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I must apologise. There has been a lot of Illamasqua reviews on here recently, especially this month, it's because I went totally mad when I went shopping there and pretty much bought all of the counter. You can't blame me their products are amazing and not one has disappointed me and I don't think there will be.

Illamasqua Bronzer Duo - Glint & Burnish, is the product I'm going to talk about. A very versatile product and also my first non-matte bronzer! I love the fact a bronzer can have a frost finish to it but still looks quite natural. I do indeed, love everything about this product from it's texture, the shades, the pigment. Also when I say versatile you can get away with using it has a blush not just a bronzer. However you can't really use the darker shade has a contour shade.

These two shades give the most gorgeous golden-bronze glow to any skin. I have to say it is becoming my holy grail, I am using it everyday without fail, creating new looks with it and all sorts. I have fair olive-y skin and these shades work perfectly on me and don't look like an uumpa lumpa.

You have "Glint" shade on the left and then "Burnish" on the right. I'll talk about Glint first, it is a very gorgeous yet light peach highlighter, it's extremely pretty when applied on the cheek bones, temples, cupids bow and even under the arch of your eyebrows. Very natural and glowing on my skin. It glows perfectly in the light although you can see it when no light is in fact shining onto your skin. It POPS!

Let's get down to Burnish! < See what I did there? haha. The warmth it gives to your cheeks and temples is incredible. Even though I mentioned it's a non-matte bronzer it is still perfect. Burnish is a bronzer with peach undertones also, which makes it very sunkissed! Be aware, a little amount is needed because it can be quite dark if you don't blow the excess off your brush, however I have done this many times. I get my powder brush and simply blend it, and POOF it looks gorgeous and even!

The important bits! Texture and pigment. This product, the powder is extremely soft an silky, which makes it super easy to apply and lovely to blend. Any brush you use, I think you are guaranteed to pick up the pigment|powder. I love how soft it is to touch and once applied it doesn't look overly powdery or cakey. I am really in love with everything about this product and I would recommend this to anyone and everyone. It is £26 but don't let that scare you because it is worth it!

What do you think?

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3 comments on "Illamasqua Bronzer Duo - Glint & Burnish ♥"
  1. It's so expensive but I really want it!!

  2. This sounds amazing, I love both the colours in it! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


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  3. You have a lovely blog, if you'd like to visit mine and follow me via bloglovin I always follow back ;)


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