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"Gleeful" Mineralize Blusher by MAC Cosmetics ♥

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It is the plum season. That is right, I said plum season! Get your plum colours out, it is winter! Plum and winter is such a lovely combination, whether it is clothes, lipsticks, eyeshadow or blusher. Such a gorgeous winter colour. So thought I may show you my favourite plummy winter mineralize blusher by MAC cosmetics and it is "Gleeful"

This amazing colour blusher is a very red plum/berry pink with gorgeous gold pearls as you can see! I fell in love with it as soon as I seen it and gave it a little rub on the MAC counter and swatched it on the back of my hand! Love at first site I would say. The texture is incredible, wow it is soft and silky. Definitely a winter holy grail product! Mineralise blushers are usually pearl finish, so therefore when the lights hits it, it glows and looks gorgeous!

This product lasts forever, had it for months and it just doesn't seem to want to look used! Even me and my mum have used this on a daily basis and it doesn't want to hit the pan anytime soon. A little goes a long way, very pigmented and lushious. With this product being so soft, do blow or tap any excess so you don't end up with bright plummy cheeks haha!

I would look at this as a best selling colour, very versatile, suits everyone! This colour you can make it look very natural or very intense (but looking amazing intense). Even though it suits anyone, I think if you love a vibrant colour then you may fall in love with it also.

This blusher is pure gorgeousness! Would like to know your views about this colour blush!

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Perfectly Clean Triple Action Foam Cleanser by Estee Lauder ♥

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Hard day at work, makeup off and onesie on! Long day and just it was pretty tough day so I love coming home and cleansing my thoughts and skin! Feel fresh ready for blogging a review about for you lovely readers! So today with me havin a tough day and needing that cleanse, thought I would share my thoughts about the gorgeous "Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action, Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover"

Estee Lauder made a new collection which has improved massively from the old collection which is now discontinued! I need a good cleanser at night time that removes every little bit of makeup. I have a lot of products that tone, remove makeup and cleanse. They just relax in my cupboard until I have to use them! Well this product by Estee Lauder is a life saver because when I am extremely tired, I really don't want to sit there whilst I do each step, so the reason it is a life saver is because it is a triple action! Makeup remover, cleanser AND a toner. Beautiful time saver!

The product is liquid but when you pump it, foam comes out through the end! Lovely bubbly foam that is so lightweight and soft. The good thing about the foam is once it touches your skin it turns into a oil cleanser. I love the idea that foam can remove makeup, you don't need a cloth, wipe or anything! Simple to use with the foam and your makeup melts away! Your not meant to use it around your eyes, but hmmmmmm I did oops! It removes eye makeup and mascara and I felt no irritation on my skin! Got that longwear lipstick that doesn't want to come off, well use this because it removed my toughest of red lipsticks. So impressed!

You can use this on dry skin or wet skin with a couple of pumps it does your whole face and it is so gentle when you massage it onto your skin, and it literally removes the makeup in less than two mins! Once your makeup is removed just simple remove it with splashes of water and dry! Don't rub! Tap dry

My skin feels so squeaky clean and this doesn't leave any sort of residue makeup on my skin. It is actually "perfectly clean" as it says. I love that it has toner with it, so I know my skin is getting that extra looking after without needing to use another product. If your a busy bee like me or like taking your makeup off very quick and easy, then this may be a product for you! With it being so quick you can go get your beauty sleep asap!

I love the new range, what do you think?

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My Favourite Heat Protecting Spray for Hair ♥

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I woke up extremely tired today, and I woke up with some fuzzy hair and kinks and all sorts! I thought what is going on with my hair! My hair is pretty thin and naturally straight so when I brush my hair it falls into place BUT this morning, I have never seen anything like it. Fuzz, frizz, kinks, dints, fly away.. you name it, my hair was it this morning. Shocking! I had to quickly straighten it today and whilst I was doing it, I thought of writing a blog about my favourite heat protecting spray and I would love you know about yours so I may turn this into a tag of #myfavouriteprotectingspray! why not ay

Let's get down to business guys! My favourite and I have been using this for quite a while now and my hair has improved condition whilst using this.. it is... dun dun dun. GHD Style Heat Protect Spray. Deliciousness for your hair. I did buy this just because I have the matching straighteners and it was gold! I warned you I do buy anything gold even though it could be most poop product in the word, I will risk buying it because it has gold packaging! I was not disappointed anyway, perfect product.

The scent is beautiful and light, smells clean and fresh! Very subtle. The spray itself is super light and non greasy and with me having fine hair it is perfect because it doesn't cause my hair to feel heavy or anything! It is an invisible spray so no sort of colour or anything lingers on your hair. Also it doesn't make your hair sticky or make your hair feel crispy! It makes my hair feel really smooth and soft when sprayed on either damp or dry hair! This is a product you should definitely get your hands on!

Important information: I apologise for my chipped nails and dodgy looking hand! haha

Simple to use, just simply spray about 5-7 sprays all over so its even and get straightening, curly or hmm waving haha! Strangely enough, when I use this my hair stays perfectly straight for longer time! You need to protect your hair from any sort of heat items, as it can cause breakage, brittle hair and the worst.. SPLIT ENDS! With fine hair like me this product is a must because you don't want to make it any finer.

Remember make sure you tell me your favourite hair protecting spray by tagging me on your blog or instagram with your favourite heat spray and use #myfavouriteprotectingspray

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Lash Primer Plus by Estee Lauder ♥

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Eyelashes can be such a pain, there are definitely days where mascara just won't work and will not make them lashes longer! It is frustrating when the day before they looked perfect and long. Well there is a gorgeous lash primer by Estee Lauder that can give you them perfect lashes day after another. I need a good primer that not only look after my lashes but make them look voluminous when mascara is applied on top!

This primer plus helps build a base for the lashes to be extra long and have more volume, also darkens the lashes making them appear longer too. This is one of the best primer for eyelashes I have tried. I use eyelash primer because I have some little eyelashes that have a life of their own and then I have longer lashes that I want to make longer and fuller. I can't not use a primer anymore since I have found this because it does make a big difference to your lashes.

IT PREVENTS CLUMPING ON MY EYELASHES, yes that is right! I don't have to worry about clumping when I apply this, how perfect!

It is so easy to apply, it goes on smoothly and you can add as many layers of this you want until your happy with the length and things. It applies evenly and separates the lashes quite well too! Also it improves the mascara's lasting power throughout the day and keeps them in place. This is also a treatment for your lashes and I have definitely seen a difference and my eyelashes are in a better condition. It is a white formula and you apply onto the lashes like you normally would with mascara! You can buy this at any Estee Lauder counter for roughly £16.50-17.50 if I could remember haha oops.

This was only a short night time review to end the beautiful day, and I am so sleepy and think I need to count them sheep! Have a lovely night's sleep and make sure you comment below if you want me to try and other eyelash primers! Love you guys

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"Warm Soul" Mineralize Blusher by MAC Cosmetics ♥

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Winter. I love winter, everyone has to love winter even though we moan that it is cold or icy. I love that you can wear jumpers, snuggle up, get the hot chocolate and the fluffy gowns out BUT the thing I dislike about winter is the sun sets at 4pm and my lightening for my pictures are just terrible! I don't have to time to come home before the sun is setting so my pictures will probably look a little bit less bright but I will try my best beauties to satisfy your needs haha!

I posted a picture on Instagram about this product and asking if you wanted a review about it and most of you replied yes! So here it is. It will be about the "Mineralize Blusher in shade Warm Soul". Winter isn't about the bright pinks or the bright coral colour blushers, it is about the lovely plums, browns and maybe the odd darker pinks/peach.

I love the mineralize products from MAC just because they are a lot more silky and long lasting on the skin. Don't be fooled that mineralise means theres loads of shimmer in the product! This is the most beautiful blush I have bought from MAC especially for winter, ooh laa laa.

The colour is perfection, I don't have this type of colour in my blush collection and I haven't found a colour like it! Warm Soul is like a burnt out mid tone beige with hints of plums and peach. There is a slight gold shimmer to this blusher which is subtle so it doesn't look overly gold on your skin! You would only need a little bit has it is quite pigmented, it suits any skin tone. This colour really suits my complexion and adds that little bit of life to my look. This blusher works with any makeup look, whether it is natural, bold, colourful, it works with everything.

The texture is so soft and silky, quite dreamy actually! Really easy to apply and the product sweeps on to the brush really easy peasy and you don't need to do more than two layers match because of the pigment! This is an everyday blusher but you can make it look perfect on special occasions! This is a versatile blusher because with the slight shimmer it can be used as a highlighter, any age can wear this! Warm Soul is definitely a love of mine and I think if you want to get this as a present then you can't go wrong with this blusher as it would suit everyone!

Would you try this blusher?

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Studio Fix Fluid Foundation by MAC Cosmetics ♥

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Beautiful people! It is December next week and before you know it, it will be christmas and then new years eve. This year has gone far to fast, flashed before my eyes! Well my gorgeous MAC addicts and MAC newbies if your reading this, add this to your christmas list the Studio Fix Fluid! Most people wear this all the time, it is one of their best selling foundations.

Don't be confused and look puzzled at these pictures. You may be thinking why does the top look different.. Well it is! It usually is screw top and you pour the foundation out. Well I couldn't deal with that because I am the worst person to measure how much foundation to pour out, always end up with ketchup splatter on my hand haha, so I bought the MAC pump piece to go with it.

I am a massive fan of MAC, the foundations and pigment always seem to amaze me! I would say this foundation is makeup essential and should be in everyone's makeup bag. This is a foundation that will never disappoint anyone I think. Studio Fix Fluid is able to give me that full coverage, most people say I don't need full coverage BUT full coverage looks really glam for special occasions or if you want to make an effort haha! With this being a full coverage, you don't really need to put on concealer because it hides the pigmentation, circles, imperfections without it. I would say one layer of this is enough, if you wanted to, you could put two layers but I would say that is the max.

I am a NC25, it is a spot on match to my skin but in winter it can look a tad dark so I need to invest in the white MAC face and body foundation just to lighten it up a little. I would recommend this to more oily to combination skin types just because it is oil free and a matte/semi-matte finish. ALTHOUGH don't be fooled, anyone can wear this. I have the dryest of dry skins and this does not look cakey, flakey, dry or even cracked on me. The only thing I can't do with this foundation is put powder on to set it because it can look quite dry then. You don't need to set it anyway with powder, it dries quite matte like I mentioned before.

It lasts so long throughout the day. I have been naughty and accidentally went to bed with this foundation on and when I wake up it looks like I just applied it! It does not smudge on my skin, melt off, rub off or fade. Literally stays on your skin until you want to take it off and then it is easy peasy with a good makeup remover!

It does look quite thick but once it is blended all around it does feel lightweight on the skin when it dries after a couple of minutes. It is very easy to apply and blend considering it is quite thick. There is so sign of streaks or any uneven patches when finished. The finish is flawless and looks quite airbrushed when you apply the highlighter and blush to the finished look. The perfect brush to apply this with would be a stippling brush because it gives it more of an airbrushed finish, but you can use any brush though or fingers if you prefer!

Although people say MAC is expensive, it is worth the money and you get a good amount of product in the glass bottle you see above. Little pea drop amounts spread a long way so it lasts for months and months! Get this product on your christmas list and look perfect in photos for your christmas or new years eve party.

P.S Buy the MAC Fix+ spray to spray on your face after your finished look with the Studio Fix Fluid foundation because it makes your foundation look beautiful, fresh and dewy (especially if you love the coverage, but think it is too matte)!

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