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Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner & Waterproof ♥

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This eyeliner makes me feel OLD! I have been using Rimmel's eyeliner since 2009/10? and it is now 2013! It has been out for years, probably the best selling liquid eyeliner in the drugstores. I have stood by this eyeliner and even though I do buy other liquid and gel eyeliners, there is days where I will always go back to Rimmel's Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner! BUT I have never purchased the waterproof one as well until now. I seen it said it gives it the glossy look so I had to buy it and check it out.

Like I said, I have been using this for donkeys years and I am a big fan of this product. I would say I have now mastered the liquid eyeliner over the years and even when I am half asleep in the mornings I have become a pro at it. Since I have mastered the liquid and gel eyeliners, I only own one black eyeliner pencil that I barely even look at anymore.. RIP eye pencils.

This liner is super super black, probably blackest of blacks, holds a lot of pigment. So if you want a smokey eye and want a good black eye liner than this is a must. It has a felt tip applicator which is quite spongey but stiff at the same time and also defined to give you that perfect winged eyeliner look. I think personally the applicator is perfect width too get a thin enough line but also if you want a bigger line. You can pretty much do any look with this applicator you desire. From winged to natural to bold.

The formula is glossy and quite liquidy. It does take a while to dry, about 1 minute max before appying eyeshadow or mascara. Not a big issue for me really because all liquid eyeliners are wet to start with right? haha. It lasts up to 6-7 hours I would say which is pretty good for a £5.99 drugstore liquid eyeliner. Then again all liquid eyeliners start to fade on me sooner or later so again it's not a big issue for me. I would recommend this one to everyone and anyone if your looking for a good cheap eyeliner then here is what your looking for.

Just going to talk about the waterproof one (blue stripe). Not going to mention everything again because it has the same formula and same colour and applicator, everything. Just want to tell you that in fact it is waterproof. It beats through rain, tears, even a splash and yes that horrid sweat too! It says its smudge proof, I guess it is because I have rubbed my eyes and not smudged and it doesn't fall into your waterline unless you poke your eye with it, ouch. With this though, when applied it dries quite glossy which is nice for a special occasion or a night out girls!

What is your favourite liquid eyeliner?

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Hoola Bronzer by Benefit ♥

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Morning, rise and shine! Early bird again and writing another review for you guys! Ay, this is becoming a very regular thing which I am enjoying a lot and with it being winter it's very cold and my complexion can look awful and dull and quite grey at times, I sound lovely don't I haha. So you need a good bronzer in winter times that doesn't turn you orange or look like an umpa lumpa! I have that perfect bronzer that you may all like for winter AND summer. I love this product just because it reminds me of Hawaii and paradise feel and the colour is quite like a Hawaiian tan! Bronze goddess goodness.

Just before start I want to say sorry to how mmm, messy my Hoola packaging is. I have had it for such a long time and thought I would write a review about it with Hoola being a best selling bronzer! So yeah, sorry for the dints, scratches and chips!

HOOOOOOOOLA! It is a matte bronzer, there isn't any shimmer and glitter in the product. Completely matte which some of you might be glad to hear like me. So has I said you need a bronzer that isn't orange toned, Hoola is a more of a light brown tone which looks very natural on any skin tone, anywhere. You can tell straight away that there is no orange undertone what so ever. I would say it looks quite sunkissed if your using it has a all over bronzer or an overall beautiful contour product! It depends what you want to use it for, I sometimes I use it has a blusher because recently I have been loving them warm bronzed blushers for winter, pink blushers can make me look a bit washed out in the winter season.

I purchased this for £23.50/24.50 (oops forgot which price) and you may think that is a lot of money for a little amount. You will shocked because the quality is amazing and not only that, it lasts for MONTHS and months. This bronzer has lasted me nearly a year and I use it constantly has part of my everyday makeup look.

Ahh the brush, it's a bit bronzed! I am sorry.. haha! Even though it is a matte bronzer any skin type can use this, with me having dry skin it doesn't show any cracks, flakiness or make it noticeable that I have dry skin. It has no scent to it even though I can smell something, it says it is scent free which is good for you sensitive people out there.

The texture is dreamy, it is super silky and smooth when you apply it on your skin. I can not fault this bronzer one bit. When I purchased this bronzer I then realised why it was the highest recommended product AND best seller. I don't have to worry about re applying because it lasts pretty much all day on my skin. You get a mini brush with it has you can see mine is a bit brown haha! It is a okay brush just to quickly apply throughout the day if you want to apply more. I don't really use the brush, I use my own Real Techniques Powder Brush for all over or the Blusher Brush for contour or blusher!

What are your favourite bronzers or is this your favourite! Let me know

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#askashleighbeauty ♥

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It is that time again.. Ladies and possibly gents! It is #askashleighbeauty time and I have had some quite interesting and very lovely questions that have brought a smile to my face. I have blogged quite a lot today, usually I only do one a day but you lucky bunch have had three! Hope I am keeping you all entertained :).

Question One; by xievax on instagram.
Will you ever make a YouTube account?
Yes I will be very soon, I just need to invest in a very good camera and a tripod stand and I will entering the world of YouTube! Hopefully it will be a success and I have exciting things to talk to about too so fingers and toes crossed!

Question Two; by lem0nshakes on instagram.
Favourite and least favourite drugstore brand?
Hmm tricky one! A couple of my favourites would be Bourjois Paris, Maybelline and Rimmel! There makeup are very good quality for the price and there things do last a very long time and some of their products have amazing pigment too. Least favourite would be Collection 2000 just because some of their products have made me had slight reaction, so that isn't very good!

Question Three; by xlilybaker on instagram.
Favourite Lush bath bombs?
I do not know where to start, I have pretty much had them all! BUT I can choose a one because this one is so beneficial for me. "Butterball" it's called, just because it really moisturises my skin and with me having eczema, the cocoa butter is like heaven on my skin and leaves it feeling so soft and moisturised when I get out the bath.It doesn't really fizz or anything like that but it melts in your bath like butter on a hot pan! You can feel the cocoa butter in the water as it sinks into your skin.

Question Four; by chinesewhisper on instagram.
If all your makeup disappeared, what would be your first five products you would repurchase?
First of all if all my makeup disappeared, I would cry and send a search party out there! Back to the question I would repurchase the Benefit They're Real mascara, MAC espresso eyeshadow for my brows, MAC select cover up concealer. Ah can't think of a blusher I have too many... Mmm I would repurchase MAC warm soul mineralize blusher and then Naked 2 Palette!

Question Five; by itsellieloves on instagram.
Favourite pot noodle flavour (& do you add the soy sauce)?
I have two favourites BUT my first favourite is the Beef&Tomato because that is seriously yummy and I add the soy sauce and if the Beef&Tomato isn't there I would pick up the Chicken&Mushroom and also add the soy sauce to that also.

Question Six; by perksofbeingsaffie on instagram.
How old were you when you first started wearing makeup?
I was about 14? I was in year 8/9 something like that and I bought my first mascara from Clinique and it was the High Impact mascara! It was so good then, but after I used that I bought a Dior mascara, well my mum bought it I think! That was so chunky I loved it! Didn't start wearing foundation til' I was in year 11 properly and now suddenly I have become this makeup addict haha!

Question Seven; by elliekeenexo on instagram.
What is your holy grail lip product?
Most definitely the MAC Russian Red lipstick in matte! I wear this all the time, no matter where I go. It has lasted me a good year or more and I will always love this lippy and constantly repurchase it too!

Thank you for all your questions, until next time ciao!

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How Much Is My Face Worth? ♥

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Hola! Okay so I have seen this blog being done quite a few times and I haven't really done a tag blog before and I thought well that needs to change. So thought I would do a "How much is your face worth". I don't really want to know how much because it might end up being expensive haha! Ah well that is the fun about it knowing how much you spend haha! So I am going to just mention skincare and makeup, jazz it up a bit. Here goes.. Cringe face right now.

Current Skincare is;
- Skin Perfection Recomforting Gel Cream Wash - £4.49
- Skin Perfection Velvety Soft Toner - £3.99
- Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask - £29.00 (I know it says night but I use it day too!)

Onto Makeup is;
- EXTRA Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser - £35.00
- MAC Prep + Primer Transparent Finishing Powder - £20 (This is on/off product, sometimes I use it)
- Chanel Universal Bronzer - £31.00
- MAC Mineralize Blusher in either Sunbasque or Warm Soul - £20.00
- MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle - £22.00
- MAC Eyeshadow in Espresso for eyebrows - £12.50
- MAC Brow Finisher - £13.00
- Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner - £5.29

Just to let you know I do use all these mascaras at once, to give a lot of volume and length for my eyelashes.
- Benefit They're Real Mascara - £19.50
- Chanel Inimitable Waterproof Mascara - £24.00
- YSL Babydoll Mascara - £24.50
- Bourjois Paris Colour Boost Lip Crayon in any shade - £7.99

WOW. So that total come up to a lovely £272.26. I am exactly quite impressed, thought it would be more. I tag everyone who reads this and if you have already done one then please leave your link in the comments so I can see how much your face is worth.

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Pretty Amazing Lip Colour by Bare Minerals with Swatches ♥

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Thought I would share you my thoughts about the very gorgeous lip colours by Bare Minerals. I think there products are amazing especially the eyeshadows and the lip glosses, lipsticks but I will always go back to Bare Minerals because of these beauties. Seriously yummy on your lips. If you love true and very opaque lip colours then go purchase yourself a few of these because you will NOT be disappointed a tiny bit! I have a red one of these but unfortunately it didn't make the blog because it is running seriously low and it's quite messy too, with it being my favourite! oopsies, when I get a new one I will definitely be showing you all, my red love!

I will tell you a bit more about these Pretty Amazing lip colours and then I will show you swatches and compare the colours too! Not really seen many blogs about these which I am shocked because I would re-purchase these time and time again. So calling the product Pretty Amazing was risky when launching it because your setting a standard there and you need to be sure that it is well, pretty amazing! A big massive thumbs up because I think they knew that this lipstick/gloss would sell well and be at the top.

They were roughly £14-16. Can't remember it was quite a while ago so don't hold me against the price haha! They are super thick and super stay! Considering it is super thick, it isn't sticky on my lips! Very hydrating and really opaque lip colours. All the shades are bold and bright, even the nudest shade is. It has an unbelievable shine to it considering it is so pigmented. With the high shine and high pigment you really do look polished when you apply this lip with any outfit and occasion! GORGEOUS.

The two shades above are gorgeous! I will start off with the left picture which is shade "Allure". This shade is quite a cheeky peachy. I am all about peach and oranges in the summer but when it comes to winter, not so much BUT don't not wear this in winter if you love the colour.

Then there is shade "Charisma" on the right picture! This was one of my first lip colours I bought out of the bunch and I will buy it again. If your a girly girl and you love your pink lips then you may fall in love with this one. This one has you can see is a warm pink and could compliment any skin tone and also it as tiny hints of gold in there too to make it stand out more.

The texture of these are silky and buttery and glide on with such ease. If you want a crisp line in the bolder colour then the applicator can do just that. The applicator is a small sponge type and this is one of the best applicators I have used because it doesn't smudge, applies straight away onto the lip in just one layer and it holds enough product to put another four layers on.

The last colour is "Moxie" a very bold name for a very bold colour. It is beautiful. I don't wear this often because this colour is definitely a colour you should wear on a bright summers day so I do apologise that it is now winter haha. Definitely a bright light pink, even though it may look like its the sort of colour that will make you looked washed out, it doesn't! I would say if your a fan of that milky creamy pink then pick this up. It compliments any skin tone again and looks lovely with a nude/brown smokey eye.

I would say my overall for you guys is that it is Pretty Amazing. I love these so much and they last for such a long time, definitely worth the pennies. What do you think?

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YSL Lipstick Collection ♥

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Ah dear! Been working out two nights in a row and I am hurting so bad. My legs and my bum hurt and I can see myself waking up tomorrow with much more aches and pains! I am doing a tiny post about some certain favourite lipsticks that I posted on my Instagram. I get a lot of questions on there about the finish, if they are good and what shades! So I thought it would be much much easier to let you all know on one big post than replying to everyone individually because there was a lot of girlies that asked me similar questions! I hope I answer all your questions, and enjoy reading!

I will start left to right!

First is the "Rouge Volupte Perle" in shade 108 - Celestial Mauve. Definitely a creamy nourishing lipstick and when applied it feels soft and non-drying! My lips feel hydrated throughout the day. It is quite a pearl/satin finish and you don't need to top up either throughout the day which I guess is a BONUS for any lipstick because your using less product!

Second is the "Rouge Volupte Shine" n shade 13 - Pink In Paris. Oh I love the name on this now because in four weeks I am hopefully be in Paris for a few days a week before Christmas for my boyfriends big birthday! Anyway stop day dreaming Ashleigh! Pink in Paris is a very suttle rosey pink with a hint of warmth. Quite a glam finish too, with a lovely silky and juicy texture. It kind of feels like butter on your lips.

Then it is "Rouge Volupte Shine" in shade 8 - Pink In Confidence! So it is the same texture and appearance with the shade 13 above. These have a lot of hydration on their formulas which is a big must with my lips. Pink In Confidence I would say is a dusky pink, quite a cooler shade than the others with a more of a translucent finish but with a good amount of pigment.

Last one is "Rouge Volupte" in shade 7 - Lingerie Pink. Apparently Rouge Volupte is a winning lipstick, which I like to hear. The pigment is spot on and quite intense. Perfect colour for Summer has it is quite bright and stunning. Long lasting and comfortable, hydrating on the lips. Non sticky, silky texture when applied. Can't go wrong with this type of product!

What do you think of the YSL lipstics?

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Vanilla Bliss Body Butter by The Body Shop ♥

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Christmas time, mistletoe and wine, children singing christian rhyme

Well it is nearly christmas! It is like four weeks or five away and I can't wait to by all my presents and hopefully I will be away the week before so fingers crossed. Well Body Shop have been very naughty and keep mentioning a chance to win their christmas collection of body butters, shower gels and pretty much everything.. I kept entering and I wasn't getting no where haha so I couldn't wait anymore and went out and bought the Vanilla Bliss Body Butter! IT IS GORGEOUS. Never smelt anything like it before. I have bought vanilla scents before from Body Shop but this is just better than ever.

I purchased this gorgeous smelling body butter from Body Shop! I love body shop because they have amazing products for a really affordable price. Also you can buy one scent in all the different types for example, you can buy this scent range in shower gel, lotion, scrub etc! So you can buy your scent in everything haha if you obsessed like me!

I would say this is part of my christmas haul. I love buying christmas things, it gets me in spirit. Well the newly christmas range in the Body Shop is the Vanilla Bliss, Cranberry Joy or Ginger Sparkle. I had to go with Vanilla Bliss has it is one of my favourite scents ever.

Vanilla is definitely ideal for hydration for all types of skin. What I love most about this body butter that it is easily absorbed into my skin without feeling sticky and slimy for ages. I have extremely dry skin and can be so itchy and flaky due to my eczema and this vanilla body butter is actually heaven on my skin. People with oily/combo skins can definitely use this product also!

The smell, oh my goodness. It smells edible (but don't eat it)! The smell stays on for hours and it is just the right amount of scent and not to over powering! It actually smells like a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a hint of vanilla cupcakes! Talking about it now is making me hungry, so lovely.

The texture is smooth and silky, I love putting some in my hands and rubbing it to make it warm and then applying it because it feels like a very light oil being applied! I have seen an improvement on my skin with using this, which I am amazed! It is so rich and hydrating. I love that it contains all my favourite ingredients, cocoa butter and shea butter. The most moisturising ingredients out there that are natural!

I would advise to use this during winter times, because all that wind, rain and chills can cause your skin screaming for help so, buy this and be free from itchy, flaky and dry skin! It worked for me. Looking for a moisturiser that keeps your moisturised all day then here is another reason to purchase it! I give this body butter a massive thumbs up like the Vineyard Peach Body Butter that I reviewed not to long ago and you can click here to have a read about that review > Vineyard Peach Body Butter

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