranteed levels of a wide range of nutrients, providing high content of vegetable proteins, simple and complex carbohydrates, and a controlled intake of the necessary calories and fat. Easy and convenient to prepare giving us healthy nutrition anywhere, anytime. I simply replaced two meals a day with the chocolate flavoured shake because it is my absolute favourite and ate a very full meal. What was so amazing is that it fills me up. I am a snacker and I can snack easily throughout the day BUT when I drink the shakes or even have the JuicePLUS+ Premium Capsules. All I wanted was more fruit and vegetables and I didn't feel the need to snack throughout the day, even on junk food which is my weakness hah!

The shakes can be used for anything, it is so versatile to fit everyone's lifestyle, it can be consumed in addition to our everyday nutrition, ideal for BREAKFAST, to get a great start to the day! A delicious SNACK for any time of the day, has it represents an excellent alternative to sweets and fast food, which while stopping cravings. It can also be added to fruits, juices and yoghurts, even smoothies to make it even tastier. Anyone who wants a HEALTHY MEAL in a convenient, easy to digest form. Excellent for SPORTS PEOPLE if used as a pre-exercise energy drink, thanks to its carbohydrates content. Supports long and intense training sessions. Also great has a post workout drink to recover thanks to its vitamins, minerals, protein and carbs and replenishes energy levels.

Please do contact me for much more information and if you want to know more about my journey BUT also if you want to join me and guide you to become financial free and let me help you achieve your life goal. I am always looking for people to join my team and help them become motivated! Anything is achievable. I have an amazing job opportunity for you all Email me now! ashleighbeauty@live.com

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