My Top Benefit Purchases of 2013 ♥

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Well I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and managed to hit the sales on Boxing day! Not been posting over Christmas so I apologise for that, but thought I would have a break over Christmas and come back. I got my Nikon D3200 camera from my parents which you may already know about from my previous posts. Anyway thought I would tell you about my top Benefit products that I purchased in 2013! I absolutely love Benefit and I hope they have more amazing products launched in 2014!

With there being a new camera there is also a newish theme that may happen on my blog has you can see in the picture above it is slightly different. Getting off the subject there hehe sorry! I will work my way through from top to bottom of the picture. The first favourite is Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW Foundation which is one of Benefit's favourite foundations, it's absolutely flawless and looks really radiant on the skin, super light weight so it feels like I am wearing nothing at all! If you want more of a review it Click Here

Next up is a BIG favourite of mine and it is Coralista boxed blusher and I did use this throughout the year but especially Summer! Gorgeous summer blusher. It's a coral with a very subtle gold shimmer which looks amazing on any skintone! The texture is super silky and pigmented! Here is more of a review about Coralista here
which I did back in August!

We then have Cha Cha Tint, which I reviewed before Coralista here. This is a very lovely radiant tint. I am not a tint person but in Summer and a little bit in Autumn I certainly was addicted to this coral goodness! Such a easy blend able product that looks like a stain, stays on like a stain but comes off easy peasy. Gorgeous coral glow that you can wear on it's own or add underneath Coralista to give it a bit more of a coral radiance to the cheeks!

They're Real mascara! Every lady knows about this mascara has it was the best and number #1 selling mascara out of all brands for weeks and months. Even though it is plastic applicator which I don't mind anyway it certainly is the best mascara that Benefit have made. Your lashes look like they are mega long, full of volume without the need of fake ones! You can not go wrong with this mascara and if you haven't purchased this yet, then with your Christmas money that you received in your cards then I suggest you go get yourself one of these!

Concealer, every lady probably needs a good concealer! BUT do you have dry under eyes or dry skin? I surely do, so Fake Up concealer certainly gives me the hydration and the coverage! There is some concealers that give the coverage but can make my eyes look and feel dry/cakey but then there is concealers out there that give me hydration but not the coverage! BENEFIT your amazing because you have found a formula that gives the coverage and hydration in one! I love this concealer and think I will stand by it for pretty much forever!

Last but not least is Bad Gal Lash mascara! This was one of my latest purchases from Benefit, and I bought it at the beginning of December! I love the brush, love how black it is and love the packaging. Doesn't beat They're Real but certainly adds volume and thickness to the lashes!

Hope you enjoyed my Top Benefit PRoducts of 2013, what are your favourite products from Benefit?

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  1. I love the they're real mascara it's one of my favourites! Also could you maybe do a review of your camera or something (when you've gotten used to it obviously!) because I've been thinking of getting the D3200 for a while and I'd love to hear what you think about it from a bloggers perspective!


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