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Raw Skincare Lip Balms ♥

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Ladies and (Gents), I was given these lovely lovely lip balms by "Raw Skincare"; her range of skin care products are perfect! As you may know I have extremely sensitive skin and allergic to perfume depending on the brand! These lip balms are a life saver for me, my lips are really sensitive and because the Raw Skincare Lip Balms are 100% natural it is even better for me!

You can buy Raw Skincare products on this website >

I was given "Rescue Me" which is the red packaging! "Hint of Mint" and that one is the green packaging and last but not least is "Ginger" in the yellow packaging! Like I said they are 100% natural and also they do not test on animals which is wonderful news! I will start with "Rescue Me" first because that is definitely my favourite out the three!


"Rescue Me" is my favourite and worked wonders straight away! Because my lips are always chapped or dry, straight away "Rescue Me" nourished and moisturised my lips! I was amazed. it is also a extra intensive lip balm that helps with that everyday damage, such as chapped, dry or even sore! It's full of goodness. The good thing is that the texture doesn't feel greasy and tacky on the lips. When applied my lips felt silky smooth and it is just what my lips needed! I would highly recommend this one if you want or need your lips deeply moisturised and hydrated! It keeps your lips protected throughtout the day also! There is so many benefits in this lipbalm. You can buy this for only £2.98

Next up is "Hint of Mint". The smell is so gorgeous! I love a good mint. It is not overpowering either, perfect amount. When I tried this today my dry lips felt instantly calm and soft. With it being a minty lip balm it has that cooling effect! It protects the lips like the "Rescue Me" lipbalm. Minty goodness is lovely for nourishment! What is a massive bonus for me is that it is not greasy, tacky or sticky, it is a perfect texture! You can purchase this at only £1.98

The last but definitely not least is "Ginger". 100% natural like the other two. I can't explain how much my lips felt nourished and perfect when this was applied! Instantly feel like it does the job! Again it nourishing and works wonders on the moisture! All natural and organic ingredients which makes the ginger smell lovely and again it is not overpowering! Love moisture and the smell of ginger and want your lips to be protected throughout the day then purchase this one at only £1.98!

The website it at the top, if you want to purchase this gorgeous products! These are not pigmented so they appear clear on the lips. She does have other amazing products which I can't wait to try. It is all homemade and as you can see from above that the lip balms are very affordable! I love these and was so happy to receive them and I really thank Raw Skincare for sending me these to try! Really perfect and think you should all buy them!

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask ♥

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You need a good night time moisturiser, especially with winter around the corner, well winter is permanent in England. My skin hates winter, just because of the fact my face and even my lips feel and tend to go really dry! So I really need a good moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated and highly moisturised! You may know from one of my very first blog posts I mentioned I have eczema! So again I need to prevent that from appearing.

You may agree with me that you skin screams out for hydration and moisture during winter or it may scream during summer, it all depends on the person! You may say you have an oily skin but there is times you may suffer a little bit of dryness in some areas!

Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is Clinique's latest product in the Moisture Surge collection. Quick and easy to apply before you start counting sleep and fall fast asleep and it does the magic before you wake up!

Simply just do your night time regime, take off your makeup, apply your night cream and eye cream and so on then to finish the night time regime, apply a small layer of the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask and allow it to soak in before you roll about on your pillow to get comfy. This is NOT a mask that you have to wash off or rinse off, you just keep it on till you wash your face the following morning.

I use this every night sometimes secretly in the day also, its just so creamy and hydrating, I can't resist. You can use this cream as much as you want. I would say this is more of a winter product though just because it is really rich and creamy so keeps you from them rough winds and that frosty air.

On my skin, it doesn't feel greasy or sticky, it soaks in really quickly and absorbs straight to where my skin needs it! Even though it is a rich formula, it isn't too thick. It has the consistency of a normal daytime cream. With it being a mask it doesn't leave greasy stains or anything on your pillow or sheets!

If your skin needs that drink and the moisturising benefits then this product will definitely do this for you! It made my skin in the mornings look fresh and glowing and definitely moisturised and hydrated! Struggle with that dull skin? Try this also because it brightens the skin slightly.

You can purchase this either on the Clinique website or your nearest Clinique counter for only £28! It is fragrance free and allergy tested which is really good if you have sensitive skin! Would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Clinique Superprimers ♥

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Hello hello hello! Lately I have been on a primer hunt, I do love a good primer! I have had previous primers but I like having new things to try, so I decided to buy these lovely, newly launched super primers from Clinique

I bought three of them because they have all different benefits and effects! Also depending on what you want from the products for example; even skintone, brightness, radiance etc! there is a separate one for each one.

Here is the 'Universal Face Primer'. Completely different texture than the other super primers in the collection. More of a hydrating and a creamy feel and finish. Absorbs really easily in the dry areas of your skin but also provides a tiny bit of moisture for the skin without that greasy finish also. I think this primer is lovely when foundation is applied on top, as it lets the foundation glide easily and provides a good base for the foundation to sit on! The primer makes the foundation non-patchy, much more even skintone on my skin! Also makes it look smooth and silky. It doesn't mattify the foundation which is good for you dewy finish lovers like me!

Above is the "Sallowness" which means it will help if you have an ashy appearance to your skin, needs some life and that bit of flat colour, which I can have on some days! This is a lightweight primer and when I put this on and then a apply foundation it amazed me how flawless the makeup looked! It is oil free so it as that silicone feel & non greasy. Quite a matte finish also. There is no creamy or dewy finish or texture to this one! Smooth and easy to apply on the skin!

Last but not least I got the pink one which is for "Dullness". I always love that extra bit of glow and radiance on my skin so this was really beneficial for me! It does leave the skin looking bright and definitely awake! When foundation is applied it definitely gives that boost of brightness to it! Again it has the same texture as the purple one, that moussey silicone feel! The same again with the purple one, leaves that semi matte feel and look to the skin, but if you don't mind it then its okay!

I would recommend these to everyone, just because there is different primers for different skin types! There is also more than this, six different primers in all, so can definitely find one that will suit your specific needs! Only £20 which I think is fabulous considering some primers can be overly priced. You get a generous amount, only need a pea size amount and spreads a long way! If you want to ask any questions about these products as they are really new then feel free to comment below and sure I could answer them!

Bourjois Paris - Colour Boost Lip Crayon (Glossy Finish Lipstick) ♥

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Hello everyone! Hope your having a lovely monday and a fabulous start to the week! Today I am going to do little review about the 'Bourjois Paris - Colour Boost Lipsticks'. I haven't had these long but I purchased these from Boots as they had a 3 for 2 offer. Can't walk past them type of offers! I bought three for £16 hmm amazing.

These lipsticks have been a craze so thats why I decided to purchase them to see if they actually live up to the hype. I bought the shades 'Peach on the beach', 'Fuchsia Libre' and last but not least 'Orange Punch'. I absolutely love the names, they suit the shade! There is one shade I didn't purchase which was 'Red Sunshine', personally I have enough of them shades in my draw! Perfect to add a hint of colour to the lips but it acts like a stain and doesn't budge all day, which is a big bonus point for me.

I will start with 'Orange Punch' as that is my favourite and my favourite colour lip! It is an orange tint so its not to bold, turns quite coral when applied. I think if you want a not so in your face colour but you like bright lips then this is definitely a lovely shade to have in your makeup collection.

Next up is 'Fuchsia Libre' is a blue toned pink, quite a bit more pigment then the others that I have mentioned! This one does show up on your lips slightly more, this lipstick shade would be lovely for autumn!

'Peach on the Beach' is a lush light peachy pink shade that just gives that little bit of colour on your lips which is perfect for an everyday look or quite a natural makeup look. Perhaps for work or out and about shopping?

So these lipsticks are a mixture between a moisturising lip balm, the pigmentation of a lipstick and the finish for of lipgloss. It is everything in one! It does exactly what it says on the tin, well tube in this case. These are very soft and smooth to apply, the formula is lovely as it isn't sticky and doesn't feel drying at all. You get a lovely amount of colour and shine to the lips. It does say these crayons last for ten hours and are waterproof, but to be honest I haven't stuck my head in water to find out if it is waterproof but it does stay on for a long time!

The packaging, is what you see is what you get. The colour of the tube is the exact same colour of the product. It looks just like a crayon, simply just twist the bottom to get more product.

Overall I am very much in love with these, easy to carry. Perfect for work and everyday as they are quite natural! I am debating whether to get 'Red Sunshine' but I have so many of that shade colour! It has been one of the latest release from Bourjois Paris so I suggest you go buy yourself a couple or four and trying them out for yourself!