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Good'day mate! It's an Aussie post today. Let me get it out there before I begin, these products are AH-mazing. Been trying Aussie for about 2 months now, never tried there products before and I am so so impressed. The packaging stands out and is quite different to other brands, that is another thing I love, that it is unique.

I will start off with the gorgeous "Aussie Miracle Moist" Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair is dry, should I say was dry before using this, my hair needed a boost of moisture to give it that healthy look again & with this amazing duo, it happened. The formula is super light compared to other brands I have used previously. Both of these products have the consistency between a cream and a gel, which I love because it feels moisturising. I would say they are easy to spread if you had a splash of water to the product however if not, you can experience it not being has spreadable has other brands, but I think that is because of it's cream/gel like consistency BUT these two bottles lasted me a whole month! Yes, a whole month, that is something I thought wouldn't happen considering the size of the bottle and the consistency. I wash my hair at least three-two times a week max so that is amazing for these bottles to last a month.

Aussie describes this product has;
"Top up dry hairs' moisture levels and help bring back your shine with Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo. This little beauty is to hair what a glass of iced lemonade is to you on a hot summer's day – sheer relief!"

The results are amazing and I will continue to purchase from AUSSIE. Everything they claim on these bottles have come true on my hair which is infact a miracle. I wouldn't say my hair is ruined or very damaged, but it's had hair dye plenty of times and also the odd hair straightener has said hello. I don't always straighten my hair with it being natural straight anyway and plus it sometimes shows how dry my hair is.

With these products, my hair feels moisturised! I don't feel like my hair even needs a hair oil afterwards. Let me tell you secret I haven't even touched a hair oil since I have started using these products!. After the first wash I experienced tangle free hair, much more softer and suppler too, also felt a lot lighter which I loved. It happened on one wash for me, this is probably because my hair was really dry so if your hair isn't has dry you may notice a difference straight away or on your second wash. Such a lush product, so I would recommend the AUSSIE range, maybe not Miracle Moist if you don't have dry hair but definitely buy the products that your hair needs and I promise you will probably have better hair. Definitely a big fat 10/10 for me and would repurchase and try the other shampoo's and conditioners that fit me.

I know this deep treatment product isn't the same range has "Miracle Moist" it is because "Miracle Luscious Long" suited the spot for what my hair needs for a deep treatment.

Has you know my hair is temperamental and dry and I always wish it would look gorgeous like the celebs! Most of girls probably have the same problem has me BUT I have found a cure for us. I love bottles of deep treatment conditioners, however some haven't satisfied me until I come across the "AUSSIE 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment", just to let you know it's not just for long hair because my hair is medium-ish length. I have been using this gorgeousness probably once every week out of the 2/3 washes and I keep it in for 3-4 minutes. I would advise NOT to deep conditioner your hair every time you wash because your hair will get used to be product and become dependent.

Every time I use this treatment I receive compliments how good my hair smells. It does smelly yummy and has a lovely sweet scent to it. The consistency is slightly thicker than the normal conditioners but it is also extremely silky and lightweight. I usually apply this on my hair and then shave my legs or have a wash whilst it works it's 'miracle' on my strands of hair.

My hair feels beautiful and so much softer after I use AUSSIE's deep treatment. I usually blow dry and sometimes I just leave my hair to dry naturally because not a big fan of heat sources unless I have too. My hair feels a lot less brittle and dry. Also I hope using this more often that my hair will be permanently improved and stay lush and soft.

What are your favourite AUSSIE products or would try their products?

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  1. Im obsessed with Aussie products. I use the same miracle moist shampoo and conditioner :) You're right, I get comments about the way my hair smells too, it's awesome :)
    Nilla Forever


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