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Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturising Balm ♥

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I have always been a foundation sort of girl and I really really needed a tinted moisturiser, on days where I don't really need to wear a full coverage foundation but I just need that little something to add a bit of coverage and that bit of warmth to the skin! When I am going to work or popping out somewhere I don't want to be putting on that full foundation when I don't really need it and I also want to look different when I do go out at night with my friends or something!

I have used the Bobbi Brown foundation collection before, so thought I would try out their tinted moisturiser. There is three reasons why I chose Bobbi Brown! 1) Because there foundations really suit my skin type. 2) Their shade of colours really match my skin tone. & 3) It is a natural brand, they love the natural looks so I thought that their tinted moisturisers will be a natural finish.

This balm can be used as a replacement to your normal moisturisers or you can use it with your moisturisers, which I do because my skin needs that hydration and moisture throughout the day! The balm as a slight tint of colour, just enough to hide any sort of perfection, for example, redness, imperfections, and uneven skin tone! I have also found out that it is a good base for foundation to, but I don't use it for that.

Even though it looks like a thick consistency, it blends so easily on the skin and you only need a tiny bit of the product, a little goes a long way. I am so happy I purchased this, I use it everyday with a little bit of concealer to hide them dark circles. A lightweight formula, doesn't feel like you have anything on. It is ultra rich, so if you have dry or dehydrated skin then this is most definitely for you! I am in love with the dewy finish it leaves, that gorgeous healthy glow is back! I instantly just fell in love. The balm as a slight herbal scent which is lovely to smell and is refreshing to smell in the mornings!

A must purchase product but if you have an oiler skin type then it is best to try a sample first just because I am unsure how this would set or that on your skin. You can buy this lovely scented balm for £35 either online or in a store near you!

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation ♥

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I can't remember the last time I bought a 'drug store' foundation, it has definitely been a while! I don't know why I stopped because I used to love them, I guess it was working with big makeup brands that stopped me from buying a drug store foundation! The only thing I am a bit scared off with a drug store foundation is will it be okay for my skin? Due to my skin being extremely sensitive. Another thing is the you don't get a lot of shades and with my skin being that odd olive colour it is tricky to get one! So I thought I would go on a hunt.

Rimmel have been doing well recently so thought I would go into a drugstore and go wild, and I purchased this incredible 'Rimmel Match Perfection' foundation! I am pretty glad I purchased this beaut and it has made me think that I should try out more drug store foundations.

Match Perfection is quite a light to medium coverage, I would say on my skin anyway that it is a buildable foundation but I wouldn't say to a full coverage! Theres only so many layers you can apply until your foundation looks cakey and that is with any foundation. It covers my pale areas and evens out my skin tone really well. It adds lovely radiance to the skin! This foundation has impressed me quite a lot, especially with the finish. I don't like matte or semi matte foundations anymore or not as much as I used to anyway.

The product is runny but it does blend on the skin really well! The finish is like a mixture of a dewy and a satin finish. You can apply powder on top if you want or you don't really have to has it sets really well on the skin without it!

I am so happy I have purchased this amazing product and I will definitely be trying other products from Rimmel. This has opened more blogs as well so all you gorgeous people can see more of drug store brands and not just high end makeup! This foundation is a bargain, you can purchase this at £6.99 either in Boots or Superdrug where I purchased mine

YSL Babydoll Mascara ♥

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Just to let you know, I love a good mascara! It has to be really good for me to like it. I am pretty faithful to my mascaras, I have thousands, well not that many but I have a lot! Honestly, when you find a good makeup product especially mascara, you stick with it forever. So today I thought I would talk to you about the new mascara in my collection.

The YSL Babydoll Mascara, another gold and shiny product to add to my YSL collection. A newest favourite of mine, it is amazing. The babydoll mascara is fairly new and different to the other YSL mascaras.

Lets talk about the brush, I am not to happy with the brush wand being plastic as it can be quite flimsy when you apply it on your eyelashes. There is a lot more positive things about this mascara. It is a clean and spiky brush, the spikes are different lengths which gets every single lash and even catches them teeny tiny ones that are awkward to get with other mascaras. The brush doesn't overload with product, you get a perfect amount. The wand makes your lashes instantly fuller, dramatic and lush. When applying, it feels like each lash is getting a coat and it is not uncomfortable either.

The formula is quite wet, similar textures like the other YSL mascaras! If you want a, hardly or a never clumping mascara, then you need to invest in this beauty! It leaves your lashes with a nice gloss with perfect length and fullness! I bought the black shade and this leaves my lashes blackest of black. The most important thing about this mascara is well what is the wear time?! I can wear this all day and it does not smudge or flake or even fade, a big bonus for me!

You can purchase this either online or any YSL counter near you for £24.50, slightly pricey for a mascara but it definitely does the job! All I have seen is good reviews and now there is another good one by me!

New Pictures ♥

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Hello my gorgeous people! Just a quick little post to let you guys know that there is going to be a change in pictures, and they are going to be much better quality and clear! I found new ways to make my pictures even more prettier for your eyes! I would change ALL my blog posts pictures but that would take absolutely forever and plus I don't have most the packaging anymore so please bare with me. Hope you all like my new look! Check out my instagram because most of my new pictures are on there! Please comment with your ideas because I really do appreciate them. Also thank you all so much for you support and my blog as hit 20K views and I am extremely happy.

Makeup Routine ♥

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I love my makeup routine, just because its 15-30 minutes of the day to relax and prepare for my day. I will do a skin care routine in a different post if you like? I love taking time with each step of my makeup routine. It's fun and I enjoy applying makeup! Hope you like my makeup routine and my products that I use.

So below will be a step by step guide of what I do on a typical everyday morning, either going to work or a day shopping. Throughout my days the only thing I would change would be the lip colour probably but everything else stays the same. Of course firstly I would apply my skincare and primer! I have so many different primers it depends on my mood really but I will show you my primers in my skin care routine blog. Oh by the way sorry about my used brushes in the pictures! I do clean them regularly.

Step One; is my foundation! This is the Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturising Balm with an SPF 25! It is shade medium because I have that olive skin tone. I apply this with the Real Techniques brush - Face Expert! I believe to make a foundation flawless, you need an amazing brush too! To read about the Real Technique brushes click Here

Step Two; yes it's my concealer! I always apply my concealer after my foundation so I put a correct amount of concealer on my dark circles! I recently bought this concealer from Clinique "All About Eyes" in shade medium, perfect consistency and hides my bad bits really well! After I applied the concealer I use the famous Touche Eclat in shade 01, I mainly use this to highlight my cheek bones, forehead, cupids bow, and just under my eyes a little bit! I use the face expert brush to blend it into my foundation! You can read about Touche Eclat here

Step Three; setting my makeup! I use the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium-Light, I think it's called! The shade as rubbed off the bottom. I don't use alot of this when I set it, I just set certain areas like my forehead, chin and maybe a little under my eyes because I like that dewy/glowy finish! I use the big brush from Real Techniques, such a perfect soft bristle brush! Instead of brushing it on my skin, I roll it on my makeup and press it into my skin it is more of a flawless look.

Step Four; you need blusher! I have been going through a phase at the moment and loving that natural looking blush colour! Again I have just recently bought it but I have fell in love with it instantly. MAC Sheen Shimmer Blush in "Sunbasque"! It is gorgeous on. I use the Real Technique Blush Brush and it is so easy to blend on the skin!

Step Five; I don't bronze a lot! I use the "Chanel - Soleil Tan De Chanel" the universal bronzer! I may use it as a bronzer to add a bit of colour if one day, I look quite pale or I sometimes use it as a blusher with the Real Technique Buffing Brush! To read about the beautiful Chanel Universal Bronzer then click here

Step Six; EYEBROWS! If I don't wear makeup when nipping out somewhere, I am guaranteed to put my eyebrows on! Drawing my eyebrows is a must. I use the MAC eyeshadow in "Espresso" it matches my hair colour perfectly and it stays on my hours and hours! The brush I use is from Dior and that is all I know, I pinched this brush from my mum and it is just perfect to use for your eyebrows!

Step Seven; depending on the mood, depends whether I want to put eyeliner on! I used to love liquid liner but then gel eyeliner was introduced to me! Goodbye liquid and hello gel! I have a few I use so which ever I pull out of my draw that is the one I have using! These above are the most used eyeliners! "Stila Smudgepot", "Clinique Gel" and then "Collection 2000 Gel" they all do the same job but Clinique looks more wet than the others when it dries! They last roughly the same amount of hours. I use the Real Technique Detailer Brush to apply the eyeliner! Just to let you know, my eyeliner is a winged look and I do it quite extreme. My eyeliner is my signature look with red lips.

Step Eight; mascara mascara mascara! I have thousands! well not actually thousands, but I have a lot! These are three of my main mascaras I use daily and yes I will use all three each day! I use the "Chanel Waterproof", then "Benefit They're Real" and then last but not least "YSL Babydoll"! Bet your wondering why I use all three! They all do separate things and they work together surprisingly! Chanel Waterproof I use for length! They're Real from Benefit I use after, to make them even longer and fuller! Then I use YSL Babydoll to add more length and to de-clump the lashes! I bought a eyelash curler from Amazon for about £1, I rarely use it. You can read about the "Chanel Waterproof" here

Step Nine; Gorgeous lipsticks! Last and my finally step is my lips! I change these each day! But recently I have been going for the nude colours or just a lipbalm! Here I have the "Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lip Gloss" and "Revlon Lip Butter in Creme Brulee"! I recently received "Raw Skincare" Lip balms and they are purely delicious and I love using these as part of my makeup routine! To read about the Revlon Butters click here or you can read about the Raw Skincare Lip balms here

Hope you enjoyed my makeup routine and please comment if you want to know more or if you want to ask a question! Love you all