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Instead of doing an #askashleighbeauty post thought I would mix it up and do the famous youtube and blogpost TMI! Also it gives you a little bit information about me if your interested haha. I do tag everyone that is reading this and has either a youtube channel or any type of blog, get typing so I can be nosey and know a little bit more about yourselves. Well here goes!

1.What are you wearing? - An aztec crop top and underwear, I'm in bed it's allowed!

2.Ever been in love? - Yea I have.

3.Ever had a terrible breakup? - I wouldn't call it terrible but all breakups aren't amazing to experience.

4.How tall are you? - I am infact 5'7ft, not sure what that is in CM, let me know haha!

5.How much do you weight? - Ay cheeky, currently working out and trying to lose weight, at the moment 11.8st.

6.Any tattoos? - Indeed I do, one from the bottom of my stomach up to the sides of my ribs, its gorgeous!

7.Any piercings? - Just my ears, I don't really wear ear rings anymore since I was like 14!

8.OTP? - I could tell you if I knew what that means, omg you probably think I am a loser haha! never heard it before

9.Favourite show? - I don't watch a lot of TV but I love Eastenders haha and currently loving Channel 4's "My Mad Fat Diary"

10.Favourite bands? - Truthfully I don't have a favourite band haha!

11.Something you miss? - I miss being a child & playing out, not having to worry about life or bills etc!

12.Favourite song? - I have a few, Beyonce "Drunk In Love" & Chris Brown ft Kid Ink "Show Me" also R Kelly "Cookie"!

13.How old are you? - I am 21, and will be 22 in July eek.

14.Zodiac sign?- Cancer, crabby!

15.Quality you look for in a partner? - Someone who makes me laugh, kindness and caring and also loves talking!

16.Favourite quote? - It has gone, but it was a Marylin Monroe. oops I'l remember later haha!

17.Favourite actor? - He is a comedian too, but I love Kevin Hart at the moment. Makes me laugh too much.

18.Favourite colours? - I love all colours, but I like my nudes, creams and beiges haha quite grannyish there!

19.Loud music or soft - In any mood I need loud and songs with good beats hah!

20.Where do you go when you're sad? - Either to my room in bed and I open my blinds so I can just day dream!

21.How long does it take you to shower? - I can take between 20-30 minutes, I love my relaxing pampering showers :)

22.How long does it take you to get ready? - Depends, no makeup including everything else 10|15mins, makeup 45mins?

23.Ever been in a physical fight? - Once when I got jumped and had to defend myself.

24.Turn on? - Good arms and defined jaw line haha also tattoos I like too.

25.Turn off? - Ignorance, stubbornness, and stuck up your own bum!

26.The reason why I joined blogger? - Just start my hobby and tell you all about my beauty|makeup reviews!

27.Fears? - Injections, them things.. Can't even type it n**dles. Worst fear and also spiders..

28.Last thing that made you cry - An argument between me and my bf.

29.Last time you said you loved someone? - It was my bf this morning!

30.Meaning behind your Blogger URL? - It's my name and what it's about haha, not very creative.

31.Last book you read? - Naughty me, it was 50 shades of freed, the last book from 50 shades of grey.

32.Currently reading? - Hmm nothing, but I read blogs. That counts haha!

33.Last show you watched? - Channel 4's "My Mad Fat Diary" you should all watch it, it is hilarious!

34.Last person you spoke to on the phone? - It was my mum.

35.The relationship between you and the person you last texted? - Chloe, my best friend! Love her lots.

36.Favourite food? - Domino's pizza, pepperoni passion. Can't beat it with garlic & herb dip!

37.Place you want to visit? - I want to go to Paris & USA! also Hawaii.

38.Last place you were? - Last holiday place was Malia 2013 in July.

39.Do you have a crush? - Not a crush, no haha.

40.Last time you kissed someone? - No kisses for a month however, I have pecked my lovely best friend haha!

41.Last time you was insulted? - About three/four weeks ago?

42.Favourite flavour of sweet? - Probably the fizzy fruit kind hahah!

43.What instruments do you play? - I don't sorry.

44.Favourite piece of jewellery? - I have loads of gold necklaces and bracelets from Riverisland & Primark.

45.Last sport you played? - Officially netball last year but I do boxing has a hobby now.

46.Last song you sang? - Beyonce - Drunk In Love, it is hard not to sing to that haha.

47.Favourite chat up line? - Too many cheesy ones to mention.

48.Have you ever used them? - Hahah no and never would.

49.Last time you hung out with someone? - It was my lovely friends on Saturday celebrating a birthday.

50.Who should answer the questions next? - EVERYONE!

Thank you for making it all the way down to the bottom! Hope you enjoyed my lovlies

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3 comments on "TMI Tag ♥"
  1. Hehe I love this tag, i've seen it on youtube a lot :-)

    Sharlotte //

  2. Love this tag, so nice to find out a bit more about you! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


P.S. I don't want this to be spammy but I am also hosting a £50 Giveaway at the moment if you wanted to enter here

  3. Oh I really enjoyed reading your answers.. I have to say I m Cancer too so I can really see all this sensitive, romantic style you have. I just found your blog and I am following you from now on. Great job ♥
    I'd love to see any comments from you anytime on my blog.. It's in Greek but I have translator.

    Beauty in Crisis


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