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Deary me, it has been a very long tiring week already and it isn't even over! Waking up at 5am is quite hard work and to look decent in the mornings is quite a bit of trouble haha! I thought I would invest in some radiance wake me up makeup from Rimmel!

I'll start off with the with the concealer because sometimes you use this first! This is the "Wake Me Up" concealer. I would say this is a lovely packaged concealer that is packed full of vitamins to help give you brighter, illuminous and more radiance under the eye area and also give a anti-fatigue look! Sounds perfect doesn't it, especially with my dark circles.

The concealer is such a gorgeous creamy texture but not thick at all. It is quite oily once applied on face but only if you apply a lot! I find it does look lovely under my eyes has it doesn't sink in my lines, no patchiness, and applies evenly too. I haven't used this for spots or blemishes has I don't really suffer from them however I think it would give you medium coverage for any imperfections you may have. I do suffer from a little bit of redness which is from my eczema and it works wonders! It really does block that pinky, red undertone in the skin!

I may of already said in a few posts or maybe all haha that I have really dry skin and finding a good concealer that does accentuate my dryness is a bit of a struggle. However with this gorgeous concealer it doesn't cling to my dryness or cause any patches on my skin, also doesn't cause any sort of flakiness! I use either the Real Techniques contour brush or simply dab it on and smooth it out with my fingers!

For redness & pigmentation, I would definitely give it a massive thumbs up also for medium coverage around the eye area especially darker circles. It is definitely affordable and I think it is good quality for the price you pay. Worth a try and you may fall in love with it!

My favourite product out of the two "Wake Me Up" foundation, it sure is yummy. Has you may see my foundation is slightly darker than my concealer, because I do like it like that. It gives me a bit more glow and I can sure highlight with it too! So the foundation is my skin tone because you look at both shades and become confused to why they are noticeable different haha.

I have had this foundation for a while now, and it still looks unused but I promise you I have used it quite a few times! & I thought it is about time to write about it. This foundation has been the latest craze since it launched which is impressive! So maybe slightly late reviewing this product but ay! It is definitely a new drugstore foundation favourite!

Once it is all blended and applied it looks absolutely flawless, wowza. It looks so natural and perfect and the shade is perfect for my skin tone considering I am yellowy skin tone so it isn't noticeable at all. I would wear this more in summer times has it is not heavy or cakey and your skin can breathe and doesn't require lots of powder to keep it looking oil free, grease free or even melt! It carries on looking good throughout the day even in them winter times when I bought it.

You may think I am weird but Rimmel has "their" scent, the beautiful scent they have is throughout and consistent in this foundation and you most definitely know its a Rimmel product by the scent haha! When you put it on it smells so refreshing. It is a lovely creamy texture that has a hint of gel to it I would say. Definitely moisturising on my skin, has my skin craves for moisture and hydration so massive bonus on my skin! YAY. With it being so moisturising it can feel quite tacky but that disappears within minutes so no need to worry.

One little pump will do nicely for all over the face, really easy to blend so this foundation will last you a good amount of time! The coverage is medium but you can turn it into a full coverage easily. So you oilier skins are probably wondering "well can I use this", I would say yes but you would need powder, maybe a matte powder to set it into place with it being so moisturising but you can definitely give it a go! You may have to powder throughout the day depending how oily your skin is but ay don't let that stop you.

Have you tried the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer & Foundation?

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4 comments on "Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer & Foundation ♥"
  1. I have both of these and I love both of these! If I ever was to do a "5 products I can't live without" both of these would end up on the list! Eeek they're so good! ♥

    Sharlotte // Sharlotte

  2. I really want to try both of these, but I am always scared that they won't match my fair skin :( xx

  3. They are both part of my natural makeup look! Love them :)

  4. I haven't tried either of these products but I have heard so much about them. They sound lovely and I'll have to check them out.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’


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