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20 days left! Have you eaten your 5th chocolate out of your advent calender, I have. I am so sorry I have not been blogging for a day, I usually do daily posts in the week and have a break on the weekend, it is just that the past two days, just been mega busy and had super long 14 hour shifts. I am alive still and some of you have requested me to do a review about the very gorgeous "Stila Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer". Get your parents to treat you to this amazing product and add it to your wishlist!

So ladies, have you ever bought a foundation and you need to keep going into your handbag to top up your foundation throughout the day. Also if you’re out and about and you forget your foundation and then you start to panic because your foundation is slowly fading? Ah well fear not I have found a foundation that is perfect for you busy bees!

Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day Foundation & Concealer, yes that’s right you get a concealer with it too! I have been debating to get this foundation for a long time, I have tried it here and there but not actually bought, the other day I purchased this and I am absolutely in love and I don’t understand why I never purchased it when I found it. The convenience of having a concealer that matches your skin tone on the top of the lid is such an amazing idea right?

You can see Stila's Beauty Blender! I will do a separate post about that, to give you more detail about how to use it! I’ll talk about the packaging first for a change because there is quite a lot to it to a normal foundation you would normally purchase. There is a “spatula” or “scoop” applicator inside the bottle which I also think is a genius idea, not only do I now know how much I am using but if I scoop out too much, it is easier to put back in the bottle, unlike a screw open top or a pump! This really amazed me. The lid has a click-open lid where a lovely little pot of concealer lies and again this is convenient because I don’t have to bring two separate products with me, so it is less to carry. 2 in 1 product, perfection!

The important bit, the formula! Stay All Day foundation is quite thick but not thick to where you can feel it on your skin, which is surprising due it being a really full coverage. The formula is very creamy so with our dry skin’s ladies there is drying on the skin! You only need a tiny scoop of this foundation has a little bit definitely goes a long way, but you can apply more if you wish, if you fancy a little bit more coverage. Ah the pigment, is super-duper, and even though it is my correct shade it definitely adds a bit of warmth without it looking dark or orange on me. Has I said before it is a full coverage, it covers pretty much anything. I have seen this foundation on people that have scarring, ache, redness and even pigmentation or discolouration.

Not a matte foundation but still is really good for ladies that have oiler skins, it gives the same gorgeous dewy finish and it makes my face look healthy and glowing. Purchase this if you want to look flawless, who doesn’t. Bet you’re all asking “Does it last all day though?”, “Do you need to top with this foundation?” IT DOES! It lasts a good 12 hours without the need to top up either. I am the walking prove and how I know that it lasts all day. I have work very early in the morning so I wake up around 5am and did my makeup using this foundation and I work two jobs and I wasn’t finishing till very late at night. Not once did I top up or even feel the need to top up. Heaven in a bottle, a foundation that actually does what it says on bottle.

The concealer, I have to be careful about it general. Just because any concealers than look quite drying on me but I am so impressed with Stila’s Stay All Day Concealer, such a hydrating and dewy texture and doesn’t make my eyes look dry or even feel it. A concealer that helps nourish my skin throughout the day and gives a perfect coverage to hide any imperfections or dark circles I may have. This even lasted all day, and did not top up one and it hid my dark circles all day.

If you live in the UK and ever visiting Manchester, please go to the Stila and visit Danielle, one of the best makeup artists I know, she does amazing makeup and really creative! Click here to go to her makeup page and get your makeover lessons or makeovers!

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