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Rodial BB Venom Skin Tint ♥

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Rodial, BB Venom Skin Tint! Most of you probably won't of heard of Rodial, it is exclusive and a luxury brand. They do all types of different skin care that sounds bizarre but it is actually amazing. They do serums, to moisturisers, to face masks, to skinny shakes. They have a wide range of different products that suits everyone's needs.

Today I am going to talk about the lovely BB Venom Skin Tint that I was treated to from Laura Powell that is an area manager of Rodial in Harvey Nichols! Such a smart woman and knows a lot about the products and the skin.

The BB range, comes in few different shades, for my skin tone I use "Hamptons"! Blends so nice with my skin, as I am quite olive. Once it is warmed up on the skin and as blended in, it leaves a nice matte finish. When I tried this product it feels lovely, it blends amazing and you can use it in quite a few different ways.

The back says "Rodial's BB venom is a lightweight tinted moisturiser infused with powerful dipeptide, built in SPF 15 protection and designed to provide medium coverage for a flawless and younger-looking complexion. Syn®-ake gives a freeze-like effect to support the reduction of wrinkles whilst instantly plumping expression lines and increasing moisture levels for long-lasting hydration and skin softness."

I think this product is really good when blended with your fingers but you can use a foundation brush if you prefer. I would say I am really happy with this product and would recommend this to pretty much everyone as it is adaptable to skin types. I am not really a BB person but this product is FAB-U-LOUS! So the coverage is medium to full and gives a really good even complexion. It definitely gives a flawless finish. Considering it is a medium to full coverage it looks so natural and not cakey on my skin.

You can apply this on it's own on the skin to get a full coverage or you can apply it with moisturiser and mix the two together to get a tinted moisturiser finish that looks lovely and dewy. You can use it under foundation as well, as a base. You only have to use a really tiny amount, as a little bit spreads a long way.

Remember you can buy this either online or go into a Harvey Nichols near you or try the Manchester store to see the lovely Laura Powell that will give you much more amazing advice.

Rockateur Blush by Benefit ♥

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I managed to get my fingers on this lovely product, the new launch of the 'Rockateur' boxed blush by Benefit. I was so excited for this to be released. I got this gorgeous blush a week before it launched which was lucky.

Rockateur cost me £23.50 so the same as all the other blushers on Benefit. I think this blusher is replacing Dallas, so goodbye to Dallas. So.. This shade is a mix between a highlighter and a blush also, a cream and a powder blush. This colour is a soft golden rose but when applied it is quite of a rosey brown colour. I would use this during Autumn and Winter, much of a warmer shade and quite neutral.

Going into a bit more detail, it is a baked formula so it blends easily on the cheeks. It does look really pigmented in the box but it appears sheer on the skin, it builds really easily though to the intensity you want, no matter how much you apply it will not look over done. Subtle but satin finish with a hint of shimmer. This shade definitely gives your cheeks a pop though. This shade I reckon will suit any skin tone especially if you have a deeper skin tone.

The texture is really soft just like their other blushers if you have tried them but I would say it is just that extra bit softer and velvety. It lasts a long time, throughout the day, don't really need to reapply.

The upsetting news is that compared to the other boxes you get a smaller box! Which is disappointing because you spending the same price of the others but getting less amount. Tut Tut Benefit! I would say that is the only downfall! The same with all the other blush's you get a lovely good quality brush, which is good to carry around with you.

Overall it is a good product and I am in love with it. I don't think I have ever disliked a Benefit product! You can get this at any Benefit Counter or online. What do you think about this blush?

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters ♥

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Lip Butters! These are my first lip butter purchases. I love the product name! Colourburst Lip Butter oh they sound gorgeous. I bought these from Boots because Superdrug doesn't seem to sell them. They were on offer for 2 for £10 which I think is good considering one is £7.99 so your saving £5ish?

I bought Creme Brulee and Pink Lemonade. Such girly and clever names.

I'll talk about Creme Brulee first because it is my favourite at the moment I have been using this everyday. It is a sheer light to medium brown-peach with a slight shimmer. Very warm colour but perfect for any season of the year. Really natural colour so if you prefer natural nude looks then this such a perfect colour but if you bold colours then maybe not so much. It is translucent compared to other shades, so in the swatch picture you might not be able to notice much difference on my skin haha oops.

On myself, when this is applied to my lips only shows a little bit of colour, because I have quite pigmented lips but I still love it. It looks soft on me when I do a simple makeup, definitely finish's the look. Wearable for any day and any occasion. The texture is truly amazing. Soft and creamy, very moisturising and just glides on your lips with ease. Leaves a glossy sheen at the end which is nice! With it being so glossy and creamy the wear time isn't that long.

Next up is Pink Lemonade, a quite sheer pale pink with a bright sheen to it. Because my lips are pigmented, this lipstick colour brightens my lip colour rather then changing the colour. Again the lipstick is balm-like and moisturising lipstick. Easy to apply.

Amazing News ♥

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Thought I would do a quick quick post to let you all know some exciting news about what happened today! Well I had a interview for JD Williams, which operates 20 sucessful shopping brands, [amazing? I do love my shopping and I do love my fashion and beauty] well anyway.. The interview went so well I think, the atmosphere was lovely and had such a good friendly vibe from everyone. Straight away I knew I would fit in there. Everyone seems so approachable and kind.

I start on Saturday, my first day of training and looking forward to it a lot. Early morning wake ups, good job I am a morning girl and I don't even need coffee or tea! I actually think I can grow witin this company just because of my retail experience background!

Thought I would just give a little personal blog post, change from makeup! Don't worry I will not be leaving you all even though it is a full time position, I shall be posting every day! I love you all and thank you for all the good luck messages, was really sweet!

Speak soon my lovely jubbly's

Body Shop Lip Butters, Mango, Grapefruit & Shea ♥

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One word yummy. Body Shop lip butters are absolutely gorgeous and all of them smell so divine. It was so hard to pick three out of the lot because all of them smell like you want to eat them. I bought "Grapefruit", "Mango" & "Shea Butter".

These lip butters are very cute, the packaging is gorgeous! I remember using these ages ago and they have definitely improved. I think you get a lot more product and looks like they will last a long time. I really need to start to use these a lot more especially throughout winter because I get really dry lips so hoping these will do the trick


These products give a lovely sheen and a lovely smell on my lips. Not a fan of shiny or sticky lips. I love matte finishes and I do like a little bit of shine but the natural shiny look. They are very soft to the touch, definitely buttery and perfect.

Only a little annoying thing is, its hard to get the product out when I have my acrylic nails on, as it is to put my finger in haha, sometimes have to use a cotton bud to get a little bit out of it.


Deliciousness. It is a lightweight texture on the lips and you can barely feel its there, which is brownie points for me as I don't like heavy products on my lips. These make my lips feel healthy and look healthy. If you want supple soft lips, then buy these!

Shea Butter

Hydration is what I need and that is what these do! I love moisturised lip balms. You can buy these for £4 at any Body Shop but I got a deal 3 for 2 which was really good! I love them little deals you get, but sometimes it makes you buy more than what you actually need.

Clinique Haul ♥

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Hi gorgeous people thought I would just show you a quick haul before I start talking about each different product in separate posts. It was such a lovely day and thought I would get the new products Clinique have launched. The "Superprimers" I bought "Dullness" [Pink], "Sallowness" [Purple] and "Universal" [White].

Also I got the "Moisture Surge Overnight Mask" & "Take The Day Off, Cleansing Milk". I like Clinique just because of the fact it is fragrance free and allergy tested as I have hypersensitive skin.

This is only a little post to show you my Clinique purchases and that I have tried them all and they are all amazing products, watch out for the posts about these beaut products.

YSL - Touche Eclat Radiant Touch ♥

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Good morning, it's finally September. This year is just flying by, I turned 21 two months ago today, can't believe it! Well I am going to be writing about the "Touche Eclat Radiant Touch" by YSL!

I got the collectors edition, it as little clear gems around the casing, it's beautiful! This product is probably old news to some of you and thinking why am I blogging about this now. I know I am a bit late but I was debating to get this product for quite a while just because it was such a hyped product but finally got my hands on one, I couldn't resist.

Thought I would share you my thoughts about this product anyway! It is basically a highlighter and a concealer in one! I got shade 01 which is classed as the original shade. I sometimes like just have concealer a tad lighter than my skin tone just to add some brightness. This product promises to give you instant light, luminosity and radiance. Want the good news? it does all them things in one little tube!

Look how beautiful this is, so sophisticated!

It helped me conceal my dark circles but also brighten under my eyes, which was good for me because I have quite dark circles and ashy looking skintone! The packaging and the design is really good and so pretty especially the collectors edition! When clicking the bottom, you get a lovely lightweight-creamy product that comes out, at the end of the brush.

You can apply this different ways, to give you a light to medium coverage. Either with the applicator itself or apply to the back of your hand and use a concealer brush, which ever you prefer because it is a easily blended product!

Touche Eclat can also be used during contouring the face, to highlight areas to give you fuller lips when used in the cupids bow or hollow of the chin and around the contour of your lips. Helps widen eyes when used between the brows and along the side of the nose. Such a versatile product, can use it anywhere and however you like.

You can buy this at any YSL counter or online. There is several shades, so you can get matched up to your preferred skin tone.