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Chanel - Vitalumiere

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Chanel Vitalumiere is the most amazing foundation, I have come across. It's beautiful.

It is definitely in my top list of foundation and it was only £34 which I think is such a good price considering it is Chanel AND also the quality of the product is beyond! I actually can't express how perfect this is on my skin. I recommend this product to everyone and anyone.

If you have dry skin and want that lovely dewy finish which looks HD, then this is the makeup you need. Any type of skin can wear this foundation (oily,normal etc.)Even though it gives a really good medium coverage, it looks quite natural and it really gives a flawless even skin tone.

I use shade 20, as I have a yellow undertone and I prefer yellowy foundations, just because they look healthy and warm on the skin, but the only thing with Chanel foundations that I have noticed is that they don't have a lot of shades compared to say MAC or Bobbi Brown, but what I can tell you is that Chanel have put a lot of thought in there foundation formula!

It's a fluid texture which contains moisturiser, so you uncomfy dry people this will ensure that your skin is comfortable.

Us dry people need looking after

It is a pump bottle and one|two pumps max is enough for an application, this foundation will last you such a long time, i have had this foundation for 6 months and I use it regular and I am no where near half a bottle yet. All this just proves it's an amazing makeup item!

Please by this now and au'revoir babys!

MAC addiction - New contour powder

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I live in Manchester and in Manchester we don't have a MAC pro store, which really upsets me because I wanted the sculpting cream and powder but anyway I needed a good colour contour powder. I personally find powder's easier to blend on my type of skin.

Here is the lovely purchase I made

It's the mineralize skin finish natural & it is in Medium Dark! I really like the skin finish's natural, I also own the shade Medium, that is to set my makeup, I rarely use it to set my makeup anymore because I like the dewy look rather than matte set finish.

This colour is a contour colour for my colour skin, as I am quite a yellow in my skintone, anything thats slightly orange or dark brown it will look horrible and I could star as a oompa loompa in "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory"

"“I want an Oompa-Loompa!' screamed Veruca.”
― Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Got a bit distracted then, sorry! As I was saying this colour is perfect and I don't have to worry about going to dark on the contouring because I can build it up as I go along to get to the perfect colour I want yay!

You can use it has a foundation as well but it would give a low coverage but you can use it to fix foundation or touch it up during the day. It is a luxurious product. The slightest touch from the brush and it picks up the product and pigment really well. The powder is silky smooth and a little tip you can make your brush slightly damp to make it a dewy finish. It is amazing.

Have fun my little sweetie pies!

Azalea Blossom

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A bizarre product that I bought, not something I would usually buy but I was in my Estee Lauder staff shop and I found this product, it caught my eye because it was so pretty!

It's called "Azalea Blossom" a ombre mix of a pinky and lilac shade. I would class it has a light cool pink. While this blush looks pretty, I wouldn't of bought it full price if I seen it at the MAC counter. I believe it was only a USA|Canada product that finally got shipped to the UK but didn't sell well over here, so I was lucky getting this.

Considering this was a MAC product, personally I found it being a lack of pigmentation, don't know whether it was my skin tone or skin type but I have read other reviews and read the same about this blusher. It doesn't build as well as other MAC blushers do. I feel with this product I need to keep swirling my brush around the blush and dig it in to get the even slightest colour on my brush, also it fades quite quickly to.

When I finally get enough colour on the brush and onto my cheeks is seems to disappear and look like a light, very light pink, reminds me of Dandelion from Benefit cosmetics.

It can stay in my makeup draw and look pretty for the time being.

Speak soon amigas!

Bronze Goddess Part 2 - Fragrance & Body oil

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This Bronze Goddess pair is devine, it's beautiful and it just reminds me of holidays, the beach, sunshine, waves of the sea, golden sand and when you wear it, you just imagine yourself sunbathing under the sun rays with a cocktail in a coconut shell. If you love that sort of feeling then you will LOVE this fragrance.

Just to put it out there I am not a fragranc-ey person really, I usually just buy things like impulse from superdrug|boots, quick and easy and smells nice but working with Estee Lauder I have been winning a lot of incentives and won different fragrances such as; Daisy by Marc Jobs, Juicy Couture and more.

Anyway to continue, I will start off with the Bronze Goddess, Body Oil Spray which is below

The bottle it is in, is lovely and I have a thing for simplicity, so this just attracts me to the product even more. It's a lightweight, silky oil that sinks in the skin quite quickly. It gives my skin a really nice sensual sheen. This product is perfect but it would be definitely amazing when you go on holiday.

Next up is the gorgeous, famous, once a year top selling fragrance that sells out pretty much immediately, the Bronze Goddess fragrance!

Bronze Goddess is a summer sun-kissed fragrance. It doesn't smell overly beachy and holidays like sun tan lotion, its completely different. It's an elegant fragrance and really feminine. I love that it's sweet and smells like tropical beach coconuts! Depends on what you think of a beach-type fragrance. It's soft and not over powering which I love considering I am not a over powering fragrance type of girl.

Much love my sunny lovelies!

Bronze Goddess Illuminating Powder - Heatwave

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I can't express how beautiful this product is! If your a makeup addict or not, pretty please buy this product. It will last you month and months. Definitely worth the pennies.

It's a limited edition product from the Bronze Goddess collection and it is the Illuminating Powder Gelée called "Heatwave" £30 but it's lovely!

All over bronze gold glowing powder and it's called gelée because it is a powder, gel&liquid in one compact, which holds a lot of pigment with a mix of pearls! It is a heat wave of colour for hopefully a endless summer. It gives a sexy, sophisticated glow which has an all-over soft sheen that is build-able for luminous highlighting that stays in place pretty much all day, with a multi-reflective finish it is amazing!

You can see how beautiful and bright this product is! I love this new technology gelee formula, it's soft and non drying and the smell is lovely. Most definitely a summer must buy.

10 random facts about me

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Didn't quite want to go overboard with the facts, didn't want you getting bored so I chose to do 10 rather than 20. Feel free and curious to comment who you want to ask anything.. I do have that website if you rather pop on there.

Anyway here goes my lovely jubblies!

In no particular order

1). I am an only child and people instantly think I am spoilt and get everything I want, yes it partly true but now that I am 21 nearly, I don't get that treatment much anymore unless I am a lucky bunny and my parents are in a good mood but really I need to be independent and learn to be without but with my makeup addiction that may not work and could possibly get withdrawal symptoms I have always wanted a older|younger sister though..

2). Touch wood but I am a eczema sufferer and luckily because it is spring|summer time, I don't currently have it because of the UVA|UVB from the sun prevents it. Not finished there, I am an asthmatic, nut allergy sufferer (Yes I have to check all ingredients or I could die, dramatic yes) I have hypothyroidism so basically I get fatter quicker and lose fat slower than a normal person would..

3). I hate my height, I am 5ft 7 and have size 7 feet. Bet you are all reading this and thinking I am some lanky monster big footed female, well I'm not, I hope I want knee surgery so I can become to about 5ft 4|5, just think the smaller you are, the more feminine you look.. Weird? NO yes I am..

4). I am dizzy person, quite clumsy a lot of the time. Walk into things often and has my dad says I am a blonde in disguise some people take that has an insult but I don't. Doesn't help that I am heavy handed, I don't realise my strength and therefore careless and break things easily.. oops

5). Happy fact; I have been with my gorgeous boyfriend over two years now and words couldn't describe how happy I am, he's like a best friend, boyfriend and a soulmate all in one person. We have so much bizarre and crazy things in common, its just amazing! I love him so much and many years to come.

6). I work in a posh store called Harvey Nichols, it's such a lovely store to work in. Feels like a big family. I started there when I was 18 on Clinique for two years which was my very first job and now I work for Estée Lauder in the same store, funnily enough it's opposite the Clinique counter as well. Estée Lauder is the best company I have worked for, its lovely and I can achieve goals with this company!

7). I have a bad habit of impulse buying, if I like it.. I am guaranteed to buy it.

8). I maybe one of the most random person you will meet or speak to, I forever act and speak random, but that makes me. It's unexpected and even I don't know when this randomness will appear. I love cookies

9). Summer baby, July the 2nd which makes me a Cancer. I love that it has never rained on my birthday, no doubt I have jinxed that now with it being english weather. Anyway I believe in zodiac and horoscopes only because when Cancer's are described, it has me written all over it.

10). Last but not least my last fact about me is.. I talk too much. This is why I shall leave you all to it, now you know a bit about me.

Goodbye chickens, but not for long!

YSL lipstick heaven

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YSL lipsticks are beautiful, the packaging is beautiful.. Just everything about this product is beautiful. I am a lipstick addict, and with that said YSL lipsticks are one of my favourite brand for lipsticks, it has pushed MAC cosmetics off the top of my list personally!

The Rouge Volupte Perle in 1O8, is a creamy and quite a nourishing lipstick, when wearing this my lips feel soft and supple, they do not feel dry or dehydrated with this on. It is quite a satin/pearl finish. The Rouge Volupte Perle is a long-lasting which is perfect because I love lipsticks that last because your having to top up every minute of the day and wasting the product! Also it leaves lips looking smoother, fuller and more radiant. It's perfect pearl in a gold case!

Next to it is the original Rouge Volupte O7, Lingerie Pink,apparently an award winning lipstick! It's luxurious in a gold case again. The pigment in this lipstick is intense and bright, amazing for summer shine!& the finish is a highly pigmented glossy finish! Again it is long lasting, comfortable on the lips, feels light and has a silky texture.

Would definitely recommend YSL lipsticks to everyone and anyone! Perfection..

In the pictures below is Rouge Volupte Perle 1O8, Celestial Mauve and on the right is Rouge Volupte O7, Lingerie Pink. The shade names are lovely and unique

& The blog begins

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Finally. I have a blog, please excuse the messy design at this moment in time. It's been requested from a few of you that I should make a blog, so hope your happy people! I can't do all this HTML and design stuff so you will have to bare with me please, if any of you would be happy to help then come forward..

So basically this blog will be about purchases, reviews on makeup and beauty and maybe a few makeup tutorials&looks. So thank you to all you lovely people that have told me I should blog and convinced me that I can do it, finally got the courage to do it. I may waffle a lot and become quite random during the posts.

"I like kiwi's and pineapples"

Just a little bit about me, I am nearly 21 in two months (extremely excited)! I work for Estee Lauder in a Harvey Nichols store, which I love love love but having a makeup addiction working on a beauty counter on a beauty floor full of amazing brands, it doesn't help my addiction! Constantly buying the latest makeup.