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It is nearly weekend & also it is nearly Spring or possibly is Spring now haha! I enjoy a good tanning afternoon when it's this season. Love the feeling of being bronzed and sunkissed without the UV damage. Today I am writing about the very popular and gorgeous tanning product by St Tropez!

It is my all time holy grail tanning product. Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. This mousse is my cup of tea, it gives me the perfect tan without the streaks and the lines, even the patchiness and also the most important thing, it DOESN'T make you orange. Absolutely flawless. I have been using this tanning mousse for such a long time and it has never ever disappointed me.

Super light-bubbly mousse texture feels amazing when applied and with it being a light texture means it is really easy to apply with their tanning mitt which I also bought! It almost looks like chocolate mousse yummy. Has a guide, I have long legs with me being 5'7ft so to cover a whole leg, I use 2-3 pumps and it spreads so well. It spreads more like a liquid and you can't really go wrong when applying and it is virtually impossible to apply it streaky too which I have noticed. With it being a mousse it dries super quick which I absolutely love, because it means I don't have to lie there stark naked for ages until I can put clothes haha!

I apologise for the the St Tropez mitt being quite stained but I have had it for a long time. Another amazing point about this product it doesn't smell much either. I have had tans in the past where they have a bit of a stronger smell haha to put it politely and the smell does linger for a couple of days, but St Tropez is subtle scent and doesn't last even a few hours.

The important bit to self tan, is after application! Your meant to leave it 4-8 hours usually for any tan. I prefer to apply it on just before bed, wait for it to dry and then go sleep, so when I wake up it has developed to the max. There is days when I have woke up and fancied fake tanning so I keep it on all day if I'm not doing anything and rinse it off just before bed, or keep it on for at least 4-5 hours if I'm going out. Don;t be frightened when you have developed you look quite dark because when you have had a good soak or wash in bath|shower, your tan will be gorgeously bronzed and natural looking! The mousse gives me such a "natural sun kissed" glow that I can't get enough off. I would say there is a guarantee you won't receive that obvious fake tan look!

A good thing I love is when it starts to fade, which it will throughout the week, is that it won't go streaky or patchy! Massive BONUS for me because I know some fake tans I have previously used start looking dirty on your skin. There is no problem with St Tropez, it just simply fades. I don't need to top up or reapply which really amazes me. You can do another top up if you like though! I do find I enjoy the colour I become with one application a week hehe.

My St Tropez Tips & Tricks

· I highly recommend you exfoliate (with any sort of gritty body scrub, or even a exfoliating glove) and moisturise before using the tanning mousse! Just to make sure you get rid of any dry skin patches and make your skin super clean for easy application. Remember also to moisturise your naturally driest areas like your elbows, knees, ankles! By doing this it helps with a streak-free application!

· If you need to shave your legs, try and do this a few hours before your tanning application or the night before. Just because your legs can be quite sensitive after shaving! For me I get little dots on my legs if I have tanned straight after. It does wash off though, so it's not a massive problem hehe!

· I work from the bottom up! There is a reason for this, it is because if you work from the top up, you will be creasing and bending the bits whilst you do your legs for example and could cause creases and lines whilst it dries. If you work from bottom up your legs can stand straight and dry without any creases and get a flawless tan!

· To prolong your tan through the week then just simply keep your skin moisturised! I am sure St Tropez do products to help prolong your tan that I need to try!

I am very pleased to use this product, and I will always be loyal to St Tropez! They do two sizes for the mousse which is good for people who haven't used their products before. I do recommend this to everyone that wants a sunkissed look, but also if you have a pale skin don't be scared! It won't make your too dark or even orange!!

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