"Lightyear" Heavenly Creature Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC Cosmetics ♥

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I was debating on writing about this product because, it was part of limited edition range called "Heavenly Creature" but with it being absolutely gorgeous I couldn't not share this product with you all! You never know a MAC counter near you might have them still in stock. The design of the product looks quite christmassy so again there is another excuse to share this with you! I always want to buy the whole limited edition range but I can't sometimes because it will make me bankrupt, wish I could though because the "Heavenly Creature" range is absolutely beautiful.

Just look, breathe for a second and take in how beautiful this is... Ready to carry on? Have another look if you want but there will be more pictures coming below! So I am a big fan of mineralize products from MAC. They just have that texture which is super soft, more pigment and have that subtle shimmer (which is good for highlighting).

Lightyear is a gorgeous light peach shade with a soft pink and gold shimmer running through it. The main colours in this powder are a soft pink and a pale peach along with a champagne and warm gold. Considering it is a highlighting colour, the colours are quite intense when applied to the skin. Looks amazing on its own or over matte/normal blusher just to give it that hint of shimmer. You can use this on its own because it is quite pigmented and gives your cheeks a healthy glow.

The gold shimmer you see it not noticeable on the skin even though it looks a lot on the brush! Overall it is a really beautiful subtle product. Very happy with this product and really glad I managed to purchase from the range. It was £21.50 and if you love this one, with it being limited edition, you are probably best getting "Soft and Gentle" which is quite similar without the pink.

Have you got your christmas trees up?

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1 comment on ""Lightyear" Heavenly Creature Mineralize Skin Finish by MAC Cosmetics ♥"
  1. This looks gorgeous, it's a shame it was limited edition though! x



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