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Chanel - Rouge Allure Velvet 42 L'Eclatante ❤

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A little bit more Chanel, witt woo

Today I am going to review the gorgeous Chanel, Rouge Allure Velvet No'42 L'Eclatante.. Gorgeous YES! It's absolutely devine. I love this colour recently, just because it's a spring|summer colour!

L’éclatante is a matte finish with a lovely bright pink, it's girly with a bit of cheekiness! It isn't limited edition but is part of the spring collection, so you can relax now, you can buy it at any Chanel counter! This colour is just perfection. It is gorgeous, it's striking but not too in your face. Even though it is a matte colour with a slight sheen, the texture is smooth and soft and is very comfortable on the lips and does not dry them out. Beware though if you have chapped lips, the matte finish could accentuate them.

This colour is very wearable, I think anyone and any skin tone can wear this colour. It doesn't stay on very long on me personally anyway, it fades quite easily but don't let that stop you because overall the colour and the formula is lush!

This rouge allure velvet lipstick is build-able, one layer will do the trick but if you wanted to, have several layers to make the pink more intense. If your not really into bright lips but you like this lipstick then you can make it less bright by putting a lip balm on your lips first then the lipstick and this will stop the colour from being so tense.

What do you think?

Chanel - Inimitable Waterproof Mascara ❤

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How lucky are you, two beauty blog posts in one day?

Well I have recently bought the new-ish Chanel mascara in Black, Noir. They have other colours like blue, turquoise and yellow!, which I really want because they are absolutely beautiful.

This mascara is called 'Inimitable Waterproof' Mascara multi-dimensionnel, volume length curl seperation. A bit of a mouthful for mascara!

This is definitely a mascara where you can really see a difference between bare lashes and then with this mascara on! With one coat of this mascara, it instantly makes my lashes fuller and longer, very little in thickness but with layers of this, it does look slightly thicker. This mascara is the best for lengthening best and it adds the illusion of more lashes aswell.

It is a multitasking mascara and I rarely believe in these types of mascaras but this definitely does do what it says! It delivers it all.

This mascara is not very wet, though the black is so intense and dark it does look wet, it's not dry either. The mascara doesn't flake either when you apply it like some other brand mascaras do. I have not had any problems with smudging, flaking or short day wear. It lasts ALL day. It does a lovely job keeping the lashes seperated and clump-free.

It is a very easy to use mascara, and is easy to apply onto the lashes. I love this mascara but I don't normally go for waterproof just because it is a nightmare to get off, but I couldn't resist because I fell in love with the brush!

Yves Saint Laurent - Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation ❤

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Hello lovely people, I am going to try and post a new blog everyday at least. I thought I would share my thoughts on the Yves Saint Laurent (usually known as YSL), Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation in BD50.

The texture of this foundation is quite a thick for a liquid based foundation but not that much because it blends with ease. It covers very well without masking and it does give a natural yet high coverage finish. The formula is free of opaque powders so therefore it doesn't give you a cakey look. It is a weightless foundation so if you prefer a high coverage foundation but doesn't feel like you have it on then this is a plus for you! BUT also if you prefer to have something a little bit lighter in terms of coverage then it can happen with this foundation.

I matched up to shade BD50 because naughty me, I have been going on the sunbed because it helps with my eczema and therefore, I went for a darker shade for the summer and so it matches my tan. The shade is very glowing and warm and it gives a sunkissed look! I am really happy with this colour because it matches perfectly. It brightens my skin tone and it does give a instant luminous and flawless finish.

I think the real technique brush's work wonders with this foundation, the buffing brush and/or the face expert brush. These brushes give a perfect flawless finish. Also the only thing about this foundation is it's quite 'wet' on the face so you do need to add a tiny bit of powder just to set it in place but it still gives a lovely dewy look, which I love on my skin.

You can buy this beautiful product at any YSL counter, in mostly any store! It is quite expensive at £29 but it is worth it, you get a decent size and it has a great formula! If you want to try this then do get a colour match and a free sample..

Have you tried YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat Foundation, what are do you think?

Just a little hello! ❤

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Hi there thought I would post a something a little different and post outfit of the day that I wore the other day to a afternoon/dinner meal

I will start with the top half, I wore a pink lace peplum top with a white vest underneath, it's a gorgeous pink pastel colour, a perfect top for a bright day and it is infact from Primark, can't remember the price exactly, could of been £6-8 off the top of my head! Because it was lace I wore a white vest underneath so it wasn't revealing.

Bottom half, I wore H&M Skinny white jeans that I have had for quite a while, can't remember the price but they are a gorgeous fit and just perfect colour to wear on a bright day! For my shoes they are Kurt Geigers, I have had these for two years would you believe and they are still in perfect condition! They are a beige colour and it broke up the colour of wearing white, and that's why I used my beige-ish bag that my lovely boyfriend bought me for christmas by Fiorelli!

You can tell I can't really talk about fashion tehe! More of a makeup person than a fashion one! But I just really liked this outfit and thought I would share it with you all!

New MAC Eyeshadow Palette ❤

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Hello my gorgeous people, I bought an amazing MAC palette the other and I need to share it with you all! I chose the colours to put in them. Because it's summer I was after some lovely greens and browns.

I will go through the shades with swatches, I will begin with the shade 'Tempting' and 'Espresso'

'Tempting' (Left picture) is a lustre finish, it is a very warm light chocolate-brown colour with flecks of gold, giving it a slight subtle shimmer. The best thing is that you can have either have a light finish or you can go really dark depending on what type of look you want to go for.

'Espresso' (Right picture) is a matte finish, looks light but is infact quite a dark colour. This colour is so multipurpose colour. I use this mainly for my eyebrows, to shape them and to shade them in to look more defined and to fill in any gaps. Very natural and lasts for such a long time! You can use this product wet to use it as a eyeliner and again it stays on all day! I also use this to to a little shade of contouring on eye or to do a smokey eye. It's such a perfect product.

Next up the greens..

'Sumptuous Olive' (Left picture) is a veluxe pearl finish with a khaki twist. I have always wanted this colour and finally I have it and I can't wait to use this on my brown eyes! I like this colour because of its blend-ability of this shade and how many things you can do with it and what colours you can mix it with! Such a summer colour and can't wait to use my ideas with this! It has a little shimmer and it doesn't fade.

'Humid' (Right picture) is a frost finish. A gorgeous dark green that blends flawlessy and lasts all day! Another multipurpose product, that you can see has a eyeliner, smokey eye in the crease. Depending what you like, you can have a light coverage of it or a deep colour coverage. It's gorgeous

So theres my lovely brown/green MAC palette, see you soon lovelies!