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It feels like it should be 8:00pm but infact it is only 3:50pm, I even had a nap! Today is going rather slow, but ay let's not complain because that means I can fit more beauty|makeup reviews today for you gorgeous readers that have supported me loads! Talking about slow, want to know about a foundation that stays on all day, and takes ages too even fade a tiny bit? Then keep on reading!

You may of seen a post a few days ago about Illamasqua haul that I posted? (If not just scroll down a little and come back when your ready). There was lots of things in that box that I received and one of the things I am going to talk about today is the Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation, sounds irresistible right? This is another beautiful foundation purchase that I am not disappointed about, I have worn it a few times and was immediately excited about it, and couldn't hold on another day to tell you all about it.

Why do you have two foundations Ashleigh Beauty? You are probably wondering! I purchased two shades with it being a online order and another reason is sometimes I wear a little bit of tan just to make myself look alive haha! Illamasqua have an amazing sale, not sure if it is still on now but always worth a try after you read this because I may tempt you. These Light Liquid Foundations were only £10, for a FULL size product. Take a minute to take that in, because it was rather shocking when I seen that too.

Let's get to the important bit! The coverage of this foundation can vary between a tinted moisturiser using your hands or a sponge to a perfect light-medium coverage with a buffing or stippling brush. It does depend on what you want to achieve at the end. It blends beautifully on my skin. It looks lush once applied has it perfectly evens out your skintone and gives your skin such a natural glowing finish. The foundation is really lightweight on the skin and doesn't feel like you are wearing any makeup, and also there is no greasy or oiliness lingering on the skin after you have applied. It is definitely not a matte finish nor is it dewy, I would say it is a satin finish that looks really natural on my skin. If you have any imperfections that you want to conceal then just simply use Illamasqua's concealer underneath and then apply this foundation if you want a lighter more natural look, has they work well together.

You need to know how long the lasting power is? I have some very good news, it lasts a good whole 8+ hours without the need to top up, pop any powder on, doesn't crease around my nose/eye areas! It looks like it doesn't fade at all on my skin which is amazing because my skin can be quite temperamental!

I have had no problems at all with this foundation, and I really do recommend you purchase it, hopefully if you catch the online sale, if you not it is definitely worth full price! Even though it might look like a tiny bottle, I can see this beauty lasting me a long time, has only pea size amount is needed. If you can though, make sure you get yourself to the nearest Illamasqua counter for a shade testing first, to make sure you get the perfect match!

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3 comments on "Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation ♥"
  1. This sounds perfect! I need to try and get into lighter coverage foundations and I've always wanted to try Illamasqua; time to kill two birds with one stone and buy it, me thinks! great review as always my lovely!


  2. This sounds like a really nice foundation and £10 is such a bargain!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  3. Great blog as always gorgeous x


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