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MAC - Candy Yum Yum ♥

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I am always on the hunt for new lipsticks, especially bold ones. Candy Yum Yum come along and for months I couldn't order it because it was out of stock and then they stopped selling it and then when it come back it was back out of stock so I was in a massive circle BUT then I managed to get it which made me extremely happy.

Candy Yum Yum is such a bold lipstick and I love a bit of bold, especially when you have quite natural eye makeup look and makes your lips POP! even more.

This lipstick is a matte finish that applies smoothly like a creamy lipstick! The pigmentation is absolutely spot on, it is amazing. So bright and full of colour! I suggest you put one layer on and gives your lips a rub together and apply layer by layer until you get the coverage and colour your happy with.

Although it is a matte lipstick it isn't dry and anything on the lips considering I have dry lips, it is not a problem. It is not hydrating but it doesn't feel dry at all on my lips. This lipstick as a long lasting wear and continuously looks flawless throughout the day! gorgeous right?

My thoughts about this shade is that is is spot on with the pigment and the texture, perfect bright bold pink, if you love bright colours and like to make a statement then this little beauty is perfect for you. It is £14 from MAC, so you can buy it from MAC counter or online if it is in stock, luckily it will be!

As all the other MAC lipsticks the packaging is simple and recognisable! You get a good amount as always. This is going to be in my top favourites lipstick.

I adore Candy Yum Yum but i wouldn't say this colour would be for everyone, give it a try first on a counter or if your friend as one. Love neon colours? Then buy this

Acrylic Off ♥

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Afternoon gorgeous girls (& gents if your reading this). Sadly my acrylics have gone, I was pretty impressed. £20 and they lasted five weeks, but rest in peace. I get emotional when I don't have my acrylics on, I feel naked and I know this might sound really silly but I think I have quite boy-ish hands because ever since I was little my nails don't really grow, but ah well good job for acrylics

Thought I would show you my painted nails I have just done with "Barry M Hi-Shine" in Grapefruit, gorgeous colour and then I had some glitter on my fourth nail just to give some sparkle. I have work tomorrow so they needed to be painted.

Just to let you know you can buy these nail varnishes, online, in boots or superdrug!

Stila - CC Colour Correcting Cream ♥

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This is a brand new product, only recently come out! I bought this lovely product from Harvey Nichols in Manchester by the gorgeous Danielle Gregory. Thought I would tell you that she is an amazing makeup artist, so if you are local or visiting Manchester please go and see her because her skills are incredible.

More about the product, this is the Stila CC Colour Correcting cream and is one of the first CC Creams to hit the scene this year. The best thing about this product that it does a perfect job of doing exactly what it is supposed to do, ultimate in colour correction, flawless and natural looking complexion. This multi-tasking product is bursting with skincare benefits, brightening the skin, softening fine lines and wrinkles and reduce appearance of hyperpigmentation.

It is actually a green/blue base which adapts to your skin tone. I purchased it in the shade "Tan" because of my skin tone being quite olive-y. Perfect match. This is an invisible coverage product BUT carry on reading, don't be scared.. You can build it up to a medium coverage that leaves a matte/satin finish. Fairly good skin with slight redness, darkness and dullness can wear this CC Cream. I think it gives you a very glowing and healthly look.

As I said it starts off being green/blue and it as really tiny colour pigment capsules that burst as you apply and the colour adapts perfectly to the reflection of your own skin tone. The texture is lush and it is very moisturising on the skin which is super important to me because I have dry skin especially through winter times! More of a moisturising texture rather than a cream foundation. It provides 72 hours of hydration BONUS! Even though the skin is hydrated, it doesn't look oily or greasy on the skin even if you have an oily skin type. This does not leave any patchiness or flakiness on the drier areas of my skin.. I really do like this product.

It is lightweight, so if you prefer to feel as though you have no makeup on but you do then, buy this. Absorbs quite quickly and easily, which I love because I don't like sitting there and waiting for my makeup to dry especially if I need to go to work or in a rush. You can apply this either with a brush or your fingers as you would applying moisturiser.

Would highly recommend this product, it is only £30!

Q&A ♥

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Part three, there is so many questions you have all asked me and I love every question! I will try and squeeze in as many as I can. Ready, set go!

Question One; by celinesecret on instagram.
Would you choose MAC or Benefit if you had to?
That's quite a tricky one because I love different things from both brands. I would probably choose MAC just because they have more variety and colour. Sorry Benefit!

Question Two; by weneedtotalkaboutbecky on instagram.
Which red lipstick is the best?
I have always stood by Russian Red by MAC, perfect red on me and I love the fact that it is a a perfect shade and a perfect matte finish!

Question Three; by emily_daviesx on instagram.
What is your favourite Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter colour?
I have only bought two at the moment but I love love love love Creme Brulee, it is a natural everyday colour that I can wear for work and just anywhere really, but I need to buy a few more to actually have a favourite colour hehe.

Question Four; by eleanorcrunden on instagram.
What's your favourite element and why?
I am guessing you mean elements as in fire, water, air and earth? Interesting question, I would chose water because of many different reasons. I love swimming, I love being in water and being in it for a long time. My star sign in a crab for cancer and that is a water-based creature. So yeah my element would definitely be water.

Question Five; by wondrouslypretty on instagram.
If you could be known for your signature scent, what would it be?
Mmmm, definitely something sweet and fruity, or something with coconut in. I love any fragrances with them sort of smells. Delicious fragrances.

Question Six; by girlyth1ngs on instagram.
If you had to give up one makeup item, what would it be and why? At the moment it would be lipsticks, I haven't been wearing them as much anymore because I can't stick to one shade, I am forever changing my lipstick colour. I have to keep mascara and face things.

Question Seven; by ella21bends on instagram.
Why did you want to create an instagram account?
I seen it was the new craze so I downloaded it to check it out, I had a personal one first for about a week and then I started including makeup and beauty products, and that's why I am here now writing a blog and I have themed account on instagram. I love it!
Thank you for all your lovely questions, bye bye for now!