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Hope everyone's new year is going good still and you have all stuck to your resolutions! I have, I have stuck to my healthy foods with no chocolate, crisps or junk for 5 days! Pretty proud of myself.. Let's stop talking about food because it will make me hungry BUT let's talk about food that is good for your skin! Your skin needs nourishment and hydration just like our tummies do! I went to Boots today, and seen they had 1/2 price! I had a lovely gander and see that there was a massive, unbelievable collection of Soap & Glory goodies for just £10! Yes £10! It should of been £20 and I couldn't resist such a bargain. I am never one to find bargains and to find so many this year has surprised me a lot! Here are the goodies in a pile! Just to let you know I have used all these products before!

It did come in a box but it was rather a tad big to fit in the photo, so I took it out of the packaging, so after this post if you want it then look for these goodies inside in a very large pink box! The products are delicious, it was the packaging that attracted me to soap and glory when I purchased my very first product, now I have a collection growing haha!

I shall work left to right in the picture above so you know what is what and what it does!

Pink Shower Puff, can't tell you how many of these I have from Soap and Glory! It is super soft and a gentle material on the skin but at the end of your scrub it does feel like you have had a good wash. You only need a drop of soap and it lathers up so well!

The Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub which is in the pink tube. I love a good scrub in the bath routine, to get away all that flaky skin and them dead skin cells! This is a very gentle scrub, it isn't your normal gritty scrub which can be quite harsh on some skins especially mines! So this is perfect for me because it has the texture of a body wash with scrub bits in! Perfect for our sensitive souls.

Clean On Me Body Wash in the white giant pump! This is definitely value for money if you was to buy this on it's own. It lasts such a long long time! For a body wash it is surely moisturising on the skin with it's natural ingredients! Gorgeous silky product that can be used on any skin type.

I have three tubs of the Righteous Butter Body Butter. I can not get enough! Such a velvety cream that you only need to apply on once and it keeps me hydrated all day! After using the scrub of life body scrub and then using this body butter then your skin feels instantly smooth and silky! The fruity fragrance isn't too over powering either which is a bonus!

Hair Turban Wrap! SO HAPPY, this was in there because I needed a good hair wrap. This hair wrap is so much easier to use, because it ties your hair up in one neat wrap. No hair bits falling out, tight and comfortable for any short to medium hair lengths I would say. I love the print on this too, so lovely and girly.

Ah can't forget the cute hand and foot creams, these are the miniature sizes which aren't bad at all considering you only use a small amount anyway! I will start off with Hand Food, I have had hand cream after hand cream and don't get anywhere with them but with Soap & Glory I did. It is a perfect hand cream because it doesn't leave your hands slimy or sticky, which is a very good thing because you do things with your hands haha!

Heel Genius, the names they call these products are genius and infact very catchy. This is a foot cream which you may of guessed by the name. Gorgeous scent and such a gorgeous texture! Again the texture is lush, you don't end up with sticky, slimy feet! The scent is lovely and makes your feet smell lovely and fresh!

Grab this before it is too late! Perfect deal and you are saving so much money! Head to a Boots store near you and fingers crossed they have these. You can't buy it online unfortunately which is a pain but ah well! If you can't find this in your Boots they have more soap and glory bargains. Good Luck!

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4 comments on "Soap & Glory New Year Haul ♥"
  1. There were some fantastic deals on Soap and Glory products in the Boots sale, this being one of them! I picked up a trio of powders for just £10 too! Bargain!!
    Lovely post, as always:-)

    Lots of love, Kirsty xx

  2. I love soap and glory and hand food is one of my favourites!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  3. Love your blog! Your reviews are great!

  4. I absolutely love soap and glory, I lost count of how many different soap and glory products I got for my birthday and Christmas presents. I love your blog! Amber.x


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