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Ahh the gorgeous seasons are coming. The gorgeous bright colours will be out of ladies makeup bags! Spring & Summer, oh I do love thee. All you lovely coral products have been hidden away for six months and now you can show your coraliness again. I definitely made that word up haha! Since it's Friday and very happy about weekend and I have some amazing things planned for my weekend. I thought I would do a much more colourful, a bit of fun blog post for you gorgeous readers.

CORALS! that is right. My favourite colour to wear when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. I simply just picked some products that I loved wearing last Spring & Summer and I can't wait to wear them again because they will never get old!

These pictures definitely brighten up my page! I'll start from left to right from the picture above and just simply talk a little abit about them, because I don't want this to be a long long post and you may get bored haha!

MAC "Vegas Volt" Lipstick | Oh this is such a lovely coral for anyone. It is a mixture of pink and orange but still is quite vibrant on the lips and definitely looks more coral when applied. Vegas Volt is from the amplified range so therefore it has a lot of pigment! It does. It stays on so well and definitely a summer lip with any natural eye makeup.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint | I have wrote about this product three times now on my blog, that is saying something! I totally love this product whether it's being worn on it's own or to apply a coral blush on top to make the blusher POP. So impressed with the pigment, the texture and how long it lasts through the day. Why I like this during the Spring & Summer is when it's absolutely boiling hot and your sweating, this baby stays on!

Bourjois Paris - Colour Boost "Orange Punch" Lip Crayon | I have wrote about this beauty also, when these were launched August Summer time. This isn't has bold has MAC Vegas Volt but it definitely has that orange tint. I think this would look fab with any sunkissed bronzed skin and it will definitely stand out. If you want something a little bit more sheerer than lipstick then try this lippy. The texture is smooth and soft when applied and it does last a long time! I bought these in September so I would like to know how long they last when I'm in the heat!

Benefit "Coralista" Blusher | My holy grail for summer products. I have only just hit the pan! I did use this throughout the Autumn season too. It's too gorgeous not to use. It's been packed away since then and I can't wait to let it out again ahah. Lovely tropical coral colour. This is what I like wearing on top of Cha Cha Tint. There is a slight hint of golden shimmers within this blusher which is so girly when the sun shines on your cheeks!

Essie "Boat House" Nail Varnish | Can't forget your finger nails and your toes! When you have a sunkissed summer tan, whether it be St tropez style or if you have been lucky enough to sunbathe in Hawaii. Coral looks absolutely gorgeous and bright, really brings the summer to your fingertips, literally. It is much of a warmer coral colour I'd say. A very opaque colour so only need about two coats and your good to go!

I really want to know what your favourite coral products are so I can purchase them ready for Spring & Summer, or tell me if these any of your favourites too! I hope you enjoyed this random, fun and colourful post for a change!

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3 comments on "Corals | Summer Hurry Up ♥"
  1. I love the shade of the Essie polish! It's perfect for spring and summer.
    Coralista is a blush I've had my eyes on for a while but I also love the look of Hervana. I don't know which Benefit blush to try out first but now that I look at this post, my mind's stuck on Coralista again.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  2. I also can't wait for summer to wear coral's! D♥

  3. Coral ,Coral, and more Coral! <3 I dont know what is it but Im just in love with coral color now days! and im in love with this post!!, (Coralista Blusher) I need that in my life, soon.

    Thnx for the beautiful post my dear!^_^


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