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Skagen Silver Bracelet ♥

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Oh wow, Christmas is now over and hope you all had an amazing Christmas. It managed to snow in Manchester on boxing day which was a day late but ay better late than never. Literally been shopping ALL weekend. Just wanted to show you this beautiful bracelet, it is by "SKAGEN" which was bought when I went Cheshire Oaks. I fell in love with it straight away, which is quite surprising considering I love gold jewellery. However this was sort of picked out by someone and once I tried it on, it was meant for me! Never wanted something so bad especially jewellery. So someone made it happen for me!

It's Christmas Eve | Merry Christmas Everyone ♥

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Rockin' around the Christmas tree! This year Christmas has come round so quickly it slapped me right in the face. Had so much going on in the past few months that it's just come at me. Ah well guess what, a day before Christmas I managed to actually put my tree up. Luckily it got here just in time and then had to run to my parent's house today to get some baubles and bits. Yes the tree is only 2.5ft and it is tiny enough just for little ol' me on my dressing table but the baubles do look slightly big but ay I had no minis haha. It looks christmassy and it put me in the Christmas spirit so it's all ok! Here are a few snaps of my lovely decorated tree and if you know me you know I got a thing for gold and white. Merry Christmas and I might see you all on "Boxing Day" to show you all my sale goodies, oh and my newly purple dip dyed hair. Yes a lot of surprises aboard!

Christmas Nails Featuring Essie "Rock At The Top" Winter Lux Effects Nail Varnish ♥

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Officially three days til' Christmas. I have been totally unprepared this year, it has come so quickly. It slapped me right in the face. Past few months with moving out and settling down it has flown by and we are here! Hope you have all sorted your Christmas presents and cards! I haven't oops. All over whelming so I had to treat myself to a little Christmas pre-pamper, yes I made that up ahaha. I did a review about the gorgeous Essie Winter Lux Effect nail varnishes and I thought today is the day I create something very christmassy to get me in the mood. The Essie "Rock At The Top" varnish was the perfect nail varnish to use! Thank you again L'Oreal for sending me this beauty.

Maybelline theColossal GO Extreme Volum' Mascara & Waterproof Mascara ♥

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Christmas time, mascara and wine! A bit of a little remix for you.. Well the lovely L'Oreal brand sent me their popular mascara which I truly appreciate especially around Christmas, it was like a early Christmas present for moi. Most of you ladies and maybe gents might of heard about the "Colossal GO Extreme Volume Mascara".. You most definitely will have because you can't miss the bright yellow chunky tube in the Maybelline section ha. They do your normal mascara(Pink) and then your waterproof(Blue)! I have used the previous Colossal Mascaras, infact many moons ago. I kept seeing this GO Extreme! advertise recently on TV promoting this mascara and it gave me an idea to review these and try them out. Of course I wasn't disappointed.

#PerfectParty Quizmas Party Blogger Competition ♥

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So christmas is quickly approaching us! I still need to put my decorations up haha, leaving it a bit late! Well the brand QUIZ are hosting a lovely bloggers competition and all you have to do is be festive, post these questions on your blog post and then tweet them the link with #PerfectParty hashtag, simple has that & you could possibly win good presents just in time for the Christmas parties!

Question One:
The Christmas theme I would have would be?
I would have a "White Christmas" theme, with crystal decor, white bows, snow, icicles and ladies and gents in white.

Question Two:
One thing every Christmas party needs is?
Champagne, your favourite girlfriends along with family and plenty of laughs.

Question Three:
The Christmas song I’d put on repeat would be?
Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby, it is a classic!

Question Four:
The celebrity I would invite round and I would kiss under the mistletoe?
If they agreed to kiss me it would be chris brown, typical haha!

Question Five:
The dress I would wear at the Quizmas party would be?
A fitted white textured mid length dress with simple design!

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TheFitGirlRules | Pink & Green Shaker Accessories ♥

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I really need to become a health freak again! When it is weekends I seem to think it's okay to eat junk haha! Ay the odd little bit won't hurt once or twice a week! Nice to have a cheat day (in my case days!). I never want to restrict myself from food though, if I want to eat it, I will! Just not too much of it.. Well TheFitGirlRules kindly sent me their shakers the other week to try out because they want to inspire women, also men with their nutrition and health! So I thought it was a lovely idea to do a review about them.

Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo | Lily Fragrance Limited Edition ♥

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On the second day of December my purse gave to me "Herbal Essence" Dry Shampoo in a Lily Fragrance♫ Thought I make it a bit jolly since it is countdown to Christmas after all. Ladies have requested me to write a review about this product but also I have had a lot that told me to try it too. Just to get it out in the open, I absolutely love this dry shampoo and it's scent. It is a shame that it is limited edition because I would of repurchased this again so hopefully they relaunch if they do decide to keep it has a limited edition scent.

Essie Winter Lux Effects 2014 Collection Nail Varnish ♥

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Its DECEMBER & I have these beautiful "Luxe Effect" nail varnishes by Essie which reminds me of the song by Rihanna "Shine bright like a diamond" because these are like diamonds on your finger tips! Any sparkly nail varnish around this time of season makes everything seem much more christmassy! I was kindly sent these from Essie, which I am really grateful for. I'm going to give you a mini review and swatches of them on my nails! They also look very beautiful on my dressing table because anything rose gold or gold I love! So you picked well Essie!

Lip Voltage Review | Dazzling Ladies ♥

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Lip Voltage! May of heard about it, you may not of. This product has been a craze since it launched, a lot of girls I know always talk about this product, always wanting to find out the reviews about it so it is only fair I share mine with you today. Not going to lie, I have always wanted juicy lips with a perfect pout, sure every lady has been through this stage. Therefore I have wanted to try "Lip Voltage" for such a long time, because never wanted lip filler injections or anything pumped into my skin haha! This is an amazing product if you want really plump lips without the need of injections!

Dazzling Ladies | Laser Teeth Whitening ♥

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Some of you may know, if you follow me on twitter, I had a lovely trip to Newcastle visiting the "Dazzling Ladies". They do home treatments and also have an online shop which will be launching shortly! So keep your eyes open for that. Today I had a lovely pamper, which consisted of "Laser Teeth Whitening" & "Shrink Violet Wrap". Today I'm going to tell you about the Laser Teeth Whitening!

Simple Kind To Skin Skincare | Replenishing Rich Moisturiser & Soothing Eye Balm ♥

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It has been a crazy two weeks again and I keep disappearing from you all so I do apologise again. Since moving out, I need to be kind to my purse but also be kind to my skin too! Simple Skincare I used a good few years ago and then since blogging I have tried a whole new range of products and brands. One day I woke up realised that my last bit of skincare has ran out! I needed something quick because my skin is super dry and sensitive so if I don't have any moisturiser on my skin, I hear it begging for moisture and hydration especially during winter times.

It is pretty handy having a Superdrug underneath my apartments. I purchased the "Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturiser" & the "Simple Soothing Eye Balm". The two most needed face products for myself. I can't remember trying these in the past so thought I would give it ago and see what they're ike.

L'Oreal Elvive - Fibrology Thickening Hair Care Product Review ♥

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Evening, it is midnight and I fancy doing a bit of a blog post due to me not doing one in absolute AGES! Since moving out, I have been a constant busy bee and literally not had chance to focus on my blog but ay, I'm back again with a gorgeous hair care review today by L'Oreal! If you read my posts quite often you will know what love I have for L'Oreal products, but today it is not makeup but something that will make your hair super thick! YES .. carry on reading to find out what all the fuzz is about the new "L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology" products that are going crazy in Superdrug.

Superdrug Haul ♥

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Oh dear, it has infact been 4 days since I haven't blogged! Super sorry, my laptop ended up having a bit of a tantrum and decided to break down on me but my dad managed to sort it all out and fix it. Thank god I did not lose my blogging work and the pictures, I think I would cried because it is my life. During the time without a laptop, I decided to do a bit of a Superdrug haul, I didn't go to crazy infact but it is pretty handy that in my new apartment there is a Superdrug right below me. A bit dangerous for me but ah well.. Here are some bits and bobs I bought and a little review for you on each product that I have actually tried out!

Maybelline Stripped Nude Colour Sensational Lipstick - Nude Collection | Tantalizing Taupe & Honey Beige ♥

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Well hello there my magical and beautiful people! Two posts in the matter of one day, very lucky moment right here. I am extremely happy that Maybelline have brought out this exquisite nude lipstick range, oh the colours make my heart melt hah! When you find your perfect nude it does open whole new doors haha! Lipsticks from Maybelline never disappoint me, they are very good. If you are like me and you love a good nude then just carry on reading about the gorgeous "Colour Sensational Lipstick, Tantalizing Taupe & Honey Beige" by Maybelline.

Morning WakeUp with PaigeParis ♥

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Oh why hello Saturday! You turned up rather quickly. I love saturdays, absolutely love them! Especially the morning when you have the perfect lie in! No school, no work, no NOTHING, you can just relax and take it easy. I had my gorgeous chica Paige Paris over last night for a girly pamper as you do. We woke up rather late haha, we was indeed lazy about 11am we decided to actually get up and do something. I made us some tasty sausage and egg toasties which were rather scrummy and could of easily ate another ten haha! Afterwards we thought we would use the face masks I bought from Superdrug which are 99p BUT they are the best masks ever and on offer 3for2! Every lady deserves a good pamper especially after the celebrating we have done in the new apartment. The masks are extremely fruity may I add aha, and touch up the pink theme we had going on, we poured ourselves some delicious pink strawberry milkshake, oh and that was just delightful.

Zoella's Beauty Collection - Superdrug ♥

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Afternoon beautiful people. It has been quite a peaceful day blogging actually! Infact I went home today to collect some more things for my apartment to come to a box of goodies from Superdrug have been delivered at my parents place that I forgot that I ordered actually. I shouldn't of forget because this is something I have been waiting for, for a good few days but ay I have been a busy bee bzzz! There are 7 items from the Zoella range and I purchased 4! I bought the "Zoella Blissful Mistful 45ml, the "Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy - Body Lotion 160ml", "Zoella Guinea Pig Beauty Bag" and lastly "Zoella Soak Opera - Bath Soak/Shower Cream 490ml". I would love the candle and fizz bar next. The collection ranges from £5-£8, so very affordable and prices are perfect for christmas presents. The scents throughout these products are exceptionally sweet & fruity, a very feminine scent with notes of strawberry, violet, jasmine, vanilla and gardenia which is light and perfect. Beautiful just like the packaging. Zoella as really catered to everyone I think from the scent to the perfect handbag size bag.

Giorgio Armani - Si Eau De Parfum Perfume ♥

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Sorry I haven't been blogging the past few days, been extremely busy moving into me and my friend apartment! It is super lush. I should be doing a pamper blog with me and my fellow beauty Paige Paris so you can have a look round my new pad. As you can probably see, there will be a slight change with my layout of my photography, I will try and keep it quite similar just for you lovelies.. Quick question, do I love my beauty readers? . Am I thankful for all your support? . Do I love the Giorgio Armani Sì Fragrance? ! Haha. I had a lovely L'Oreal training with my agency team & we were given this beautiful, girly fragrance "" by Giorgia Armani. I am super happy that we were all given this because it is one of my favourite fragrances, very pretty and very elegant. Scrumptious is what I'd call it! Because I don't do many reviews on fragrance, I think it is about time I do another one don't ya think!?

Maybelline UK - "Nude Illusion" Colour Drama Lip Pencil & Colour Elixir creating an Inspired "Kylie Jenner" Lip ♥

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Happy Sunday! Hope you got your morning hot chocolates ready with your Sunday breakfasts too! I will be going on a BRUNCH today with my parents, has I am moving out to my own apartment tomorrow with my lovely friend Danu! I might put a post of my day later today if you fancy having a read haha. Take a sip of your hot chocolate, relax and read how you could get a lovely Kylie Jenner nude lip! It has been a blogger craze to achieve this look! To be honest I haven't got it spot on but it is money friendly and it is pretty much close enough. I used "Maybelline Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil" and also to add a bit of shine "Colour Elixir", both in the shade "Nude Illusion"..

It's A Whole Lotta Maybelline ♥

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Welcome October! Oh one of my favourite months, HALLOWEEN! I will be putting some halloween tutorials up keep your eyes open! Right so, you know it is hard to resist a good 3for2 at Boots! I can't walk in for one thing if not two. I have to get a good amount when this offer is on, every knows its #girlproblems. You end up having a good ol' splurge on drugstore brands, I know I do. So I walked in because I seen the lovely nude range that Maybelline have got going on so I picked up the new "Colour Sensational Lipstick in 725 Tantalizing Taupe". Then I did actually walk into a sign saying "3for2 on all Maybelline products" well oh that means I can get the matching "Colour Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in Nude Illusion" AND the "Colour Elixir in 720 Nude Illusion"! So I thought "Right that's my three items UNTIL dun dun dun.. I seen they have brought out a primer for "Fatigue" skin, oh well that is it, that six items I need now haha. My other three items were "Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur", "Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 21 Nude" and then last but not least "Dream LumiTouch Highlighter"! Oh how exciting is all of this haha, I am going to do a week of Maybelline and tell you all about each one if I love them! Look out..

PJ Day with Paige Paris & Our Ben & Jerrys ♥

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Today is a gorgeous relaxing best friend kind of day! My paigey, the other beauty blogger aha hasn't been feeling herself recently and a bit under the weather! So I thought right that calls for Ben and Jerrys and good ol' chit chat as you do with your bestie. Absolutely love this lady and you can see her "PJ Day" post here! The chocolate fudge brownie and the half basked alaska was delicious I must say. Cute snaps of our pig out day below! Hope your monday is going fabulous!

SHOW Beauty "Lux Volume Mist" ♥

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Talk about volume on a monday morning! Been out with the girls weekend, so you need to wash all that hairspray and mousse out and your hair is now terribly FLAT. Like mine always is. Well the monday morning cure is here just like the cup of coffee is to wake you up. SHOW Beauty is very popular for their rose gold, sophisticated girly packaging. If you want voluminous hair then be sure to carry on reading.

Laura Mercier Peach Nude Combo ♥

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Afternoon again my yummy spongecakes! That was completely random but ay it is FRIDAY. Means one thing, weekend and giggles! On this lovely friday afternoon & it is surprisingly sunny too, I thought I would show you a peach nude lip combo. Every lady loves a lip combo, I sure do! You know your lips looks HOT when you have all three matching liner, colour and gloss! Laura Mercier always have the perfect matching combos. Don't get me wrong I love a good red lip but I have been moving to the nude side. Sometimes pinks can make me look ill depending what the tone is but beige nudes can blend in with my skin. I chose very well with these beauties.

Simple, Everyday Makeup Routine|Tutorial ♥

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I thought, since I have bought a lot of L'Oreal recently thought I would co-operate it into my "Simple Everday Makeup" blog post. Less is more and I know I understand that statement haha. This look you could dress it up or keep it short and sweet for work, school, shopping, meeting your boyfriend maybe ay ay ;)!

Mostly did this blog in pictures rather than blabbing on and on, so I inserted little paragraphs on the pictures to make it just has simple as the makeup! I really hope you lovely readers are okay and sorry for a massive delay in posts! I have been a busy busy bee.

L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara ♥

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Give me a good mascara & I will be happy. Throw mascaras my way and as long as they are amazing then I'm happy. I love a good lash, good length and of course volume, my lashes are tiny and I look almost naked without mascara on, so I have finally found an amazing ordinary mascara and YES it's L'Oreal!

Gel Nails Routine Ft. Red Carpet Products ♥

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Happy September! Three days in and I am having the best beginning to the month! Most of ladies have requested to do a nail routine on my blog, so I thought "Well my nails need doing and I have been using gels, so why not show you what and how I do it" - I purchased the "Red Carpet" range and products, so the lamp, the gel colours and the structure and oils, pretty much everything.

I started off prepping my space, I plug in the lamp which I bought has a set which included all the erase/purify bottles, prep, structure, top coat and oil along with a free red gel colour. I make sure everything is set up, neat and ready to go along with the colour I want to put on!

L'Oreal True Match "The Foundation" ♥

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I am always on the hunt for a really good "drugstore" foundation that really suits my skin, that perfect one that lets me use it throughout the day but amazing coverage for a night out with the girls. This summer has been really strange and it has not took kindly to my skin! I have had times during August where my skin has been a nightmare and had really dry and dehydrated skin causing my skin to look lovely and grey also. Not sure why? All my foundations that I already have, decided to look grey on me or look to pinky, OH and to top it off my tan from my holiday as now faded. I didn't want to spend pennies that I don't really have to be truthful haha, so I went to the L'Oreal counter because I can always rely on them.

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder ♥

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September has finally arrived, you may be all thinking, where did I go? Well I had a little break away from blogging world and twitter and all that jazz! Just had a lot going on and couldn't put my ALL into it so I thought the best thing to do is have a little month away and then I can put my love and everything back into it! Don't worry it is still my love and still my favourite thing to do, but a girl needs a little time out right?

Everyone loves a little highlight on the cheeks, add a bit of radiance and glow. I sure do, it is one of my favourite products to have in my makeup bag. A little shine won't hurt and it makes any blush, or bronzer POP! I decided to do a little L'Oreal shopping because their makeup never lets me down. One of the items I purchased is the "L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pearl Powder" a bit of a mouthful to say but boy, is it amazing!

Younique 3D Mood Struck Fibre-Lash Mascara & I'm a Presenter ♥

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I'm just going to go straight into it BUT I don't think your ready! Are you sitting down? Well I have found THE most amazing mascara, no I am not over exaggerating. Walking prove that "Younique 3D Fibre-Lash Mascara" is 110% the best thing ever to land on earth's lashes. Just to let you know, because this is such a gorgeous mascara I now work for Younique Cosmetics which also do other makeup products, like your blushes, skincare, foundations, eyeshadows & brushes, plus more. I work within the UK region and I will tell you shortly when the beautiful brand is launching in the UK so prep yourselves for this cheeky sneak preview of their best selling mascara. If you want more information by the way to join my team or reserve a mascara then email me via "" OR facebook which is better, ""

Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector Sensitive Skins ♥

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Super sorry for not blogging recently I have been so busy! Infact work and things got in the way and it was my mum's birthday so had to prep for that BUT I purchased little bit of skincare makeup! I have had my eyes on the Garnier BB Cream range and I was surprised there was so many to pick from! I knew exactly which one to pick, because most of them had skin types and what you wanted to achieve from the BB Cream! Really excited to use their BB creams because I have heard amazing reviews about them and here is another good review to add to your list!

What's In My Handbag ♥

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I love a good ol' nosey in peoples handbags, I am always reading "What's in your bag" posts because I am always curious what people carry with them & also if I find anything new to buy for my bag! I turned 22 on the 2nd July and my parents bought me a very delicious "taupe" coloured Michael Kors Handbag.. Oh my! It is wonderful, spacious and very sophisticated. I wouldn't call myself sophisticated but it makes me feel like I can be one day. I have always wanted an MK handbag and finally got one thanks to the parents and I really appreciate it. The colour I chose was quite unusual because I was aiming towards a white or black one but then this one popped up and it is really good shade to use throughout the year, not just summer and not just for winter so it is really versatile.

Sophie Hulme White Leather Cross-Body Bag ♥

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Ever seen something & you fall in love with it instantly? It has happened to me quite a couple of times especially this purchase I made. Not only is it absolutely BEAUTIFUL but it was on sale and it was amazing price. I don't want to mention price on here but I saved £236 on it haha, it was an incredible find. Thought I would just share some pictures of the bag and the design. The bag did come in a little black bag, nothing special so I didn't take any pictures of it. This goodie was purchase from Harvey Nichols Manchester so do pop in for their latest bags because they are gorgeous. Do enjoy because I certainly will haha!

Miss Sporty Bold & Shiny Lips ♥

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Bold is the colour this summer season, I love the natural eye and then bold and bright lips! It looks gorgeous and really stands out when it is nice and sunny outside, (if you from Manchester like me, it is lucky if we see some sunshine haha). Miss Sporty kindly sent me a massive bag of goodies so that I can share with you their style of bold and shiny lips. I have used Miss Sporty in the past and for the price you purchase maximum £4 you do get amazing pigment and quality. I agreed to do collaborate with Miss Sporty Cosmetics and share my thoughts! Just to let you know, they sent me the bits and bobs has a gift, I am not getting paid to do this and also all my thoughts in this review and tutorial is 100% honest opinions. So do enjoy this very bright pink tutorial and please email me pictures of your beautiful bold lips because I would love to seem them! Click Miss Sporty to see their website.

Tweezerman for Benefit ProCurl Lash Curler ♥

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Benefit are known for their perfect lash products, from mascaras to strip lashes! I have used both and they do not disappoint me, especially the famous "They're Real" mascara! Before applying, I do like to use the known torture device "Eyelash Curlers" haha! I am a lover for eyelash curlers recently and I thought Benefit would be perfect because everything else has worked wonders. I have found my all time favourite eye lash curlers! "Tweezerman for Benefit ProCurl Lash Curlers"

Bare Minerals Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara ♥

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I just want a mascara that does everything, length to volume, non-flaky, non-gloopy, not clumpy and just thickness, pretty much everything! I casually come across the most popular mascara to date "Bare Minerals Lash Domination". It claims to give you larger than life lashes, well does it I hear you ask!? It does indeed my mascara addicts. It has brand new exclusive ProTwist180 wand that I have never seen before, so not only does it work, it is very unique!

Summer Holiday Toes by OFAT Specialist Jacob James ♥

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I arrived back to the OFAT counter for more summer lovin' but this time for my tootsies, or toes in other words haha. I returned back to Jacob James who did my nails few weeks ago because he is amazing at being creative and professional. From my previous post you may of noticed I went to Cyprus and I thought I needed some bright coloured toes, something different that would stand out with a tan haha. Again it was super hard to choose a gel colour because there was so many to choose from, so Jacob chose three! Makes sense, if you can't decide with one, have three instead haha!

OFAT "Only Fingers & Toes" do nail treatments such as gels, extensions and colour! They use gel polish & equipment by Artistic and they are the products we used! The pigment with these gel polishes are intense and perfect. Never seen pigment like it in a gel polish before! Jacob is perfect person, he wants everything to be the best it can be or more! Firstly when we chose the colours, he actually drew a sketch of my toes and made sure that each toe had the right amount of colours and where the colours should be to make them look delicious! It worked out perfectly, A*+. Just super happy with everything and the outcome so here are some pictures and the design he created!

Birthday Holiday to Cyprus ♥

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HELLO! Oh have I missed you all and boy! Have I missed blogging. My regular readers your probably wondering why I haven't posted in a while or if you have me on twitter you may know haha. It was my birthday on Wednesday 2nd July and I flew out to Cyprus, Paphos on that day to & stayed at the Kefalos Beach Village for 7 nights! Found an amazing deal on the Thomson website and thought right that is it I am going! Bare in mind I have now been to Cyprus 16 times in total, since I was ten years old and now I am 22! 22 oh my, it feels weird typing that, it only feels like yesterday I was typing 21! Time does fly when your having fun haha.

Continuing with my birthday trip thought I would show you some pictures of the holiday, little bits and bobs that don't make sense but very pretty pictures I took. I just mostly sunbathed, relaxed and had a cocktail or two! So do enjoy these pictures and do let me know if you have ever been to Cyprus!

Moroccan Oil Body Buff & Body Souffle ♥

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I absolutely love the sunshine and I love how it brings happiness too! It makes me want to shop more and more so my skin is protected, moisturised and of course, to give me that healthy radiant glow. My last blog post, just below this one I reviewed the most amazing "Cleansing Bar by Moroccan Oil", so you have probably guessed what today's post is by the title or if you previously read about the cleansing bar. I am a big fan of Moroccan Oil and will always purchase because they have always given me a smile when I use their beautiful products.

Moroccan Oil - Cleansing Bar ♥

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Some of you may of noticed that I have been going crazy with Moroccan Oil products on my Instagram & Twitter, it is because they are an amazing brand. Decided to purchase another product from their collection and this time it is the "Cleansing Bar" such a good purchase for £10! Oh by the way the reason I chose to review the soap first before the body souffle and the body buff is because you clean first, so kind of makes sense haha! So carrying on haha, you may think Woah £10 for a bar! Well this is post is to tell you why it is worth purchasing this. It's summer time, my skin needs the hydration and moisture pumped into and to stay in there too. This Cleansing Bar does the job and is super gentle on my eczema!

OFAT Experience & "Reef" Review with Jacob James at Harvey Nichols Manchester ♥

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Summer Lovin' had me a OFAT Manicure! I was definitely in need for a manicure, my nails have definitely been battered by acrylics & chemicals. Not a good look, my nails are weak and brittle so they now need to be cared for. Jacob James that works for "OFAT" - Only Fingers and Toes in the Harvey Nichols Manchester store offered me a gorgeous BioSculpture & OFAT Colour Polish today. I went for the very gorgeous orange colour in the end called "Reef". It was such a hard decision however we both agreed with this lovely colour. OFAT is a nail varnish brand which I will continue to purchase from and now know that I can trust a brand that will not harm my or my nails!

ESPA Skincare Replenished Skin Collection Giftset ♥

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I am always always on the hunt for a gorgeous skincare brand. Just one that suit my needs and makes me feel happy about my skin. Well I was wandering around Harvey Nichols Manchester and a gorgeous lady called Hannah that works on the ESPA counter mentioned they had a lovely gift on that she would like me to try. Oh can't help but love a good freebie right haha? So she professionally asked me what skin type I am, of course I said dry and sensitive and straight away she pulled out this beaut "Replenished Skin Collection". Hannah told me exactly what to do and how to do it but also told me what the products are!

Just Four Steps to Get A Glowing, Natural Makeup for Summer Featuring Luxury For Princess ♥

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Just before I went to work today, I sorted out my outfit. It's a gorgeous primark white flow-y dress, quite loose fitting because of the mesh type material. During my "sorting out work outfit" I thought, "ooo if I wear this outfit it would look lovely with a very natural glowing makeup look" . I ended up persuading myself to wear this and try and do a very easy quick step makeup look for you lovely readers. With it being summer you want something quick, simple and something where you don't have to worry about topping up during this humid type hot English weather aha!

How To Apply "Red Cherry #DW Lashes" & Review ♥

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Hello gorgeous ladies! Welcome back, mid week and it's becoming a lot more bright with sunshine. During summer I love to be natural and have long lovely lashes, when I say natural I mean natural look falsies too. I have purchased the very gorgeous "Red Cherry Lasehes #DW". I purchased just one pair, to have a look at first - have a feel for them and wow are they amazing so I bought more to keep in stock for myself haha.

Coral Must Haves for Summer ♥

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Oh you lucky readers, it is a coral explosion! As I have already done a few lovely reviews, let's change it up a bit with some "Coral Must Haves" I am not going to do a massive review of each product because I will do each product review separately. Today will be a bit of a "why they are must haves" and why you should all have these goodies in your summer makeup collection. Just to let you know some products are from last years must haves too.

Models Own - Ice Neon Bubblegum Application & Review ♥

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It's a sunny sunday and there is nothing better than having a relaxing pampering sunday day. Get the face scrubs and masks out, nail varnishes (of course the brightest colour) and put your favourite pajamas's on and just relax! Applying nail varnish I think is the most relaxing, especially when you had your bubble bath and you can just sit there and do nothing haha. Thought I would share a review and application of the brightest luminous nail varnishes out there "Models Own Ice Neon - Bubblegum". Today I decided I wanted this pink shade, they do, do other shades but for me the pink seemed the perfect one for this lovely sunny day.

"How To" Evelom Skincare Regime ♥

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Today, work felt super long! For me after a long day at work I love a good long session of pampering to make me feel fresh and awake. Evelom in Harvey Nichols Manchester store gave me lovely product samples which I adore and they last such a long time so I went and got some more and be cheeky before payday ahha! Here is my review already about the products - "Evelom Skincare Samples" so make sure you have a wander. This post is going to be about how to use these Evelom products, well the ones I were given to fit my dry-to dry skin type!

Moroccan Oil Treatment "How To" & Review ♥

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I'm lazy, it's true. I have to be honest with myself and with you lovelies. When it comes to hair I am super duper lazy, I don't do much with my hair so when you see a hair product review, your very lucky and I must really like the product also it must be easy and simple too ahah! I'm not that bad I'm making myself out to be, but for a beauty blogger I should be able to do lots of things with my hair, well to be honest.. I can't even curl probably, I do try but it takes a while!

Today I am doing a review and "how to" about the gorgeous moroccan oil that has been the latest craze for a good year or so. It's been on the market for a while and never really bought it because I knew I would probably not stick to it or something along them lines. The other week I thought "NO! Ashleigh you need to do something with your hair". My type of hair is dry, minor frizz and just lack of shine also I have them pain in the bum split ends, so thought let's buy the Moroccan Oil Treatment. I heard amazing reviews about it and it's meant to be the best oil out there so why not!

Fresh, Nude, Glowing Hair & Makeup - A Look Perfect for Interviews ♥

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Today is the day where things can change and dreams can happen. It is a surprise at the moment however if it's goes to plan I will be revealing this very soon, possibly today maybe? Sharing today for you is a makeup look which is quite nudey, fresh and clean. I think it is always important to look quite natural and not wear too much makeup, because in an interview the interviewer wants to see emotion and with layers of the thickest fullest foundation won't be the best to wear at an interview in my opinion. I want to share the makeup I created with inspiration from youtube tutorials and came up with this which I want you all to try if you have an important meeting or interviews coming up.

Natural Makeup with Benefit "Big Easy" Multi-Balancing Complexion Perfecter BB Cream|Foundation ♥

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Hello my beautiful readers! Let me get it out there, I am a foundation addict, I love a good ol' full coverage foundation. You might see me wearing a medium coverage but I do love a thick, full coverage finish. I have friends that actually tell me off for wearing such full, heavy makeup. I don't want to sound like I am blowing my trumpet but I have fairly good skin, not many imperfections apart from dullness so I do understand where my friends are coming from, I guess they want my skin to breathe and get away from fuller coverage products. BB creams, had a few but always gone back to foundations HOWEVER "drum roll please" .. Benefit "Big Easy" Bigger Than BB Complexion Perfecter BB Cream/Foundation has changed my mind! This product deserves a high five and a thumbs up! I do apologise for the extremely moody expression on my face in picture below, some reason pictures just weren't agreeing with me when I was taking the pictures haha!

Zoeva Brushes Gift ♥

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I have had an amazing day and amazing news but it's a secret for now because I don't want to jinx it haha sorry, however I come home to a delivery by Zoeva Professional Makeup Brushes & Colour Cosmetics! I have been waiting for these beauties to arrive, I follow them on Instagram and Twitter and every time they upload a picture of their brushes or products I always stare and most probably dribble at how beautiful they are! Always had my eyes on these and when they contacted me I thought WOW an amazing opportunity to try these out and what I will do is, when I do a makeup look sometime I will blog about it and mention these brushes so I can do a full review so I can share with you exactly what they are like when I apply product! Thought I would just show you the brushes they sent me and how they arrived for now.

Evelom Launch Event at Harvey Nichols Manchester ♥

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Tuesday 27th May has arrived, that means the Evelom Launch Event at Harvey Nichols Manchester is here! If you read my last Evelom Post then you may of waited for this post about the event to pop up. Well it's here! I arrived early so I could get some pre-pictures of the counter. It was immaculate, clean, bright and of course golden haha. Evelom is beautiful. The counter is delicious, the gold embossed lettering around the counter adds that extra touch.

Burnt Orange Summer Makeup ♥

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Hola-ah! Since it has been bank holiday weekend I haven't had time to post anything so I do apologise! However has it is bank holiday weekend I did go on a big makeup shop in superdrug so I will be posting a haul post after this one so keep your lovely eyes peeled for what I bought! So I went on a date with the BOYF haha, and I thought I would go crazy with the orange/coral colours since I bought a new coral primark top! So here is the look I created with the CrownBrushUK brushes and eyeshadow palette. The eyelashes are the new "Eyelure London Texture No'154". Enjoy my lovely bumblebees!