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Can't believe it is the 31st of December! Happy New Year everyone and I hope you end 2013 with joy and enter the new year with much more happiness. I thought I would end the year with an amazing hair post today!

I was kindly sent these perfect 220grams hair extensions by Luxury For Princess. All what I am saying is 100% true and honest opinions. I have never had such perfect remi hair. I have been on the hunt for a few years for a decent pack of clip-in hair extensions because every girl loves to dress up, have long silky locks and make herself feel like a princess right? I certainly do and when I received these early December I could not wait to try them.

You may be wondering if you haven't wore clip in's before! Well what are they? It is just a quick way and the most easiest way without damage especially to add length to your natural hair or even thickness! It takes no effort at all, just simple section your hair and clip in! Simple.

Ashleigh, you also mentioned Luxury For Princess Remi hair, what's that? Well it is one of the highest and best quality hair out there that is 100% real hair and the cuticles of the remi hair are kept intact to ensure that the hair remains super soft and also no knots and tangles! Also with remy hair you are able to style it like you would on your own hair and also dye it too!

Previous extensions that I have tried didn't last me that long but I can see with Luxury For Princess hair that these will last me for a year or more! I will take care of these beauties and make sure they are always silky smooth and give them a good conditioning every few weeks has I don't wear them all the time because I do wake up at early hours in the mornings haha! After a few weeks of having them, Luxury For Princess recommended a drop of Argan Oil once a week to keep them nourished! To keep them even longer, make sure to use heat protector spray or serum before applying any sort of heat.

I am a proud owner of these and will be a Luxury Princess fan forever! They give me 220grams which is a lot of hair and because my hair is fine, I don't have to or need to use the others but definitely worth the money if you was to purchase the 220grams because I know have spare in case anything was to happen or even if my hair got too old!

These hair extensions quality definitely finish any hair look! WOW-factor, gives your volume, length, thickness and of course bounce! Treat yourselves to these for the new year and make yourself feel and look like a princess!

Visit Luxury For Princess now for the best deals and also grab it before it's out of stock! I can see these being high demand very soon!

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4 comments on "Luxury For Princess Hair ♥"
  1. They're amazing, you look so beautiful! I can't wait until my hair is long enough to wear extensions x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. You're gorgeous!

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