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This is a little post just to say a massive thank you to an amazing Magazine called “Ruevenue” which offered me to be one of their Beauty Editors! When I found out they wanted me to do work for them, I was amazed and so shocked that I was considered to be an editor for a NY magazine. I started in December, right at the beginning and because it meant so much to me I sent has much beauty work has I could to prove what I could do and how motivated I am.

Many more posts to be posted in 2014! So basically the magazine is about the latest fashion, beauty and style! Everything you need to know about the latest tips, tricks and ideas about fashion and beauty. They have looked after me well, and kept me updated all the time. We always stay in connect with each other via email.

They have been that good they treated me to some goodies that I received today, with some items that we can’t purchase in the UK! Here is a picture below of the items they gave to me and it was their favourite picks so I felt extra special. Can’t thank them enough and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings us! I suggest you check out their website which is > Ruevenue Magazine and their Instagram which is @/ruevenuemagazine, also find them on twitter @/ruevenue_mag.

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3 comments on "Thank You Ruevenue Magazine ♥"
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    1. That is awesome news! I hope you have an amazing time working with them! The magazine is amazing and definitely something I always read online.
      I loved your Chanel post on the website.
      Good luck for 2014! What a great way to end 2013 and start 2014. Lucky girl :) x


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