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LVL Lashes by Kelsey ♥

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LVL Lashes? Bet your thinking ay whats that? I will definitely tell you because I had this treatment done and I can't believe the outcome! I received this treatment by the very talented beauty therapist who is qualified in so many areas in beauty it is quite amazing. She is called Kelsey! She is definitely one of my only recommended beauty therapist in Manchester UK! Known her since working in Harvey Nichols and she takes great care and quality in her work and ensures that the client is receiving the best and only the best.

I will go into a bit more about these LVL Lashes, and Kelsey is only one I know that is a professional at doing this treatment. So this is a gorgeous alternative to eyelash extension and this provides a longer looking natural eyelashes. It is a treatment that doesn't use any harsh perming techniques. It took between 30-45 minutes and the time just flew by, it felt like 20 minutes! I am really funny with things to do with my eyes and people messing with my eyes but this treatment by Kelsey was the most comfortable eye treatment I have had.

Here is a before picture and after picture, no mascara. I do have short lashes as you can see on the left picture. I do apologise this picture doesn't do my face any justice, I look so pale but we are looking at how perfect and long my lashes look after the treatment in the right picture.

What I love about these lashes is that there is low maintenance on them and the treatment lasts up to 6-8 weeks! The results as you can see were immediate. I love my new lash look. There is no glue or adhesive used. No mascara is needed. It done by a new silicon shield that helps lift my lashes. My lashes were covered in a new gel forumla. I would definitely recommend this has it is more cost effective and saving money. Don't have to keep buying lash extensions or mascara all the time has this treatment is permanent.

I wanted my lashes to be black! If you prefer to have yours lighter colour or if you know an elderly woman that might be interested wouldn't like black, there is the oh so natural brown and you can get the same effect! I wanted the blackest of black just because I think on me it suits me better and makes my eyes stand out a bit more.

I also have the LVL lash serum which keeps them in good condition and keeps them looking uplifted! It also gives it that wet look which I think looks really nice and makes them look even longer and fuller! If you are going to have this treatment I recommend this LVL lash serum.

It has been about five days since having this treatment and my eyelashes look exactly the same! It is perfect. I don't need to rely on fake eyelashes anymore. I am able to wear mascara which makes them look more amazing. I can't express how good this is. I have washed my face like normal and it hasn't effected them one bit.

You can contact Kesley through her Facebook or her Twitter. Click the social names to be directed to the websites. If you want longer lashes but natural then contact her now.

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My New L'oreal Skin Care Routine for Winter ♥

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Hello beauts, thought I would switch my pictures up a little bit and make it look more different throughout my posts. So with it being winter my skin especially my face needs a lot of pampering and care. It can become so dry, tight and dehydrated. I can pretty much hear it screaming for help when it needs some moisturising. I bought the whole range of skin care from the L'oreal Skin Perfection range because it is meant to be good for dry skin and sensitive skin.

Here goes! I will begin with the oh so gorgeous, L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Gel-Cream Wash! This just feels beautiful and after I have washed my skin with this and dried it, my skin doesn't feel like it needs moisturising. This is for dry|sensitive skins. Removes makeup and impurities really well. After my skin had such a better texture after the second wash and also my skin looked and felt soft with a nice glow to it. I love that feel when you know you have had a good clean. Good thing about these products is that there is no soap and no perfume. Such a big bonus for me! Also it is dermatologically tested also! Overall it removes makeup and impurities, helps perfect the skins texture. It does exactly what it says on the tube. I use it every morning and night and just apply on wet face, massage it about to make a small lather and avoiding the eyes, rinse with water and done!

Next up is the tall bottles of goodness! That work so well with my skin and these are just luxurious! I'l start with the L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Velvety Toner which is the first one. This is so silky and gentle on my skin especially with my type of skin, I am really impressed! Certain toners can leave my skin with discomfort but not this one! I am so happy with this. In this product its infused with softening actives which any dry and sensitive skin needs! It helps clean that skin that tiny bit more and helps remove makeup that is has just lingered on your skin. Using this morning and night it has improved my skins texture.

L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water is one of more technical solutions out of them all but is so good with senstive skin like the others. This is a makeup remover in every possible way and also purifies the skin at the time time. After this my skin feels like every bit of makeup has been removed. A lovely texture. I only use this to remove makeup really but it is a fab product all together.

Last but not least is the L'Oréal Paris Skin Perfection Cleansing and Perfecting Milk most definitely a new favourite of mine. If you have dry skin and need to remove makeup then this is definitely a product for you has the milk is moisturising on the skin and you will not experience that dry sensation you get after removing makeup. It is silky smooth rich milk goodness. It leaves my skin nourished, mm lovely!

I would recommend this range because it is such good quality and the price is just so affordable. If you want to try a good skin care range but don't want to spends loads on a high end brand then this is something you should try!

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