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Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Technically is, and I have some very exciting news to tell you! My mum and dad took me to Currys which is a shop that sells all technology and bits! They bought me a Nikon camera for my YouTube channel which will be released very shortly. Can't believe it is finally kickin' off and getting started, it's been a long wait ladies and gents. My parents won't let me have it til' Christmas day which is understandable I guess hehe..

Back to the Blogmas! Ah you have one day left to get your presents and if you are still stuck what to get yours friends or even your mum for christmas then I have the perfect and personally a new favourite of mine fragrance!

Signorina by Salvatore Ferrgamo, oh laa laa is this delicious! It is a ladies fragrance, of course! The bottle is extremely pretty and would catch any ladies eyes. The fragrance bottle is sophisticated yet simple and the bow detail which definitely finishes the look. This is a bottle that owns a spot anywhere on your vanity, the gold with the lilac ad pink gives it the finishing touch. When I looked at this bottle, I imagined the fragrance to be light, pretty and I'd say happy too.

Salvatore Ferrgamo has made this fragrance so it suits everyone, as it is fruity and radiantly beautiful. I would say it is aimed for the younger market but ayy? I think it will suit the older market to because of its simple scent. Continuing with the fragrance, it's not loud but it certainly is juicy with hints of red berries, vanilla and rose plus more. This has feminine written all over it gorgeous ladies so I suggest you read on..

I wouldn't say it's woody,musky nor dry or even citrus. It's creamy and velvety, quite like a dream. When I first had a smell of this fragrance it drew me in and it does not smell like any other fragrances in my eyes, or just I say nose hehe! It's got the perfect blend of freshness, fruit and creamy. I have noticed that vanilla is one of the most popular notes at the moment, yummy.

There is nothing wrong with this fragrance, not overpowering and not too girly either! They put a lot of thought into this scent to make it suitable to most women. It is worth the pennies has the scent lasts for hours on me anyway, which is a massive bonus because most scents don't even last an hour on me! An amazing product overall, it comes in two sizes and I am sure I seen a body wash or lotion that you can also buy with it! I would say it's a perfect present for not just Christmas but birthdays too, also in a few months we do have Mother's Day coming, so treat anyone special with this gorgeous scent.

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2 comments on "Signorina by Salvatore Ferrgamo & an announcement ♥"
  1. Wow I'm so happy for you to have a YouTube! Your blogs are brilliant and I've been following your Instagram for ages! So excited for your first video I'm sure you'll be a great youtuber!

    1. Thankyou so much! I am extremely happy to finally start my YouTube! Thank you for your support and your very lovely comment! I love your blog too !


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