Barry M Nail Varnish - Aquarium Collection - Mediterranean & Caspian ♥

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Spring is here, we are already in March! This year is whizzing by, but the good thing about March is the bright, colourful, spring|summer colours are coming out to prepare us for the sunshine. Barry M have made a nail polish that I instantly fell in love this when I came across it on their facebook page. I commented straight away and said "I'm purchasing these NOW" - I couldn't find "Mediterranean" shade in stock anywhere! It was the shade I wanted the most and of course it was the popular one, it is beautiful! Well I went on Superdrug, you can always rely on good ol' superdrug, they had in stock BUT not only that I had points I could use purchase two! I was extremely excited and purchased "Caspian" which was the second shade I loved. Well I did want them all but my bank card would cry..

I have always been a big lover of Barry M, their nail varnishes never disappoint me, they don't chip for such a long time! My nails are always chippers too!, they stay shiny even without a top coat. The varnishes also are easy to apply, very quick-drying and the pigment is unbelievable, very opaque you only need one coat, two max!

I will talk about "Caspian" first because I didn't put this on my nails today! However I did swatch the colour on a piece of paper just so I could talk to you about the shade! It is a gorgeous 4-tone gold colour with hints of purple/pink with greeny specks. Super shiny and glossy. It reflects the light so you see a lovely blend of the different colours that stand out. It isn't a glitter nail varnish however it looks although it has little shimmers/glitter in the product! I really can't wait to put this on. A mermaid colour that will look perfect on your tootsies.

My favourite, my instant love "Mediterranean". Gorgeous pink and gold shade. It's absolutely beautiful, such a girly summery colour that I think would suit anyone and everyone! It's so peculiar, in the sun/light it shows so many different colours from pink to orange and gold! Almost like the ocean where it shows different colours. "Aquarium". Super shiny and I love the shimmery effect to it and this is also a 4-tone effect has you can see below.

Have you seen their new "Aquarium Collection", which one would you purchase?

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2 comments on "Barry M Nail Varnish - Aquarium Collection - Mediterranean & Caspian ♥"
  1. Mediterranean is absolutely gorgeous, will definitely have to get my hands on that! x

  2. Mediterranean is lovely! Might need to purchase some of these myself x

    Amy |


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