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Stila "Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer" ♥

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20 days left! Have you eaten your 5th chocolate out of your advent calender, I have. I am so sorry I have not been blogging for a day, I usually do daily posts in the week and have a break on the weekend, it is just that the past two days, just been mega busy and had super long 14 hour shifts. I am alive still and some of you have requested me to do a review about the very gorgeous "Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer". Get your parents to treat you to this amazing product and add it to your wishlist!

So ladies, have you ever bought a foundation and you need to keep going into your handbag to top up your foundation throughout the day. Also if you’re out and about and you forget your foundation and then you start to panic because your foundation is slowly fading? Ah well fear not I have found a foundation that is perfect for you busy bees!

Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, yes that’s right you get a concealer with it too! I have been debating to get this foundation for a long time, I have tried it here and there but not actually bought, the other day I purchased this and I am absolutely in love and I don’t understand why I never purchased it when I found it. The convenience of having a concealer that matches your skin tone on the top of the lid is such an amazing idea right?

You can see Stila's Beauty Blender! I will do a separate post about that, to give you more detail about how to use it! I’ll talk about the packaging first for a change because there is quite a lot to it to a normal foundation you would normally purchase. There is a “spatula” or “scoop” applicator inside the bottle which I also think is a genius idea, not only do I now know how much I am using but if I scoop out too much, it is easier to put back in the bottle, unlike a screw open top or a pump! This really amazed me. The lid has a click-open lid where a lovely little pot of concealer lies and again this is convenient because I don’t have to bring two separate products with me, so it is less to carry. 2 in 1 product, perfection!

The important bit, the formula! Stay All Day foundation is quite thick but not thick to where you can feel it on your skin, which is surprising due it being a really full coverage. The formula is very creamy so with our dry skin’s ladies there is drying on the skin! You only need a tiny scoop of this foundation has a little bit definitely goes a long way, but you can apply more if you wish, if you fancy a little bit more coverage. Ah the pigment, is super-duper, and even though it is my correct shade it definitely adds a bit of warmth without it looking dark or orange on me. Has I said before it is a full coverage, it covers pretty much anything. I have seen this foundation on people that have scarring, ache, redness and even pigmentation or discolouration.

Not a matte foundation but still is really good for ladies that have oiler skins, it gives the same gorgeous dewy finish and it makes my face look healthy and glowing. Purchase this if you want to look flawless, who doesn’t. Bet you’re all asking “Does it last all day though?”, “Do you need to top with this foundation?” IT DOES! It lasts a good 12 hours without the need to top up either. I am the walking prove and how I know that it lasts all day. I have work very early in the morning so I wake up around 5am and did my makeup using this foundation and I work two jobs and I wasn’t finishing till very late at night. Not once did I top up or even feel the need to top up. Heaven in a bottle, a foundation that actually does what it says on bottle.

The concealer, I have to be careful about it general. Just because any concealers than look quite drying on me but I am so impressed with Stila’s Stay All Day Concealer, such a hydrating and dewy texture and doesn’t make my eyes look dry or even feel it. A concealer that helps nourish my skin throughout the day and gives a perfect coverage to hide any imperfections or dark circles I may have. This even lasted all day, and did not top up one and it hid my dark circles all day.

If you live in the UK and ever visiting Manchester, please go to the Stila and visit Danielle, one of the best makeup artists I know, she does amazing makeup and really creative! Click here to go to her makeup page and get your makeover lessons or makeovers!

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Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation ♥

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Ooo it is three days into December and here is another product to write on your christmas list. Thought I would share another foundation review, got to love a good foundation! Especially by, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The “Skin Foundation SPF 15” is perfect for this time of the year where your skin may feel a little drier than usual.

I love the “Skin Foundation SPF 15” by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. The natural look has caught my eye lately, mainly because anything heavier can make my skin look drier than it already is. A girl wants coverage rather than a heavier foundation but with lightweight texture. GIRLS if you feel like you have that problem then keep on reading.

This foundation’s texture is quite runny, but not too runny to the point of driblets start pearling, it is gorgeous, smooth, silky and lightweight. When I tried this on, I instantly fell in love. It matched perfectly to my skin tone because Bobbi Brown’s wide shade range is fabulous! There are a number of shades for ladies with yellow undertones like me, we don’t have to feel left out anymore!

Even though this is a product that controls oil, us dry to very dry skin ladies can use this without worries of this foundation flaking, cracking or drying because this feel like a dream when applied. It feels hydrating and non-drying at all, for us oiler skin ladies this works wonders for your skin. It helps control oil without the cakey feeling and no need to use a matte finish.

Everyone that purchases this “Skin Foundation” will have the joy of having beautiful flawless healthy glowing, radiant skin throughout the day without needing to top up. You can purchase this in store at a Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter or online!

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Soap N' Glory Butter Yourself Super Rich Smoothing Body Cream ♥

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Evening beautiful readers! It is the 2nd of December can you believe it! It is only 23 days left til Santa arrives in your home with all your beauty goodies! fingers crossed. This blog post is another reason to get your pen and write your second christmas present on that list of yours and write down this super rich body cream by Soap N' Glory Butter Yourself

I'll tell you a little story, I have purchased most things from Soap N' Glory and I was in Boots, walked through the aisle which is just all Soap N' Glory products, you can't miss all that beautiful bright pink and white packaging! I carried on walking through and I seen this product, I thought "Ooo wait a minute I haven't tried this one!" I ended up buying two, one for me and one for my mum.

The first thing I did when I arrived home after my purchase, I had a bubble bath and put this on lovely body cream on. I fell in love with how moisturising this product was when I first tried it. As you can see it comes in a massive pink tub, the size is definitely worth the pennies!

The texture is quite thick but not like that thick waxy texture! Just by touching it you can feel straight away that it is going to rich and nourishing when applied to you skin! You only need a tiny amount, you definitely don't need a lot of this product has a little bit spreads a long way and the good thing about this is when you massage it into your skin (don't need to too much massage), it absorbs pretty much straight away without leaving the skin sticky! BONUS! I have extremely dry skin and it makes my skin feel like it has had a good amount of moisture. The body cream moisturises the skin so well and I would recommend this during winter and summer times because both seasons can really dry out the skin! After an hour or so my skin still feels like it is moisturised! One application in the morning and I don't need to apply again but if you wanted to you could throughout the day just because it feels so gentle and soothing.

I think another major thing I have noticed with Soap N' Glory products is the amazing unique fragrances the products have! Butter Yourself has a very unique fruit fragrance that you can smell straight away and then a subtle scent, a few hours after you have applied! The first time I smelt this, all I could smell was tropical fruits like guava or something fig? (I have read a few reviews about this product that have claimed it has smelt like guava and I agree). The fragrance is not over powering at all and its a lovely subtle fruitiness scent. The ingredients are orange, peppermint, green fig and frozen yuzu!

I love the scent and the product! Any skin type could use this but for dry skins this is a must for your christmas list! £10.50 to purchase this and I think that is a bargain for a 300ml tub of goodness! When I eventually finish this tub I would repurchase it! Hope santa brings you this body cream!

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"Lightyear" Heavenly Creature Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC Cosmetics ♥

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I was debating on writing about this product because, it was part of limited edition range called "Heavenly Creature" but with it being absolutely gorgeous I couldn't not share this product with you all! You never know a MAC counter near you might have them still in stock. The design of the product looks quite christmassy so again there is another excuse to share this with you! I always want to buy the whole limited edition range but I can't sometimes because it will make me bankrupt, wish I could though because the "Heavenly Creature" range is absolutely beautiful.

Just look, breathe for a second and take in how beautiful this is... Ready to carry on? Have another look if you want but there will be more pictures coming below! So I am a big fan of mineralize products from MAC. They just have that texture which is super soft, more pigment and have that subtle shimmer (which is good for highlighting).

Lightyear is a gorgeous light peach shade with a soft pink and gold shimmer running through it. The main colours in this powder are a soft pink and a pale peach along with a champagne and warm gold. Considering it is a highlighting colour, the colours are quite intense when applied to the skin. Looks amazing on its own or over matte/normal blusher just to give it that hint of shimmer. You can use this on its own because it is quite pigmented and gives your cheeks a healthy glow.

The gold shimmer you see it not noticeable on the skin even though it looks a lot on the brush! Overall it is a really beautiful subtle product. Very happy with this product and really glad I managed to purchase from the range. It was £21.50 and if you love this one, with it being limited edition, you are probably best getting "Soft and Gentle" which is quite similar without the pink.

Have you got your christmas trees up?

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GHD Gold Series Classic Straighteners ♥

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It is that time of the year my beautiful readers! It is finally the festive month, happy 1st December! Get your pen and paper ready and get your christmas list sorted. You want perfectly straight hair? Then right down these straighteners and let your family (if lucky friends) treat you! Quite annoying when you wake up in the morning with that lovely frizz or kinky hair because your hair has been in a bobble all night during your beauty sleep, or you have natural curly hair and you fancy a change!

I purchased these gold edition series, because if you been following me for a while then you might know I love anything gold, so when theses were released.. I instantly fell in love and had to purchase this and gave my plain original black ones to my mum! I still remember the day I bought these, I was so happy when I seen the gold packaging and the gold throughout the straighteners, sleek right?

Thought I would write about the straighteners considering last week I wrote about the gorgeous hair protect spray! I have followed GHD for absolute years and years, me and my mum actually! The straighteners I have are the classic size, the most popular size I would say.

These are the newest style because they are slighter rounder than the old version! Think they did that because ladies love curling their hair with GHD's so it does make it easier and better for curling. GHD curls are gorgeous especially when it turns into waves, gorgeous. I still need to practice my curling techniques haha, quite bad I'd say at curling hair!

I have thin hair and shoulder length, I would say this classic size styler is actually perfect for all different hair types even if your hair is thick but think this works better on, thin-normal hair. It is lovely for dry hair too like me, can speak from experience haha!

Lets get on to the plates, as they are the most important bit of the straighteners! Not just the style ladies haha! The plates are gold, my jaw dropped.. Well they are not gold haha they are aluminum ceramic coating! Just perfect gold plates to finish of the look! These plates have been improved a lot from the previous GHD's. My hair can glide through easily without that pulling or tugging.

The heat is spot on, perfect temperature and can take up to 12-15 seconds to heat up to standard temperature around 185/200 degrees I would say. As all GHD straighteners they give you that beep to let you know they are ready. No need to worry if you leave them on and you have nipped out (avoid leaving them on just incase though it can be dangerous haha) they have safety features so they have auto-shut off after 30 minutes roughly and it beeps like crazy so you will be able to notice if they have been left on. There is a heat prove mat you can purchase that makes it that little bit safer!

When I bought these, they were around £120 maybe? I am unsure if the price is still the same? I bought these from Harvey Nichols in Manchester! Perfect place to shop for beauty, makeup and hair goodies! Definitely the best straighteners I have purchased from GHD's. Really easy to style with, so get this on your christmas list and get styling!

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