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Marc Jacobs "Honey" Perfume ♥

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Bzzzz Bzzzz? Can you smell Honey? Evening my fellow blog readers! Thought I would do another fragrance review because I have not done one in a while! I am a big fan of the Marc Jacob fragrances because they are light, girly and just quite unique from other fragrances. I honestly didn't know what to expect just because it says honey, I was expecting it to smell exactly like honey! I sprayed it once and fell in LOVE it.

I bought the set because it was £3 more than it was to just buy the fragrance on its own. The set was £53 and with it come the fragrance, honey shower gel and a very gorgeous body lotion. This fragrance is beautiful, adorable and the scent will blow you away, especially the very cute design.

Let's continue, the scent! If you like the other Marc Jacobs then I reckon you will love this one as well. Sunny, beee-autiful and energizing smell. It is a very light floral but quite a fruity fragrance too which I love about it. The fragrance includes the notes of fresh green pear, fruity punch and that gorgeous mandarin! Theres some orange blossom that mingles with honeysuckle and peach! There is such a good mix of ingredients that blend so well together. I can't express how much every woman needs this on your vanity table or handbag. That warm hint you can smell is blend of honey, vanilla and smooth woods.

Overall it is sweet, fruit and floral! It is what you expect it to smell like when you spray to be honest. I thought the honey might of been a bit stronger but all over it is the perfect amount and not to heavy. I think the packaging attracted me first, I think every bottle is so attractive and that definitely brings people to buy it and smell it.

With the set, like I said you get the body lotion & the shower gel. The lotion smells a little bit lighter in scent than the perfume and the same with the shower gel. Both gorgeous products that I think are worth buying on their own as well. I bought these from Harvey Nichols in Manchester! I love shopping there, they have pretty much everything! What is your favourite Marc Jacob fragrance?

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Hair Micro-Bonds by Glam Couture HairEasilocks ♥

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Beautiful people! I have such lovely blog post to write about today! I am going to mention something quite personal first and that is I suffer from eczema and because of my scalp, my hair went really really thin. So having the opportunity from Katie Bryan who is full qualified as a hairdresser and easilocks is changing for me.

So just a little bit about Glam Couture by Katie Bryan. She is such a lovely lady and to have my hair done by her was a big opportunity and she is so talented. She does mobile and every sort of hair service you could think of. From styling hair to a colouring service. My hair is a gorgeous chocolate colour considering I had a natural orange dip dye!

I want to promote her buisness because she needs to be noticed so much more! I had really good Remi hair instead of the Easilocks Russian hair because her buisness works around your budget! With my budget Remi hair was suitable option!

As you can see, they were bonded onto pieces of my hair with micro-bond rings that were "squeezed" on to my hair with a shoe lace looking hair piece! If that made any sense! It doesn't hurt, you can't feel a thing! I have had weave and clip in extensions, had everything apart from glue and Glam Couture has definitely introduced me to a much more convenient hair extension! Has it is lightweight, easy to handle and just so much positive things about this type of hair extension.

Talking about the budget, she does three different price plans from £200 to £650. The lowest being the lowest grade hair which lasts up to three months. Ideal for special occassions, weddings, birthdays. The price I paid for £350 for the good standard quality Remi hair and this will last up to six months. Last but certainly not the least is the perfect hair which use the Easilocks and they last up to nine-twelve months! Perfect right.

My hair feels lush, lightweight and flawless! I feel like a girl, my hair feels so soft and thick! Every girl loves their hair to be perfect and finally after a few years I am so happy with my hair!

You can contact her via Facebook which is Glam Couture HairEasilocks or you can contact the amazing Katie on email which is! I do definitely recommend her to do your hair she is absolutely amazing this is a big thing considering I am not a hair person and very funny about people doing my hair! Please if you need someone doing your hair colour, style or extensions. This lady is for you!

Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil ♥

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Today is another twist! I have been paying much more attention to my hair and you will see very soon why! My hair is dry and can be quite dull looking! I really do envy the girls that have that lush shiny, fly-away flawless and just perfect hair basically. I have a heard that the Moroccan oil is really good for your hair, so what did I do! Buy it of course and review it and let all you amazing people know what it is like!

I bought this from Boots or you can probably buy this at any drug store shop! It isn't the famed moroccan oil but it is certainly a good dupe that does the exact same job. This is the gorgeous "Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil" for your hair.

It is a lovely lightweight oil and quite a thin texture! I personally think this oil is moisturising for my hair when I have tried this but to be honest with my hair being so dry that anything will add hydration and moisture. It doesn't do all the jobs the famed Moroccan Oil does but it definitely does something for me. When I used this is definitely controlled them annoying fly away bits of hair that get on your nerves, and made my scalp and hair feel less brittle and dry. I have noticed when I applied this on damp hair and then I blow dry it with the hairdryer, it added that shine I have always wanted even though it was a tiny bit of shine at first.

My hair really needs be brought back to life. I think more uses of this product it will be. What to do is squeeze the bottle and allow a decent amount for the length and thickness of you hair. I would of preferred a pump bottle because then you won't have that trouble of too much coming out. There is only a tiny amount of scent to it but the scent that is there is quite luscious. The good thing I like about this product is it does not leave your hair looking greasy or feel weighty! So you rub your hands together and apply to damp - towel dried hair and just rub it all over including the very ends of your hair! Try and apply evenly all over.

I would definitely recommend this product. It is good quality and very reasonably priced to! I am really happy with this and definitely be using this every time I was my hair! The texture of my hair as improved and looks alot healthier than it did before! If your hair needs that extra bit of help and care then buy this and try it first because you pay for the more expensive Moroccan Oil. It is my new best hair friend!

"Santa's" Lip Scrub & "Santa Baby" Lip Tint from Lush ♥

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Santa Baby
Just slip a sable under the tree, For me
Been an awful good girl
Santa Baby
So hurry down the chimney tonight

Aw I am getting so excited for christmas even though it is only october but time does fly! I love winter, cold and icy mornings and christmas red onesies! I love that snug and warm feeling you get at winter and christmas. Well this also made me feel more excited for this season because Lush Cosmetics have launched the most amazing little goodies for christmas time! So not only have they relaunched their very famous "Snow Fairy" but now there is the "Santa" Collection. Lip Scrub and the Lip Tint.

I shall start off with the luxurious "Santa's" Lip Scrub! Here is the direct link for the Santa's Lip Scrub. This is such a christmassy product! I have tried the Bubblegum version but this is definitely a new favourite of mine. The texture is much less crumbly and more moisturising. It is easier to use because it doesn't break away like the other but overall it does taste delicious! It tastes like cola bottles, chupa chupa cola lollies! If you love cola sweeties then you will pretty much fall in love with this lip scrub. I want to use this everyday just because it tastes so good. The colour is that christmassy red that you would expect santa to be wearing! It does leave my lips smoother and soft than the other scrubs. The scrub as the ingredients of caster sugar and coconut oil with that hint extract of cherries and dates! Want kissable lips for christmas? Scrub your lips with this beauty!

When I opened up the lip scrub I was so surprised it has little tiny hearts, this definitely makes the product cute! I am sure that these are edible. Remember: Don't use this everyday because the lips are very sensitive, so use only once or twice a week when you feel like you need it. You can purchase this for just £5.50

Next up is the partner for the Lip Scrub and that is the gorgeous "Santa Baby" Lip Tint! Here is the link for the Santa Baby Lip Tint. After the scrub, you can apply the lush Lip Balm whether it is this Santa Baby Lip Tint or one of your own. The Santa Baby Lip Tint is a bright red and as red as you can get for christmas! It is a moisturising boost for the lips. It is cola flavoured, hmm yum! Such a lovely lip tint, just to add that extra bit of colour to your lips to look gorgeous in winter. It is buildable but because it is a quite tiny product a lip brush would be the best to apply this product on your lips.

I think these are really cute gifts for christmas especially Lush products! They are cheap but such cute perky things you can purchase that everyone will be happy with! Have you tried these gorgeous santa products?

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