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Happy Monday! Hope you all had an amazing valentines weekend whether it was with your friends, loved ones or even family. I had a busy valentines day infact, the other week I was invited to a beauty blogging event which was held in Selfridges Manchester. I was so excited to go because my first visit was at the Suqqu counter! I love Selfridges, it's clean, exclusive and I love shopping in the beauty hall! So many exclusive brands and everyone is friendly and knows everything about their own products.

The lady introduced me so kindly and professionally, she was in fact the area manager of Suqqu! She asked me what I knew about Suqqu! I did mention I have been told that Suqqu is popular due to its amazing eyelash curlers and eyebrow products! She told me amazing facts about Suqqu and that it is Japanese brand and the word Suqqu means "posture with attitude". The lady definitely knew her stuff!

She went through everything that we was going to do and then I had to fill out some forms about my skin, what I want my skin to improve on! Then the lady wrapped my hair in a funny looking headband which didn't look appealing on me haha! But ay, it was relaxing. I wore a full face of makeup which was quite silly of me but then again I didn't know what I was expecting when I arrived. So she give me these very soft cotton pads with their "Eye Makeup Remover R" on it so I could take my own eye makeup off, this was the most gentle eye makeup remover I have used in a long time, there was no tugging, greasiness, irritation and it was extremely quick to remove! She mentioned their was "Rice Squalane" which is an effective ingredient!

Next she applied "Reset Cleansing Cream". I had a full coverage foundation so was unsure what to expect when it was time to remove my face haha! She only used a tiny amount and applied it first to my forehead, cheeks and chin and a bit on my nose. I also had red lipstick so she applied some on my lips too! She told me to concentrate on the way she was about to cleanse my skin. It was extremely relaxing, she did everything in a upwards motion so theres no tugging or sagging on the skin. Made circular motions so that there was an increase in my blood flow. You could see the makeup come off instantly, I was amazed and she told me you could either "rinse it off" or "wipe it with a damp cloth". She brought a damp cloth to my face and simply wiped off the excess. My skin felt like a babies bum with added hydration!

The massage was next, Gankin Massage it was called! With this specific Japanese style massage she used "Musculate Massage & Mask Cream". This was the best bit of the treatment! She mentioned it is a very rich cream that you can use on any skin types, it promotes blood circulation and strengthens your face muscles. She had a certain massage for the face which helps with lymph flow so any toxins can be drained through and prevents sagging of the skin. I can't remember each move but it was wonderful. It lasted about 3-4 minutes and I could of fallen asleep haha. When it finished she wiped off the excess and applied "Face Refresher R" or another name "Wiping Off Lotion" on a cotton pad and simply wiped everywhere and this removes residual oil left after the massages and simply refreshes your skin.

Once all that was done she applied the "Moisture" range which is new! It was good timing because my skin was extremely dry that past week and needed a good boost of hydration and moisture! Definitely a good choice of products for drier skins or dehydrated skins. The products she used in this order were;
Moisture Repair Essence which was the serum
Moisture Lotion and then Moisture Barrier Cream
It is the pink range on the left that you can see in the picture above. I love the simplicity of the packaging!

Makeup time! She did my makeup with various different makeup products from the newest makeup collection from foundation to eyeshadows. The lady did a very natural basic look with gorgeous highlight and a bit of contouring! I was really happy with the look and how she created it! Their makeup brushes are extremely soft with their soft hairs. Each brush delivered gently and evenly!

Thank you for such an amazing experience Selfridges & Suqqu and can't wait for your next one!

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2 comments on "Selfridges Beauty Blogger Event - Day On The Suqqu Counter ♥ "
  1. Aww that sounds like such a an amazing experience! I've never heard of that brand before, but the way you made it sound - so luxe! I'd love a good treatment like that one day!

  2. This sounds like such great fun, I am definitely going to try and go to the next one! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


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