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It is a brand new year, 2014 has arrived and certainly my new has started with a bang and a celebration! I hope you all entered 2014 with a bang with your friends, family and partners or even pets too! Another year now has arrived and we have to be prepared what it brings to us! Thought I would do a little blogpost about my new year and beauty resolutions! I don't really do resolutions, and not really done one for years and when I did, I never stuck them out but this year (has cheesy has it sounds), feels like it is going to be a good year! I want to set myself these resolutions so I can say to myself at the end of 2014 that I achieved some or all of my goals! Here goes in no particular order (also some are your typical resolutions too);

#01. Healthier Lifestyle

I really want to eat the good stuff and also drink the good stuff! Last year my diet and health wasn't all that great, even though I love eating fruit and veg! Junk food and Ben 'N' Jerrys ice cream would be eaten much more. Here is some little things I will be changing for this:
• Drinking up to 2L of water a day!
• Eat more of a various fruit and veg range, become more tropical.
• Sleep for at least eight hours or more has that is very beneficial.
• Cut out junk food for 6 days a week and have one cheat day for a treat.
• Be more active rather than slouchy all the time.
• Positive, think positive all the time.
• To take all my medications obviously, last year I didn't take my thyroid properly.
• Start my JuicePlus+ shakes again along with purchasing the capsules.
• Be less stressed or not at all!

#02. Lose the weight!

That's right lose the weight. I don't want any of you to take this to offense or think this is a problem! I want to lose weight and tone my body. Since I don't like my body fat % or my BMI that a personal trainer tells you at the gym! This kind of fits in with the healthier lifestyle resolution! I want to have a healthy body shape, flat tummy and toned muscles. I ate an incredible amount last year which made me put on a lot of weight, which needs to come back off!

#03. Watch my money.

Pretty much says what's on the tin! I want to be more adventurous and be able to travel and do things with my money! So I am going to watch what I spend and make sure I have a proper savings account so I am able to do things in the future with my money or for emergencies!

#04. Drive Drive Drive!

I will be 22 this year and surely I need to be driving by now! Along with saving money to buy myself a new car and insurance, I need to concentrate on getting my lessons done and passing my test in the first shot! I can sort of drive-ish but I wouldn't say I am the best yet haha!

#05. Organise is the key!

I am quite an organised girl! This is aimed at a few things, so here they are;
• Beauty blogging! Attempt to blog five/six times a week, sunday to thursday, if not monday to thursday!
• Schedule what I am going to post, plan my days in advance so I know what to prepare myself.
• Definitely start Christmas shopping early! Be ahead unlike last year!
• Get a really big makeup storage organiser! It's a mess at the moment!
• Eventually start up my YouTube. • Promote my beauty blog and to get it noticed to everyone yay!

#06. Better skincare regeme

I do use skincare but I need a proper day and night one, that is perfect for my skin type and stick to them products rather than swapping and changing all the time! This time next winter, I want to be able to go through winter without one little problem with my skin. Make sure that I use the correct creams and to use them daily to prevent my eczema from coming back and making my skin looking a bit awful!

Well I could only think of six main resolutions that I really want to focus on and to better myself this year! I would love to know your New Year's resolutions, so drop a comment!

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3 comments on "New Years Resolution including Beauty Resolutions 2014 ♥"
  1. Happy New Year! Good luck with your resolutions! I can't wait till i turn 17 this year and can learn to drive!

  2. My sister just started driving lessons and I can't wait until she can drive around! Check out my blog??

  3. Happy New Year!! they're pretty much as my resolutions haha
    love your blog and instagram ♡

    Matthew xx


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