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Ladies, we are get them. It's natural, it's normal, it's fine! Get what Ashleigh?. You know them imperfections, uneven skintone, a bit of redness, that annoying spot you wake up to in the morning and ask yourself "that was not there last night", the dark horrible circles we get from lack of beauty sleep. I get them all the time, if you don't your a miracle haha! So us unlucky ladies need to get rid of them, well at least hide them and to do that we need a good concealer.

The silver tube of miracles, that is what this product is! Don't be confused, it is not a lipstick yet it does look like one! I do apologise that it looks quite messy and I don't have the packaging it comes in, has I have had it for a while and thought I would do a review because it is such an amazing product!!

I will hype this product to the max, it deserves it. I couldn't wait to try it. I find it really hard to find a concealer because they either look cakey, dry, patchy or just don't last, BUT Benefit's Fake Up is my holy grail concealer product. It is a crease controlling and provides the perfect amount of hydration especially under the eyes!

The texture, most important bit for me in a concealer aswell has coverage. The concealer is extremely creamy but in a good way and quite thick, but not in a cakey way! The concealer is in the core of the product surrounded by a very rich but hydrating moisturiser I would say, which sinks into the skin to give it a gorgeous flawless finish that lasts all day.

I chose the medium shade, which is spot on with my skin! However there is only three shades which is a bummer, with it being so good they definitely should introduce more shades. I am quite yellow and shade 02 was spot on, which was surprising. I love the little yellow tinge it has! Don't be disappointed that there is only three shades because it blends in really well.

When blended it looks super nice and glides on really easy too. There was no visible lines, creases, patches or anything! Considering it is really hydrating and moisturising the pigment is spot on and stays on pretty much all day for me! It covers my dark circles and the uneven skin tone so well! I just did about two coats under my eyes and instantly the imperfections disappear! Definitely lives up to the expectations that people want/need.

The concealer is buildable from medium to semi full coverage I would say, I do wish there was slightly more radiance to the product but with it being really moisturising and hydrating, it does make it a dewy finish. This concealers coverage does make me look less tired, it hides them grey circles! Something I have noticed is that, when my eczema was flaring up during cold mornings in winter. I used this on my eczema due to the redness and POW! It covered up the bright red undertone, it cut out the red completely and it didn't look like I suffered from redness at all. So if you suffer from redness and need a concealer that completely cuts it out then get purchasing this beauty.

A concealer needs to last pretty much all day, and without the need to top up either. Well ladies (maybe gents too), come closer and read this. The lasting power is AMAZING. I don't need to top up or anything, I don't even have to look in the mirror to make sure it is okay. On my skin it stays on ALL day through a good eight hour shift. This surprised me because I wasn't expecting it to stay on so long due to all the moisture it has. But hey!

Little tip for oilier skins: If you want to wear this concealer just make sure you set it with a powder!

Overall, it actually benefits me for coverage and hydration. It is a perfect concealer that I would say dry-normal skins would love and enjoy wearing it. However oilier skins it might be slightly to rich but you could try and wear it,you may need to powder to set it to last a good few hours. I don't think it needs any improvements, not to heavy or thick for me.

Thank you Benefit for such a perfect concealer, have you guys tried this concealer?

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3 comments on "Benefit "Fake Up" Concealer ♥"
  1. nice Blog. ;)

    greetings Eric

  2. I'll have to take a look at this concealer. I've heard some mixed reviews on it but I'll see how I like it in stores. I have been using the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. It's fantastic!
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’


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