Illamasqua Powder Blushers in Allure & Ambition ♥

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I can't stay away from Illamasqua! & I think I am going to stay with them forever because you got to love a good blusher right? Well Illamasqua have the perfect pigmented blushers that you could think of! The colour range, the texture, the finish.. Everything about it is amazing so that is why I ended up buying two because I couldn't choose just one!

I purchased the two above, which are called Allure and Ambition! I absolutely loved these shades has they were quite plum|peach and I have been loving a good plum cheek recently especially during these cold months. I will start off with Allure shade which is the plummy shade out of the two! The picture below "Allure" is the one on the left.

The perfection is consistent throughout this product and can not fault it one bit! The texture of Allure is soft and very fine that the product just sticks to your brush after one sweep. The texture is that smooth and soft, when applying it, is beautiful to blend on any foundation. I am so impressed with this blusher, it is my new favourite blush that I would continuously buy. The pigment is really intense so you do have to make sure you apply with a little amount and build it up has you go! Once blended it looks even and it has small gold particles (that you can't really see in the picture) that add a gorgeous glow/radiance to your cheeks! It isn't too shimmery, just the perfect amount. I love everything about this colour and I have been wearing to work and it lasts a good eight hours before it starts to fade!

The next gorgeous colour which is in the right picture is Ambition! Slightly pinkier than the other shade, a lot more girlie but ay, you need some pink in your life! The texture again is light, soft and fine, it almost feels like it is baked formula. The texture makes it so easy to apply and to blend. Even though it is an amazing pigment, it doesn't have that much colour like Allure due to it being lighter! This is a pink-plum and think it would look gorgeous on most skintones! Again this has gold particles in which are not overpowering, just enough to have natural radiant cheeks.

These are my new holy grail blushers of 2014. You can purchase these for £18 either online or at a Illamasqua website! Definitely shades that I will always have in my makeup bag. The packaging is mysterious and I love how unique this brand is and I really think you should check out their makeup!

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1 comment on "Illamasqua Powder Blushers in Allure & Ambition ♥"
  1. These both look absolutely gorgeous! Lovely post :) Allure is such a pretty colour. x

    ♡ The British Teen ♡

    Heidi ♡


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