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I wish their wasn't a Superdrug right outside my doorstep, because it is too tempting to look inside especially when they have them special offers on. Deary me, what has a girl gotta do to stop going in there.. Well one day I casually wandered in, not to buy anything! Just to be the nosey person I am and see if any new products with out! Then there they were, the lovely Revlon ColourBURST Lipgloss's. I tried to walk past, I promised I did! Then I thought about the video of "VelvetGh0st" when she spoke about the "Cheryl Nude" lipstick (which I bought aswell) & the two lip glosses to go with it.

They were on the stand, staring at me! Bellini & Peony. Somehow they walked out the store with me? Don't ask how that happened haha! So today I am going to talk about the gorgeous lipgloss's that I am currently loving because they are non-sticky and glide on perfectly

Peony is the one on the right of the picture above, along with Bellini next to it. Oh gosh which one to start with first has they are both extremely beautiful colours. Let's go with Peony has that one is first on the picture. This is a peachy shade with gorgeous gold shimmers in it. I have not a fan of a massive shimmer, although this one isn't overly shimmery and isn't in your face when it catches the light. The texture is lightweight and does not feel heavy at all on the lips. No stickiness or where it starts to build up in places and strings about all over your mouth yummy haha. When applying the product feels amazingly smooth and just slides on perfect. This gloss in particular, compared to Bellini is very much pigmented especially over lipsticks and it definitely adds that bit of glam if your off out on a girly night or just if you want to feel a bit more dressed up with a bit of shine!

Bellini Bellini Bellini, I love the name! It suits the colour so well. This one is the opposite of Peony. This has no shimmer, much more of a milky peach shade, maybe with a hint of pink. Very cooled toned compared to the others. If you have quite pigmented lips, this gloss is fab to tone down your lip shade. It gives your lips a hint of colour rather it being pigmented like Peony. You want to know what is gorgeous about this shade, the shine it gives on top of your lipsticks, it is fab! It makes your lips gleam and shine. So if you prefer your gloss to give you a hint of colour and a perfect shine then Bellini is made for you I think. The consistency of the lipgloss is the same has Peony, lightweight, smooth and non sticky!

These are such a good buy, I am really glad that VelvetGh0st recommended these on her youtube! They are fab, they last a good few hours, non sticky and just smooth. Also non of that build up on your lips and they are so hydrating on my lips! For only £7.99! Can't fault it one bit. Give your lips the gloss it needs hehe!

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