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Many of us may have some busy schedules, meeting with friends all the time, going travelling or anything! When applying mascara it can take some time to get that perfect length and volume, even thickness! Surely we don’t want to be sitting there for ten minutes applying mascara when you need to be somewhere quick! Thought I would share my thoughts on my latest and newest favourite mascara “YSL Shocking” mascara!

We all need a good mascara right? We all don’t have time to sit there putting layers after layers on, or even waiting for the glue to dry on your fakies! “YSL Shocking” is a beautiful mascara, I have heard so many good things about this mascara so thought I would hop onto the boat and try it out for myself. Certainly have to say, I’m impressed.

YSL has luxurious, gorgeous gold packaging that I can’t resist to buy. The packaging does look and feel expensive also sophisticated, which it is! I know it isn’t real gold, but it does look amazingly pretty in your makeup storage or bag. YSL’s gold design does stand out from other brands out there I believe. I also believe that the mascara is the most used, most bought product out there in the makeup industry so most importantly you need a mascara that is going to last you a long time and give you the look you want in one product, so you can save your pennies.

Like I mentioned in my second paragraph, I am impressed! The things I read and were told about this mascara are certainly true. The formula is thick and is an extremely black shade which I do indeed love. One of the blackest mascaras I have come across, even when it is applied it is BLACK! The brush and formula do work together well has they both make the lashes look longer, thicker, volumizes and adds a little curl to your lashes.

Ladies you may be wondering “Yes it might give you longer lashes, and a more volumizing look but does it even last all day?” Definitely does, I have been up early hours of the morning and it has stayed the same throughout the day, without needing to add more or fix it! This mascara is definitely a money saver.

This is the type of mascara that you can add extra minutes to your beauty sleep, because this mascara is quick drying, easy to apply and instantly lifts the lashes and lengthens them. Two layers and your lashes will look naturally long and voluminous within seconds. It enhances any natural, daytime and night time makeup look.

The brush seems to be designed so you don’t get that annoying black smudge that you get on the top of the lids when applying mascara, which I always seem to get with other mascaras! Also when you’re finished applying other mascaras can mark the eyelids with black dots, which can be quite annoying. Just simply apply it like you would do, in your own way and it is a miracle what this pot of gold can do!

This is a really “shocking” product and would recommend this to everyone, spread the word and purchase this either online or at your nearest YSL counter.

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  1. This mascara sounds amazing! I know what I'll be spending my Christmas money on haha!


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