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Evening ladies & gents! Surely your christmas list is nearly full! Well if you can squeeze another on, grab your pen and write this lovely christmas idea down!

Need an everyday liquid foundation, then in that case you might want to check this foundation out by Benefit Cosmetics. With me, I am working very early hours in the morning and have extremely long days, I need something that stays on well but very natural and easy to apply in the mornings, so I can have more beauty sleep! Hello Flawless Oxygen foundation is probably one of my newest favourites for a natural everyday sheer foundations.

I don’t like wearing a full coverage foundation every day, I like my skin to breathe throughout the week with either a tinted moisturiser or sheer foundation, or nothing at all and then when it comes to special occasions or weekends then the extra coverage won’t harm my skin and I will feel a bit different when I go out and look my best! Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation, has been out for a while and I think I am a tad late trying this and reviewing about it but ay, every thought counts right? I am really pleased that is a fragrance-free product as well because it doesn’t irritate my skin at all which is a bonus for me.

So this foundation is actually suitable for all skin types from the driest of skins to the oiliest and even you ladies that are in-between! I think this is why this foundation is one of the popular foundations on the market because they have made it suitable to everyone. Even though it claims that it is suitable for everyone, with my dry skin thought I would test it out. I can say that there was no flakiness, dryness, patchiness or cracks which I am impressed with. I don’t powder with this foundation just because I prefer the gorgeous dewy and radiant finish it gives, but if you’re an oilier skin then maybe a dab of powder just to stop any shine peeking through.

A primer with this Benefit foundation I would say is a must to make it look more flawless. I love the fact it is lightweight, gives a natural finish and doesn’t enhance any of my dry areas! I do have very sensitive skin and this has not caused any problems yay!

More about the foundation! It is a sheer coverage but definitely able to build it up to a medium coverage. The coverage is quite impressive, it does conceal a few imperfections with luminosity. You are in for a treat with this lightweight and very comfortable product. At the moment I have been on the hunt for a natural more sheer foundation and I have found the one! It gave me a beautiful radiant glow to my skin, with looking like you’re wearing makeup. I love that it is a very hydrating texture and formula because it is a massive deal for me.

When applied the foundation does blend quite easily, my skin feels like it can breathe and that is the best feeling with any foundation. Even though it looks quite thick, the texture is beautifully creamy!

The packaging is really cute, attractive and also I love the simplicity of the bottle. I love that it is transparent because I know how much I have exactly! Not like I need to worry about it because you only need a tiny bit as it spreads a long way. Definitely a new sheer foundation of mine that I would repurchase! Buy it now and get matched up to your shade, they also do samples for you to try out first! Go online or to your nearest Benefit counter. Delicious oxygen for you skin!

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3 comments on "Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation by Benefit Cosmetics ♥"
  1. love this foundation! the hello flawless oxygen wow powder is amazing too! xx

  2. Think I'm going to have to test this out ;)
    Thanks for sharing xxxxx


  3. I've had this since august and im not sure how I feel about it yet haha but I dont find that it lasts all day :-( what did you put it on with? X


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