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Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum Foundation ♥

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Since I have been away, thought I would make it up to you lovely ladies and maybe gents to write another review today! This is another product where there was a craze about it and everyone was in love so finally I purchased the "Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum" foundation! I understand why this had a massive craze and was posted on nearly every girls instagram account. Thought I would share my views about this product for you ladies that haven't tried it yet.

This is definitely a product that has had a massive amount of good reviews and think I will be adding another good review to that list. Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Serum is probably one of the top favourite drugstore foundations, quite a high demand product. Many of you might know that this is the updated version of the original "Healthy Mix" foundation with a better texture, formula and consistency.

The texture is a gorgeous gel, instantly blends and gives your skin that "healthy" looking radiance. It's not a dewy or matte finish which is usually the most common two finishes. I would say it's quite a silky, satin finish which I quite like. Even though it says it is a serum it does feel more like a lightweight gel which I don't mind at all! It smells very fruity and I am happy to apply this on my face because the scent is lovely. I am quite particular to foundation scents because some foundations I have aren't that nice to smell as your applying.

I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush and it smooths and applies onto my skin so easy and freely! A light coverage foundation but I would say a little bit more could turn it into a medium coverage. On my skin it doesn't leave creases or streak lines on my skin which is a bonus for me considering my skin type. It is a foundation that you would use for an everyday occasion, either to work, school or just going for a shopping spree! I have reached for this foundation more than I thought I would, it is a good colour match even though I would prefer it if they had more of a range to choose from. If you love the natural look but still want a decent coverage, gorgeous finish then purchase this!

It's a hypoallergenic product so I am really happy I am able to use this on a daily basis with my hyper sensitive skin. I am so happy I haven't experienced any reaction because I really love this foundation! With my dry skin, I do find that this foundation is really hydrating and doesn't highlight my dry areas or accentuate my flaky spots. It has a good long-wearing power and does stay on a good few hours of the day without the need to apply more which everyone needs in a foundation.

Definitely worth the pennies so I suggest you go into a local drugstore near you that has Bourjois Paris and grab yourself this product!

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Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Volume + Length Mascara ♥

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Blogmas time! Only four days til' Christmas. What are you all doing for it and most importantly have you all wrapped up your presents and put them under the Christmas tree? I'm going to blog today and write a review that you could give to anyone as a present or maybe treat yourself too! It is definitely been a craze about this mascara and because of that I was debating to buy it, but I did! After all I am a beauty blogger and I like trying new things!

Revlon Lash Potion mascara! Put your hands up if your a mascara addict, because I surely am and you will all love this product and I know understand why this was such a craze. I think I am quite late reviewing about this product but has a beauty blogger, nothing is too late! You can find these in any drugstores that sell a wide range of Revlon.

Lash Potion is definitely magically on your eyelashes. It creates gorgeous lashes, with length and volume! The best thing I have noticed about this product (and I have seen a difference), the formula strengthens the lashes with proteins, vitamins and amino acids and this also offers longer, fuller lashes! This is one of a kind mascara because the formula and brush don't clump the lashes or make them look spidery!

When applied the effect is really amazing and makes any lash look stunning! It is volumizing with length too which most mascaras I have tried claim to have but don't actually do. Revlon "Lash Potion" is a mascara I will stick with forever. Let's focus on the brush, after all that does give us the amazing lashes! The brush applicator is quite old school bushy brush and quite basic with little hint of spikes! Simple and straight, no fuss and yet it gives a perfect look.

Even though this gives your lashes such an amazing look! It doesn't look overly cakey or look over the top! It had the perfect amount of product on the brush to make them look voluminous and longer. It is a waterproof mascara so that is a plus for me, I do like a good waterproof mascara! Even though it is waterproof it is not tricky to remove, any makeup wipe or remover was simple enough for me! There is more amazing things about this mascara like, it doesn't flake, transfer or smudge! I would 100% recommend this mascara to anyone, it is perfect for all type of lashes I would say.

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I'm back from my trip ♥

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Hello ladies and gents! I am back from my lovely trip! Thought I would share you some pictures rather than go into detail about the trip. Loved getting away from everything, it was pretty much in the middle of no where so it was a nice getaway! It was for my boyfriend's birthday, such a special trip. Here is some pictures for you..

It is nice to be back though because I have missed blogging but it was nice to have a break from everything and wine down! I have missed all you lovely readers but now I am back.

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What's in my makeup bag? Christmas Edition ♥

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Can't believe how fast this month is going! Nine days left til' Christmas! Single digits now, how exciting! I ended up eating the whole of my advent calender oops, good job I did though because there was three days missing! Which isn't nice haha. I thought I would do a Christmas edition "What's in my makeup bag" because I treated myself to some goodies during the Christmas season and they now own a permanent place in my everyday makeup bag! Here goes;

I got this beautiful makeup bag today actually from Primark! It is absolutely gorgeous and I instantly fell in love with the design and the perfect size. If you have been following me for quite a while you might know that nudes and light pinks are my favourite colours, especially to photograph!

Let's talk about the contents, after all this is what the post is about! Shall we start left to right? This might give you some ideas for Christmas ideas, so stay focused ladies (or if your someones boyfriend reading this and need some advice).

The gorgeous gold product is Heat Wave by Estee Lauder, it is a gelee powder and it's beautiful! I use this to highlight my features or just add a little shimmer to a matte looking blusher! It is quite upsetting that it's limited edition, but fingers crossed that it comes out next year!

Hello hello? Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation by Benefit, is a new edition to my foundation and everyday makeup collection. I honestly can't tell you how amazing this foundation actually it is! Perfect coverage for an everyday makeup look. I have wrote a more in depth review on this product. If you want to know more than click > here!

Eyebrows! You need a good eyebrow product which adds shape, colour and definition. Speed Brow by Benefit. This is such an amazing idea to use throughout the day if your eyebrows start going crazy! Definitely a speedy product, simply get out of your bag and brush onto your eyebrows and it will fix them brows up in no time!

I am definitely an eyeliner addict. I have always stood by Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner in black. Perfect applicator, stays on all day and this product actually lasts months and months. You can create any eyeliner look with this! I wrote more about this product here!

During Christmas season, it can become extremely cold and our skin especially mine hates it! My eyes can look really drying when concealer is applied. Benefit's Fake Up concealer has to be the most hydrating concealer I have tried and still hides them imperfections I have!

Bourjois Paris Happy Light Illuminating Primer, is delicious and definitely adds a good amount of radiance underneath makeup during these dull and grey skies! More about this product click here!

During winter and Christmas time, I love the plums, dark browns and golden blushes, so during this special edition MAC Cosmetics Warm Soul blusher has earned a spot in my makeup bag! Here is more information and swatches about this here

Every girl I know wants long lashes! More full lashes with extra volume! I finally bought Revlon Lash Potion and L'Oreal False Lash Flutter mascaras! I can't express how much I love these and are definitely my new all time favourites! I honestly can say that these mascaras make my eyelashes super long and super thick without all the clumping and smudgey spots!

What's in your Christmas makeup bag! Hashtag your bits #ashleighbeautymakeupbag on Instagram so I can have a look at all your wonderful makeup collections!

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