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New Years Resolution including Beauty Resolutions 2014 ♥

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It is a brand new year, 2014 has arrived and certainly my new has started with a bang and a celebration! I hope you all entered 2014 with a bang with your friends, family and partners or even pets too! Another year now has arrived and we have to be prepared what it brings to us! Thought I would do a little blogpost about my new year and beauty resolutions! I don't really do resolutions, and not really done one for years and when I did, I never stuck them out but this year (has cheesy has it sounds), feels like it is going to be a good year! I want to set myself these resolutions so I can say to myself at the end of 2014 that I achieved some or all of my goals! Here goes in no particular order (also some are your typical resolutions too);

#01. Healthier Lifestyle

I really want to eat the good stuff and also drink the good stuff! Last year my diet and health wasn't all that great, even though I love eating fruit and veg! Junk food and Ben 'N' Jerrys ice cream would be eaten much more. Here is some little things I will be changing for this:
• Drinking up to 2L of water a day!
• Eat more of a various fruit and veg range, become more tropical.
• Sleep for at least eight hours or more has that is very beneficial.
• Cut out junk food for 6 days a week and have one cheat day for a treat.
• Be more active rather than slouchy all the time.
• Positive, think positive all the time.
• To take all my medications obviously, last year I didn't take my thyroid properly.
• Start my JuicePlus+ shakes again along with purchasing the capsules.
• Be less stressed or not at all!

#02. Lose the weight!

That's right lose the weight. I don't want any of you to take this to offense or think this is a problem! I want to lose weight and tone my body. Since I don't like my body fat % or my BMI that a personal trainer tells you at the gym! This kind of fits in with the healthier lifestyle resolution! I want to have a healthy body shape, flat tummy and toned muscles. I ate an incredible amount last year which made me put on a lot of weight, which needs to come back off!

#03. Watch my money.

Pretty much says what's on the tin! I want to be more adventurous and be able to travel and do things with my money! So I am going to watch what I spend and make sure I have a proper savings account so I am able to do things in the future with my money or for emergencies!

#04. Drive Drive Drive!

I will be 22 this year and surely I need to be driving by now! Along with saving money to buy myself a new car and insurance, I need to concentrate on getting my lessons done and passing my test in the first shot! I can sort of drive-ish but I wouldn't say I am the best yet haha!

#05. Organise is the key!

I am quite an organised girl! This is aimed at a few things, so here they are;
• Beauty blogging! Attempt to blog five/six times a week, sunday to thursday, if not monday to thursday!
• Schedule what I am going to post, plan my days in advance so I know what to prepare myself.
• Definitely start Christmas shopping early! Be ahead unlike last year!
• Get a really big makeup storage organiser! It's a mess at the moment!
• Eventually start up my YouTube. • Promote my beauty blog and to get it noticed to everyone yay!

#06. Better skincare regeme

I do use skincare but I need a proper day and night one, that is perfect for my skin type and stick to them products rather than swapping and changing all the time! This time next winter, I want to be able to go through winter without one little problem with my skin. Make sure that I use the correct creams and to use them daily to prevent my eczema from coming back and making my skin looking a bit awful!

Well I could only think of six main resolutions that I really want to focus on and to better myself this year! I would love to know your New Year's resolutions, so drop a comment!

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Luxury For Princess Hair ♥

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Can't believe it is the 31st of December! Happy New Year everyone and I hope you end 2013 with joy and enter the new year with much more happiness. I thought I would end the year with an amazing hair post today!

I was kindly sent these perfect 220grams hair extensions by Luxury For Princess. All what I am saying is 100% true and honest opinions. I have never had such perfect remi hair. I have been on the hunt for a few years for a decent pack of clip-in hair extensions because every girl loves to dress up, have long silky locks and make herself feel like a princess right? I certainly do and when I received these early December I could not wait to try them.

You may be wondering if you haven't wore clip in's before! Well what are they? It is just a quick way and the most easiest way without damage especially to add length to your natural hair or even thickness! It takes no effort at all, just simple section your hair and clip in! Simple.

Ashleigh, you also mentioned Luxury For Princess Remi hair, what's that? Well it is one of the highest and best quality hair out there that is 100% real hair and the cuticles of the remi hair are kept intact to ensure that the hair remains super soft and also no knots and tangles! Also with remy hair you are able to style it like you would on your own hair and also dye it too!

Previous extensions that I have tried didn't last me that long but I can see with Luxury For Princess hair that these will last me for a year or more! I will take care of these beauties and make sure they are always silky smooth and give them a good conditioning every few weeks has I don't wear them all the time because I do wake up at early hours in the mornings haha! After a few weeks of having them, Luxury For Princess recommended a drop of Argan Oil once a week to keep them nourished! To keep them even longer, make sure to use heat protector spray or serum before applying any sort of heat.

I am a proud owner of these and will be a Luxury Princess fan forever! They give me 220grams which is a lot of hair and because my hair is fine, I don't have to or need to use the others but definitely worth the money if you was to purchase the 220grams because I know have spare in case anything was to happen or even if my hair got too old!

These hair extensions quality definitely finish any hair look! WOW-factor, gives your volume, length, thickness and of course bounce! Treat yourselves to these for the new year and make yourself feel and look like a princess!

Visit Luxury For Princess now for the best deals and also grab it before it's out of stock! I can see these being high demand very soon!

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My Best Foundation Purchases of 2013 ♥

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It's the New Years Eve Eve, can't believe it is two days til 2014! That is quite scary because this year has gone really fast and I would say I have learned and achieved so much through this year including this blog that I am really proud of and it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for you lovely people!

Since it is the end of a lovely year thought I would share my thoughts on the beautiful foundation I have purchased through 2013! These are foundations I would repurchase again and hope they don't become discontinued or I would be very sad. In the picture I am going to work my way from left to right and tell you the key benefits and what I love about these products. Keep reading to find out more hehe!

MAC Face and Body foundation is beautiful! Even though I like my full coverage foundations, throughout this year I have started to love the natural sheer coverage! This is quite a magical product because when applied it does look like a tinted moisturiser but as soon as you start to buff the foundation in your skin and has it warms to your skin it turns thicker and into a more medium coverage! It is certainly magic. If you want your face to look flawless, radiant and have that healthy glow then go purchase yourself this lovely water based foundation. Do you remember you have to give it a good shake.

Another sheer coverage foundation Bobbi Brown Skin foundation! Such a silky lightweight formula! I fell in love with this foundation instantly! It is perfect for all skin types I would say, so it is adaptable to everyones needs! Very easy to work with and just a wonderful product all year round!

Gorgeous Chanel! You can't go wrong with Chanel Vitalumiere, one of my top top foundation of all times! This is actually the best foundation I have ever tried and if you have dry skin and want that dewy finish then get your hands on this! Any skin type I think can wear it but might need a little powder to set it if you have oilier skins. I would say it is a medium coverage makeup and makes your skin look natural with the right amount of coverage and evens out any skintone to make it look flawless!

A newly favourite, Revlon Photoready Foundation and it comes with a primer too. I am really happy this foundation didn't affect my sensitive skin because it is really lovely! Fragrance free which is a massive bonus. This is in all drugstores and suggest you buy it. It gives most people a really good finish in videos and photos I believe. Smooth dreamy texture, buildable, lasts all day and your skin looks flawless, what more would you want? Right amount of coverage to hide imperfections but look natural!

Last but oh not least! Stila Stay All Day foundation & concealer! Such a handy product to carry round with you or if your going traveling just because it has the matching shade concealer with it which is super amazing! Even though the formula is thick, when you apply it, it is quite light but definitely gives 100% coverage. It covers up any imperfections you may have and that is guaranteed! The formula is also very creamy so it doesn't look drying on us dry ladies! The pigment in this product is lovely and spot on. I can't not include this in my top purchases because it looks fab on and makes you look really airbrushed and gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed my top 2013 foundations! What's yours?

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The last #askashleighbeauty of 2013 ♥

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Just want to say a massive thank you for the support on my instagram account @/ashleighbeauty, I can't believe I have 15'000 followers, that is actually insane. Since I am back to work now and don't have time to do little Q&A treats for you has often so I thought I would do the last #askashleighbeauty of the year! I will try and fit in as many questions of yours on here.

Question One;
Products that aren't worth the hype? by elliekeenexo on instagram.
They are still good products has I don't say anything negative on my blog! The products that I think were over hyped this year would be the Maybelline Baby Lips. I purchased four of them and I don't think they were worth the hype has they are just an ordinary lip balm with colour! Also the Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer which I purchased a few months ago and I thought it was really good but definitely not the hype that it received.

Question Two;
What's your favourite Lush Bath Bomb? by elliem0rgan on instagram.
Oh deary me! I can't choose one.. Lush Bath Bombs are all my favourite. I love the Cocoa Butter Ball one because it does feel so when my eczema does flare up but apart from that I honestly can't choose a favourite haha.

Question Three;
What makeup brushes would you recommend? by gracelansbury on instagram.
I love and will always recommend Real Techniques, you can purchase these in Boots, Superdrug or online! They are beautiful and no matter how many times you wash them, they stay in perfect condition all the time and they sure do make your makeup look flawless!

Question Four;
What is your favourite perfume? by shaunadainty on instagram.
I love Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder, it is the perfect coconut with vanilla! Smells like holidays. It is a yearly limited edition and I suggest you have a smell when it comes back next year!

Question Five;
What has been your favourite of the year? by floralwishes on instagram.
I loved Gravity and World War Z, they were amazing! I loved the films so much because they were so interesting and kept me on my toes! You should definitely watch them.

Question Six;
What tips do you have for people just getting into makeup? by lillijamesxox on instagram.
I think starting off little and then building up a collection, have what your skin needs rather than what you want! If you have clear skin then don't wear a foundation especially at a young age under 15'16! I think if your just getting started is to go for the natural look!

Question Seven;
What is your new years resolution? by ninetynjne on instagram.
My new years resolution is to lose weight and tone up and be much more healthier than I have been in this year! Feel better about myself inside and out. Also make something from my beauty|makeup blogging! Inspire people to do what they love.

Thank you for all your questions, they were so much fun and lovely to read but only able to squeeze in a few but I chose questions that I haven't really answered before and not similar from my previous #askashleighbeauty posts!

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My Top Benefit Purchases of 2013 ♥

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Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and managed to hit the sales on Boxing day! Not been posting over Christmas so I apologise for that, but thought I would have a break over Christmas and come back. I got my Nikon D3200 camera from my parents which you may already know about from my previous posts. Anyway thought I would tell you about my top Benefit products that I purchased in 2013! I absolutely love Benefit and I hope they have more amazing products launched in 2014!

With there being a new camera there is also a newish theme that may happen on my blog has you can see in the picture above it is slightly different. Getting off the subject there hehe sorry! I will work my way through from top to bottom of the picture. The first favourite is Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation which is one of Benefit's favourite foundations, it's absolutely flawless and looks really radiant on the skin, super light weight so it feels like I am wearing nothing at all! If you want more of a review it Click Here

Next up is a BIG favourite of mine and it is Coralista boxed blusher and I did use this throughout the year but especially Summer! Gorgeous summer blusher. It's a coral with a very subtle gold shimmer which looks amazing on any skintone! The texture is super silky and pigmented! Here is more of a review about Coralista here
which I did back in August!

We then have Cha Cha Tint, which I reviewed before Coralista here. This is a very lovely radiant tint. I am not a tint person but in Summer and a little bit in Autumn I certainly was addicted to this coral goodness! Such a easy blend able product that looks like a stain, stays on like a stain but comes off easy peasy. Gorgeous coral glow that you can wear on it's own or add underneath Coralista to give it a bit more of a coral radiance to the cheeks!

They're Real mascara! Every lady knows about this mascara has it was the best and number #1 selling mascara out of all brands for weeks and months. Even though it is plastic applicator which I don't mind anyway it certainly is the best mascara that Benefit have made. Your lashes look like they are mega long, full of volume without the need of fake ones! You can not go wrong with this mascara and if you haven't purchased this yet, then with your Christmas money that you received in your cards then I suggest you go get yourself one of these!

Concealer, every lady probably needs a good concealer! BUT do you have dry under eyes or dry skin? I surely do, so Fake Up concealer certainly gives me the hydration and the coverage! There is some concealers that give the coverage but can make my eyes look and feel dry/cakey but then there is concealers out there that give me hydration but not the coverage! BENEFIT your amazing because you have found a formula that gives the coverage and hydration in one! I love this concealer and think I will stand by it for pretty much forever!

Last but not least is Bad Gal Lash mascara! This was one of my latest purchases from Benefit, and I bought it at the beginning of December! I love the brush, love how black it is and love the packaging. Doesn't beat They're Real but certainly adds volume and thickness to the lashes!

Hope you enjoyed my Top Benefit PRoducts of 2013, what are your favourite products from Benefit?

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