Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Volume + Length Mascara ♥

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Blogmas time! Only four days til' Christmas. What are you all doing for it and most importantly have you all wrapped up your presents and put them under the Christmas tree? I'm going to blog today and write a review that you could give to anyone as a present or maybe treat yourself too! It is definitely been a craze about this mascara and because of that I was debating to buy it, but I did! After all I am a beauty blogger and I like trying new things!

Revlon Lash Potion mascara! Put your hands up if your a mascara addict, because I surely am and you will all love this product and I know understand why this was such a craze. I think I am quite late reviewing about this product but has a beauty blogger, nothing is too late! You can find these in any drugstores that sell a wide range of Revlon.

Lash Potion is definitely magically on your eyelashes. It creates gorgeous lashes, with length and volume! The best thing I have noticed about this product (and I have seen a difference), the formula strengthens the lashes with proteins, vitamins and amino acids and this also offers longer, fuller lashes! This is one of a kind mascara because the formula and brush don't clump the lashes or make them look spidery!

When applied the effect is really amazing and makes any lash look stunning! It is volumizing with length too which most mascaras I have tried claim to have but don't actually do. Revlon "Lash Potion" is a mascara I will stick with forever. Let's focus on the brush, after all that does give us the amazing lashes! The brush applicator is quite old school bushy brush and quite basic with little hint of spikes! Simple and straight, no fuss and yet it gives a perfect look.

Even though this gives your lashes such an amazing look! It doesn't look overly cakey or look over the top! It had the perfect amount of product on the brush to make them look voluminous and longer. It is a waterproof mascara so that is a plus for me, I do like a good waterproof mascara! Even though it is waterproof it is not tricky to remove, any makeup wipe or remover was simple enough for me! There is more amazing things about this mascara like, it doesn't flake, transfer or smudge! I would 100% recommend this mascara to anyone, it is perfect for all type of lashes I would say.

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1 comment on "Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Volume + Length Mascara ♥"
  1. This sounds great, I'm pretty loyal to my current mascara but I really want to try some new ones this year so maybe I should branch out this way :) x

    Claire | AgentSmyth


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