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Nude Attitude by Estee Lauder ♥

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Do not let that sunshine fool you! It is now officially winter and my toes are so cold! Even though the sun looks tempting as soon as you go outside you freeze! Well my gorgeous readers, I have a lovely little blog post about the gorgeous wintery nude colour called "Nude Attitude" by Estee Lauder. It is beautiful.

It is a lovely creamy, milky nude colour, when applied it looks shiny and creamy. I love a good nude colour especially in autumn|winter times. A cool tone french shade. I would say it is like an almondy nude shade. There isn't much pink base in this which I love because my skin tone some pink can make my hands look so pale. It is a perfect nude beige for any skin tone and anyone.

Nude Attitude is a basic nude shade, no shimmer, nothing much special about it you probably think? Well you are wrong because the texture when it is tried is soft and looks creamy. I love that it has that creme effect not a big fan of matte on nails. When applying you don't need a lot of layer to build up the colour, but one coat is quite sheer! I love a nail varnish that dries pretty much instantly, and this nail varnish does that! A coat and in a minute or so its dry.

The polish applies smoothly with no streaks at all on my nails. Quite a versatile shade, everyday colour, maybe a girls night out shade to! I would wear this everywhere and anytime because it goes with any sort of style|look. This colour makes your nails look neat and tidy, a very lovely manicure rather than people saying "you have a gorgeous nail varnish on".

Overall it is a good colour, good aplication and a good defined brush. It is quick and easy. The quality is really good because every nail varnish I wear it chips instantly and this gives me a day or two before it chips which is a record for me! Don't let the time put you off because if you have nails that nail varnish loves it will stay on for weeks maybe. It is just that my nails disagree with nail varnish and it chips easily. I would love this colour with a white outfit and nude shoes and bag, look gorgeous!

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