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Good evening ladies and gents! Sorry I have disappeared recently, I have just been focusing on the gym and my weight loss and generally eating healthier! I have an amazing review for you because a very good friend of mine has started an amazing business called "CITSII" which stands for "Comfortable In The Skin I'm In" - smart right? Her products are one of a kind, you want to know why? Because they actually work! I have lost nearly one stone in the matter of two weeks, yes I am still eating and eating much healthier too and also going gym BUT these products have definitely gave me that boost of confidence and motivation I needed! Do you want to lose weight, tone up or increase your fitness? Then read on and read about the products I purchased and why they have helped me and also what I have achieved.

Check out the website! CITSII - Comfortable In The Skin I'm In or CITSII Twitter Page

I will start left to right, it's easier! CITSII Protein Shaker, a bottle shaker for any protein shakes but with a twist! There is no ball or mesh lid to shake your products. Bet your wondering, well how does it mix together? Well my friends, the bottle is shaped with ridges so there isn't any messy stuff, simple shake and drink!

Next is the CITSII Finesse Diet Whey Protein Shake, I got the yummy chocolate and it tastes spot on like chocolate milkshake whether it's mixed with water or skimmed milk. It is low fat, low carbs, low calories and low sugar but high protein and has been made to help control appetite and help burn fat and get me that lean body! Using this for two weeks, I have see the difference with my weight and seen tiny little things on me become leaner. Tasty snack during the day or have it after training! Gorgeous shake is only £34.99 for 1KG.

I will go straight to the Sweat Vests! These indeed make you sweat! I pop it under my gym top and tuck it into my pants/shots and go straight into training. This feels like I am burning additional calories. You sweat loads and it is a motivational sweat and I know I am working hard to achieve the body that I want. Also it helps with water retention, so any unnecessary water it will just come out of you, yummy! You get 10 vests for just £9.99!

Curb It, I absolutely love the names of these supplements by the way, they are so creative. So "Curb It" means and does curbing your cravings, making you feel fuller and obviously means you will lose weight and YES they work, and you take them one hour before your meal and when you eat you feel fuller quicker and I am amazed how good they are because your controlling your portion size. I ate less but still ate my meals, I didn't feel the need to snack and if I did I would simple eat a piece of fruit even then I couldn't eat a lot of it! These have definitely helped with losing my weight along with working out, drinking plenty of water and eating really healthy! I take four a day, usually two in the mornings and then probably around 2-3ish if I feel the need to do so! In two weeks, I haven't ate any sort of junk food or any unnecessary foods, BONUS! This tub of goodness is only £17.99

Next Celsius thermogenics. These capsules definitely give me a boost when working out, I see a massive difference in my strength and stamina! My workout has massively progressed with this capsules! It has a lovely blend of natural ingredients so it is a natural boost of caffeine in your system to make you burn more calories to lose them unwanted pounds, also increases your metabolic rate. I take two capsules about 30-45minutes before training and I feel myself ready to go and shred them pounds. These are £24.99 which is a perfect price!

We all need a good detox right? Purify capsules are my favourite, well all these capsules are my favourite, but I do love a good detox! Don't be worried by these, they aren't scary at all. Everyone has toxins that just "chill" stay in your body, which of course we need to get rid off. These amazing tablets that you take just before bed get your digestive all clean to make you feel amazing! Even though you might look good on the outside, your insides do need that extra looking after too! So when I take them at night, I wake up and do my business haha! Literally has soon has I wake up.. Don't worry it ain't like diarrhea or anything like that, it's just "alot" of it.. Gosh I sound so lady like right now! It's normal because your body needs them nutrients to flush you out and get rid of them toxins! Don't judge because my body not only has shred the pounds but I feel a lot more healthier and cleaner with it all gone out of my system! Such a good investment for £19.99

The pictures above, is my current body! Yeah it isn't perfect but to me to put that up on the internet is a massive success for me so I suggest you check out the website! CITSII - Comfortable In The Skin I'm In
I did a little interview with the lady who made these, and she has worked so hard! She is such an inspiration and what she has achieved is a motivator! She is called Hayley Olive, you can follow her on twitter - Hayley's Twitter. Hayley used to be 21st+ and worked hard and lost an amazing 12st+, perfect figure & abs with her best nutrition and products. Hayley achieved what she set her mind to in just 1 year!

Hayley, have you always struggled with weight or was it like a sudden thing?
Hayley - For as long I can remember I have struggled with my weight. I have always loved food but most of all snacking in-between meals on sweets, chocolates and most of all crisps which have always been my downfall.

So, did you notice your body changing or feel unhealthy with all the snacking?
Hayley - My parents used to try and control what I ate as they could obviously see the impact it could have on my later life and course at the time I couldn't see it and never considered that one day I would be so depressed with my appearance.

I am the worst for snacking aswell, it can be quite hard!
Hayley - Yes, there were times where I would go to the shop and sneak it into the cupboards to find what I could to get rid of the cravings I had, always having the urge to splurge I wouldn't stop. I had no self control!

Ah, so what happened, what motivated you to change your ways?
Hayley - My little girl mostly, I didn't want to be that fat mum! It was a lot of things, especially bullying, these days you get judged a lot on your appearance I didn't want that. My health wasn't the best and that needed improving especially with a new born. It was quite a dramatic change but it was definitely for the best and right now I am in a much happier place with a better healthier lifestyle and I hope my story and weight loss inspires others.

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