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My Top Five Mascaras ♥

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Evening my readers! Hope your all excited for weekend because I surely am! So I have many mascaras. Mascaras that do different looks, different lengths, different thickness's and also volume. BUT do you have ONE favourite one? I don't I have to many so I had to do a top five for you lovelies as I am very indecisive. A mascara would be one out of a few things I would bring with me if I had to be sent to a desert island! Well here goes. I will showing you the mascara wands on the pictures to give you a good look at them important bits aha and plus you can see the packaging in the picture below!

It was so hard to choose which is the very best out of the five mascaras but I managed to get there! I will start off with number #1! I am going to give you little briefs about the products rather than essays because there is so many mascaras to talk about and I have already blogged about some or about to in the future hehe!

First place; is the Benefit They're Real mascara. This is probably in everyone's top five, top three or just clearly best mascara. It is one of the best selling mascaras out there! Well it is, can't fault this mascara one bit, everything about it is perfect and it clearly shows a perfect set of eyelashes when you have finished! FINALLY a mascara that actually does what it is supposed to do! It lengths, gives volume and separates your lashes. It does give you the false eyelash effect without using false eyelashes. This will always always be my favourite mascara ever! This mascara works on any type of eyelash, short, stumpy, long, thick, thin, no lashes to lots of lashes! Well worth the price and you can purchase this from Benefit so I suggest you go buy it..

Second place; goes to Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara. It says its multi-dimensional, well it is! This was so close to being first place but I guess it is definitely on the border line with Benefit's mascara! It is a clump free mascara, one layer and your good to go! It adds length and thickness, with it being waterproof there is no smudge or panda eyes in the winter! I really need to buy another one, has I have pretty much emptied this one now. Even though it is pricey it is worth it. Chanel never disappoint me with their makeup products. Has you may of noticed I love spiky mascaras because on my lashes them type of wands seem to do the trick!

Third place; Rimmel London Scandaleyes Showoff mascara! Would you look at that it is another spiky one haha! This wand is almost a lookalike of Benefit's They're Real with a bit more chunk and spikes? The reason why it is in my top five is that it is clump free, adds ALOT of volume and thickness. I love the fluttery lash effect it gives my eyelashes! I love that it is lightweight and has a gel-like formula. The only thing I have noticed is that it flakes after a few hours on me but it happens rarely! I wouldn't let it bother you because overall it is a gorgeous mascara and very easy to apply to!

Fourth place; is the popular YSL Babydoll mascara. The reason this didn't get third was because the wand is a bit flimsy when applying it and I am always a bit cautious of it just flicking in my eye haha or just bending into my face and leaving black splodges everywhere! Not happened yet and don't think it ever will but anyways haha, it is a gorgeous masacara and again it is spiky, adds so much length to my eyelashes it is unreal! I love that it is the blackest of black shades too. I think it is called babydoll because it gives you the babydoll effect eyelashes.

Fifth place; last but not least is the Max Factor Wild Mega Volume mascara! It is probably fifth because there is no spikes involved. Although for a brush wand it is very effective. The formula is okay, your normal standard mascara. I love the peanut shape brush, not sure what it is supposed to do haha but it adds length and volume to it definitely. Easy to apply but with the brush being quite big it isn't easy to apply the bottom lashes, you can catch your skin and end up with blobs! Overall though it is a good mascara, I would say a standard mascara but the reason it is on my list because it makes my eyelashes super long!

Hope you enjoyed my top five mascaras! Tell me below what your favourite mascaras are!

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Snow Fairy Shower Gel by Lush Cosmetics ♥

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I ♥ Lush. There is not one person I have met that doesn't like Lush! I have introduced people to Lush Cosmetics that never thought of using it. SNOW FAIRY is back and has been back since october, so this is a late post! Has it is a high rated product, thought I would share my views about it aswell. I was wondering whether I should actually write about it but I am going I am in love with Snow Fairy!

It is a limited edition winter shower gel that smells absolutely gorgeous, I can't express how beautiful the scent is. So it is only sold through winter so if you in love with it like me then stock up so it lasts you till next christmas! It is one of Lush's christmas best seller. I must confess though I fell in love with this instantly and bought it straight away for the first time last year. This year I bought the tiny one at first but when I go back at the end of this month I will be buying the biggest bottle and maybe four of them!

For you ladies and gents that might not know much about the products then here goes.. Their products are 100% natural and homemade cosmetics at amazing prices! They don't test on animals which is lovely and they are vegetarian friendly too! The products are fresh and use real ingredients, so for you sensitive skin people out there like me then you are safe from perfume reactions yay!

Snow Fairy is bright pink so you can't miss it when you walk into a Lush store! It has beautiful glittery shine throughout the shower gel which makes it really girly! Anything pink and glittery catches my eye. It is such a gorgeous fragrance it smells like bubblegum candyfloss! Something you would smell in the winter rather than summer which makes sense to why it is limited edition in the winter. If you love everything sweet then you best stop reading this and go buy yourself one NOW haha!

I love that it is creamy consistency and it lathers up a lot so you only need a tiny drop on your sponge or your scrub thing haha! A lot goes a long way so this little bottle I got lasted me a few weeks which I was surprised about. The scent does stay for a good amount of time! Like I said before even though there is glitter in, you don't actually get glitter sticking to your skin which may be a relieve to some of you, especially if the men in your life are pinching some haha!

It is a playful product and I will always 110% go back to buying this product every single year and if they do bring it out permanently then I think I may cry. I will be able to smell like candyfloss|bubblegum 24/7, beautiful. It is just amazes me that this one product every single year is our number one christmas bestseller, I think it is because it is so unique.

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MAC Cosmetics Select Cover Up Concealer ♥

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Well hello there again, fancy meeting you here! Again I didn't have a lie in that I wanted to on another day off. I don't think I will experience a lie in after 7am. That is it! I really need a lie though because these dark circles under my eyes aren't doing me any justice! Seriously they need to go. This is why I am going to write about one of my favourite concealers that do that trick of hiding my horrendous dark circles.I do apologise when I uploaded these pictures on my computer they were lovely and bright but when I upload them on blogger they seem to darken them, I have done everything to make them brighten but blogger isn't having none of it.

It is called "Select Cover Up" and it is by MAC cosmetics. The reason I went to MAC for concealers is because they are good but they have the perfect range of shades that matches my skin, you may of heard me complain before about the awkward yellow olive skin tone but if you haven't then basically I have a very awkward skin colour that is very hard to find an exact colour match in products. I have tried so many concealers to hide these circles and without looking cakey! Well I come across one that I have used for quite a while and it hasn't disappointed me!

It is a liquid based concealer which I prefer. Cream based or cream stick seem to look cakey with my dry skin so I do try to avoid them really even though they can hide these dark circles. I may talk a lot about my eye circles during this blog just because I don't suffer from any spots in particular so I don't use concealer for that really BUT when I do just to let you know that this concealer is really good for covering any imperfections you may have.

As you can see I have two, one is slightly lighter than my skin tone and usually I use that to highlight on special occassions or nights out. That is the NC20 and then I have NC30 which is my skin tone and it is slightly more orange undertone because orange is good to cut out the grey undertones in my dark circles! Little tip for you there. It definitely blends in well and brightens and lightens my dark areas and evens out my skin tone around my eyes. I need something that will last me all day and this does last me hours and hours throughout the day without the need to top up. When applied you only need a tiny pea amount because the pigment is spot on and it spreads quite well.

Comes in a tube and I would say I have a problem with things that come in a tube, just because I am prone to squeeze too much or it tends to splatter everywhere! Anyway it is a tiny tube that is perfect for travelling! Don't be worried because it is tiny that you think you won't get much use out of it well you do! One tube has been with me for months and I ain't even near to finishing it either. BONUS yes.

If you have dark circles, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, acne, spots, scars.. Could go on forever. This little tube will do the trick of hiding any little imperfection you may want gone! I am so pleased with this product and it is a really good price I think of £12/13 if I remember? Little caution, do not apply a lot on though because you will look a doll haha! Some other reasons to try it is that this concealer, does not crease! That is a big thing with concealer is where it crease or if it looks like it is melting away. Good for all skin types especially, even though it gives a semi-matte finish.

Let me know what you thoughts are about it and comment below or email me!

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My New Nudes from Barry M Cosmetics ♥

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Morning readers! It is my day off today and yet I still woke up at 6/7am. I don't think I will experience a lie in again. Ah well up bright and early I guess. I am doing a good deed today and go to the charity shop and give some clothes to the Cancer Research. You need to help out every now and again, I would rather give it to someone who may like and want my clothes than throwing them away in a bin to rot. Well let's get onto the juicy purchases from Barry M! They are absolutely dreamy....

They are gorgeous aren't they? I bought the trio because there was an offer of 3 for 2, couldn't resist. So one is a gelly finish, then you have the matte too, then my absolute favourite out of the three is the glitter! I have a thing with nudes at the moment and these Barry M colours are perfect! They have such a variety colours to choose from, so if you are having difficulty finding that one colour you want, go to Barry M and without a doubt you will find one or maybe more.

Like I said nudes are my current favourite colour, I don't know whether it is because it looks sleek and sophisticated or the fact it is winter and it is a quite warm cosy colour? I will go with both reasons. I think the trio together look really festive and christmassy < if that is a word. The glitter one looks like tinsel, it isn't your normal glitter, it looks like strands rather than circles. Which again makes it look even more festive. These are from Superdrug just to let you know and the name for the glitter was called "Superdrug Limited Edition" so I am guessing that is the name of the shade perhaps?

Onto the nudes! These pictures below are infact turned to the side so the logo are not in the way of the colour, just so you can have more of a clear view of the beautiful colours. The left one is called "Lychee" and it is a Gelly hi-shine. I have ate lychee's before and they are yummy, just like this colour! Lychee is a warm nude and it's divine. The Gelly hi-shine are so easy to apply and you only need one coat, the pigment in one layer is amazing. You could apply a second layer but there isn't much difference so one coat is definitely enough especially if your waiting for them to dry.

The right one is the newest out of the range, from the Matte collection. This is called Caramel. I have to stop there because the name of these polishes are just amazing. The name describes the colour spot on with a hint of deliciousness. Carrying on.. As you may know this range is much different to the others obviously haha! Matte nail varnishes in general are abit more tricky to apply than your normal nail varnishes, but with Barry M they do make it slightly easier! Caramel is a gorgeous creamy nude, it is sheer but two coats and your happy to go! These are the best shades I have purchased in a very long time and Barry M you have fulfilled that empty hole!

You can't fault these one bit, I have been purchasing Barry M nail varnishes for a few years now and I have not got one bad thing to say about these. The price of £3.99 for a absolute perfect varnish is amazing and when you get an offer like 3 for 2 then your very lucky haha! I would recommend these to everyone! Go quick to Superdrug to get that special offer..

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Bourjois Paris Happy Light Foundation & Luminous Serum Primer ♥

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Bonjour! Hope you all having a lovely week and your in for another treat tonight and it seems to be Bourjois Paris crazy on my blog in the past two days. Has you probably seen on my Instagram I have shown you these products! It has been a Bourjois Paris craze apparently and their new foundations seem to be amazing. So I have yet got another foundation and the joint serum to talk to you about today. Enjoy!

Here are the two gorgeously scented products. It is by Bourjois Paris, and it is from the "Happy Light" range and thought I would get both the foundation and the illuminating serum as well to make them a pair. Beautiful is all I have to say. I shall talk about the serum first, has that is the first thing you apply on your face before the foundation. The serum is called "Happy Light, Luminous Serum Primer"

Oh the packaging, it looks so dreamy, let me tell you it is as well! I partly purchased this because it is pretty and pink. It is the perfect size but this primer is another favourite already. Most of you all what that luminous, healthy glowing looking skin, am I right? Well if I am then this little thing will give you just that. For me there is no need for all that shimmer highlighting or glitter this and that because this bottle has all the luminosity you can get without the shimmer particles! I purchased the luminous one because it would be better for my skin tone which it is. There is a matte version which would be more for oily combination skins. They have really thought about their products recently and their primers are lush.

This primer is almost like a fluffy cream, lightweight, so easy to blend. As it primes my skin it is in fact adding a little bit of moisture and hydration to my skin also! You could use this on its own or underneath foundation. Once applied you can see a difference, I look more awake and bright. My skin was smoother and I seen that my complexion was much better than when I was not using this. I would say this primer is a good everyday primer and the price is £10.99, good bargain for a good product.

Next up is the lovely "Happy Light Foundation" these work so well together. Firstly I have to say that finding a foundation for this range was disappointing! There is no shade that exactly suits my skintone or my jaw line so I had to make do with the closest shade yet again. I did try this out on my chin before purchasing though to make sure I could get away with it in public haha! What does it do then? I heard you ask? Well they say it is supposed to give you that flawless and luminous complexion in any sort of light and it doesn't contain SPF! Which I am so happy about, that is another reason I purchased this. I will no longer look ghostly in photos, I refuse to.

Carrying on haha, I was so excited to try this product because it felt dreamy when I applied the tester to my chin. I use the Real Technique Face Expert brush to give it that flawless streak free finish. You only need a tiny drop and you can always add more if need to, but the coverage is sheer to semi medium, I would say if you feel like you have any flaws and that on your skin that you want to cover then this might not be the foundation for you BUT like I say always give things a try. (That's how I ended up bloggin' by giving things a try haha).

Lovely everyday foundation. Definitely made my skin look healthier and more radiant. I love products that don't need that glitter and shimmer to give you that luminous look. Think this may be for newest favourite foundation now, and I suggest you add this foundation to your wish list ladies. The foundation itself is a light texture, almost like a gel? It is hydrating and that is what my skin craves for so it is not drying in the slightest! It also evened out my skin tone which is another bonus for me. This was £11.99 which for a good foundation is a bargain.

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Ask Ashleigh Beauty ♥

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I used to call this type of post "Q&A" but I am renaming it to "Ask Ashleigh Beauty" think it may sound better has a title? Well thank you all so much for your wonderful questions and it always amazes me the response I get from it as well. I never thought I would see the day that you guys would be interested in what I like and things! I do appreciate it and I am going to tell you, how much I truly appreciate your love and support, that I have from you all! Love you all.

Right mushy love over hehe, here is some of the questions I had received. I apologise if your question was not posted but I will try and pop it on the next #askashleighbeauty!

Question One; by bethanyeve_x on instagram.
What inspired you to start a blog?
My makeup collection did and you guys of course! You all asked me to do a blog and a youtube and it was all your lovely comments that got me where I am today. You lovely readers that love makeup so much and enjoy my instagram made me think that I should write a blog and share you my thoughts and reviews about my collection. I have always wanted to be a big blogger! Maybe one day

Question Two; by lisannelagendijk on instagram.
What hairstyle for people with blonde straight hair do you like the most?
Hmm, I am rubbish with hair. I love straight hair or wavy hair is just has perfect. I am not a big fan of curls anymore, I used to be so jealous of girls with lovely locks but now I think the beach waves are in and will always be gorgeous.

Question Three; by ellieatkin on instagram.
What's the cheapest makeup item you own?
It is infact a copy of Benefit's High Beam, and I bought a really really cheap copy called High Lights from Body care. It cost me about £1.99 or 99p? It is quite good but wouldn't purchase it again, not quite sure why I bought it actually. Although I do have MUA lipsticks that I bought for £1 each but I gave them away and never used them ahah oops.

Question Four; by baileydelehant on instagram.
What is your favourite fall/winter drink?
Yummy, it will always be and has always been my favourite drink for winter and it is ... HOT CHOCOLATE, the original and normal hot chocolate out there, usually cadburys! Can't go wrong with a hot chocolate during winter. I may dry hot vimto because I have heard that is a good one for winter also, what about you?

Question Five; by beyoutywithnicole on instagram.
Favourite Starbucks Drink?
I have two favourites, I have the gorgeous hot chocolate as per usual but I love the strawberries and cream thing, not sure of the name they call it but it's delicious! I even have them in winter. Making me want one now!

Question Six; by asdfghjklpoppy on instagram.
If you could visit one place for an hour, where and why?
This is a toughy, could it be more than one place please? Haha. I would chose a few places because I can't make my mind up. Hawaii because I have always wanted to go there and see the white beach the heat and the culture! New York, well I don't need a reason for that but the shopping experience and buying things in dollars. Paris? To view the culture and the gorgeous eiffel tower too.

Question Seven; by martine_fl01 on instagram.
If you could bath in skittles or nutella which would you choose?
Easy, it would be skittles. I am allergic to NUTS! So I don't fancy having an allergic reaction haha!

Thank you for all your questions!

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Bourjois Paris 123 Perfect Foundation ♥

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Evening my makeup addicts! Well Bourjois Paris have definitely been doing well for themselves recently, a year or so ago I never really looked at using their products before because I remember buying a blusher from them and it was either the product I bought was dodgy or the pigment didn't want to stay on my skin! Haha but I have heard good reviews about their foundations, so you should know by now what I did haha if you don't then I bought one! So yeah I thought I would give Bourjois Paris another chance in my life!

I had a look around and I have seen many reviews about their other foundations such as "healthy mix" and the "healthy mix with serum" well thought I would be different and try out the 123 Perfect foundation, not heard many people review or talk about this especially Instagram.

I love the packaging, so I will talk about this first. I love simple plain designs, it really catches my eyes. The fact it is a pump makes it even more attractive to use, just because 1. I am terrible at working out how much I need on my hand and 2. It is less messy. Right less about packaging. This foundation is beautiful, I would recommend to everyone but I don't think everyone would like it as much as I do. I love this product because I love it isn't a drying texture, it is creamy and thick but when I say thick I don't mean that your face will look like a cake. Perfect consistency that is easily blended and cake free. It is a lovely sheer but buildable to medium coverage, which I am currently loving at the moment.

It is a lightweight foundation, so when you have applied it, you can't feel anything on your skin! Light has a feather and I think that is what most foundations are doing now in their formula is making it look more natural and feel like you have nothing on your skin. It was quite hard to find a good shade to match my skin tone with it being quite a olive and yellow undertone but I managed to get one as close as I could!

I would say it dries quite matte, add a good primer underneath and you could make it look healthy and dewy. I have dry skin, really dry skin to be infact and this isn't a problem for my skin at all even though I would recommend it more to oily|combination skin types because it dries matte. I think before you judge a foundation that fits an oiler skin type and you have a dry skin please do still try it because you may be surprised of the outcome like me with this foundation. It is not greasy one bit when applied and it dries quite quickly as well.

I have boring skin, not going to lie. It is dull as some random discolouration which makes me look ill. Yeah so I need something which will help this. 123 has three correcting pigments in the formula. 1) Yellow pigment to help with any dark circles. 2) Mauve to perk up that dull skin. 3) Green to help take away any redness on the skin too. It really did take away that dull skin and make it more alive. I can't really speak much about the redness as I don't really suffer from any redness or acne! Please do let me know if you find this foundation works for redness skin types.

Simply apply with a brush or your fingers which ever you prefer, easy to blend and you only need a tiny drop because I little goes a very long way. It is a lovely everyday natural foundation has it is comfortable to wear. I would buy this again, it is good for my skin especially during winter times. It was £10.99 and I bought this from superdrug but can purchase this anywhere, anywhere seels Bourjois Paris.

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Bourjois Paris Bronzing Primer ♥

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Hello again, it has been a while since my last blog but I have been very busy, busy bee. I have seen a lot of people buying this product and setting reviews about it. So ladies and possibly gents, I thought I would share my thoughts about it since I was quite confused maybe? About what to do with this product and how you would apply it and things. So here goes for lovely readers.

You do need a bit of bronze in your life right? Had that little radiance to your skin? Course especially it with being winter, everything looks dull and grey, even ourselves. BUT there is a big BUT you have to becareful with how much bronzer or brown stuff you put on your face during winter. Just because it is grey and dull you can look overly orange! Don't apply as much bronzer in winter than you would in summer. Haha, this is a note to myself to because I have done it previously, we have all been there.

I have heard more positive comments than negative about this product. This product is such a good dupe for the Chanel Bronze Universal. So if you don't fancy spending £30+ then definitely give this a try. Cream based bronzers have always interested me and now that Bourjois Paris have made a primer version then ay why not? This product has a gorgeous golden undertone, so with my olive skin it definitely adds warmth and glow. The texture is lovely soft jelly like feel, quite fluffy to like whipped cream, chocolate mousse I'd say! It has that glide to it so it makes it soft to blend and a little bit goes a long way. With it being a primer, I knew straight away that it was going to be a sheer finish with a hint of bronze, and I was correct.

This little pot of gold should be in everyones makeup bag just because it is that cute and small, fit anywhere and now you can party and bronze as you want. It has the right amount of product in the pot and will last you a good few months. This primer leaves a quite satin finish towards a matte finish. It is smooth on my skin and doesn't look patchy or streaky at all. So many ways to wear this primer with it having that hint of bronze goodness. It comes in the one shade and is meant to suit all skin tones. Definitely depends on your skin tone how much is applied.

I prefer to use a primer, just to give a base for my foundatin. Use a tiny bit and use either a buffin' brush or a stipling brush and this will give your skin a flawless complexion. You can apply it wherever you want and however you want. Sometimes ladies contour with this or apply it to where the sun naturally hits your face, which I think most people do, like me! I don't use a lot but I use a bit to make me look alive haha! So when you applied the bronzing primer, just let it dry a little and soak in and apply your foundation like normal, it is easy. This is so much easier in the morning just quick to apply, gives me colour but I don't need to add foundation so it makes me have more of a lie in to! BONUS.

Overall it is an amazing product and I would rate it 8/10 just two points away because I would prefer a bigger pot. A perfect dupe from Chanel Bronze Universal. I love that it is easy, adaptable and anyone can use|wear it. Much more of a natural finish than any other bronzers I have seen. What ever the season, it works!

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