My Best Foundation Purchases of 2013 ♥

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It's the New Years Eve Eve, can't believe it is two days til 2014! That is quite scary because this year has gone really fast and I would say I have learned and achieved so much through this year including this blog that I am really proud of and it wouldn't of happened if it wasn't for you lovely people!

Since it is the end of a lovely year thought I would share my thoughts on the beautiful foundation I have purchased through 2013! These are foundations I would repurchase again and hope they don't become discontinued or I would be very sad. In the picture I am going to work my way from left to right and tell you the key benefits and what I love about these products. Keep reading to find out more hehe!

MAC Face and Body foundation is beautiful! Even though I like my full coverage foundations, throughout this year I have started to love the natural sheer coverage! This is quite a magical product because when applied it does look like a tinted moisturiser but as soon as you start to buff the foundation in your skin and has it warms to your skin it turns thicker and into a more medium coverage! It is certainly magic. If you want your face to look flawless, radiant and have that healthy glow then go purchase yourself this lovely water based foundation. Do you remember you have to give it a good shake.

Another sheer coverage foundation Bobbi Brown Skin foundation! Such a silky lightweight formula! I fell in love with this foundation instantly! It is perfect for all skin types I would say, so it is adaptable to everyones needs! Very easy to work with and just a wonderful product all year round!

Gorgeous Chanel! You can't go wrong with Chanel Vitalumiere, one of my top top foundation of all times! This is actually the best foundation I have ever tried and if you have dry skin and want that dewy finish then get your hands on this! Any skin type I think can wear it but might need a little powder to set it if you have oilier skins. I would say it is a medium coverage makeup and makes your skin look natural with the right amount of coverage and evens out any skintone to make it look flawless!

A newly favourite, Revlon Photoready Foundation and it comes with a primer too. I am really happy this foundation didn't affect my sensitive skin because it is really lovely! Fragrance free which is a massive bonus. This is in all drugstores and suggest you buy it. It gives most people a really good finish in videos and photos I believe. Smooth dreamy texture, buildable, lasts all day and your skin looks flawless, what more would you want? Right amount of coverage to hide imperfections but look natural!

Last but oh not least! Stila Stay All Day foundation & concealer! Such a handy product to carry round with you or if your going traveling just because it has the matching shade concealer with it which is super amazing! Even though the formula is thick, when you apply it, it is quite light but definitely gives 100% coverage. It covers up any imperfections you may have and that is guaranteed! The formula is also very creamy so it doesn't look drying on us dry ladies! The pigment in this product is lovely and spot on. I can't not include this in my top purchases because it looks fab on and makes you look really airbrushed and gorgeous!

Hope you enjoyed my top 2013 foundations! What's yours?

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2 comments on "My Best Foundation Purchases of 2013 ♥"
  1. Great picks, revlon photoready is definitely up there x

  2. I never really liked photoready when I tried it but I'd love to try the others and see if they work for me better!


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