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It is that time of the year my beautiful readers! It is finally the festive month, happy 1st December! Get your pen and paper ready and get your christmas list sorted. You want perfectly straight hair? Then right down these straighteners and let your family (if lucky friends) treat you! Quite annoying when you wake up in the morning with that lovely frizz or kinky hair because your hair has been in a bobble all night during your beauty sleep, or you have natural curly hair and you fancy a change!

I purchased these gold edition series, because if you been following me for a while then you might know I love anything gold, so when theses were released.. I instantly fell in love and had to purchase this and gave my plain original black ones to my mum! I still remember the day I bought these, I was so happy when I seen the gold packaging and the gold throughout the straighteners, sleek right?

Thought I would write about the straighteners considering last week I wrote about the gorgeous hair protect spray! I have followed GHD for absolute years and years, me and my mum actually! The straighteners I have are the classic size, the most popular size I would say.

These are the newest style because they are slighter rounder than the old version! Think they did that because ladies love curling their hair with GHD's so it does make it easier and better for curling. GHD curls are gorgeous especially when it turns into waves, gorgeous. I still need to practice my curling techniques haha, quite bad I'd say at curling hair!

I have thin hair and shoulder length, I would say this classic size styler is actually perfect for all different hair types even if your hair is thick but think this works better on, thin-normal hair. It is lovely for dry hair too like me, can speak from experience haha!

Lets get on to the plates, as they are the most important bit of the straighteners! Not just the style ladies haha! The plates are gold, my jaw dropped.. Well they are not gold haha they are aluminum ceramic coating! Just perfect gold plates to finish of the look! These plates have been improved a lot from the previous GHD's. My hair can glide through easily without that pulling or tugging.

The heat is spot on, perfect temperature and can take up to 12-15 seconds to heat up to standard temperature around 185/200 degrees I would say. As all GHD straighteners they give you that beep to let you know they are ready. No need to worry if you leave them on and you have nipped out (avoid leaving them on just incase though it can be dangerous haha) they have safety features so they have auto-shut off after 30 minutes roughly and it beeps like crazy so you will be able to notice if they have been left on. There is a heat prove mat you can purchase that makes it that little bit safer!

When I bought these, they were around £120 maybe? I am unsure if the price is still the same? I bought these from Harvey Nichols in Manchester! Perfect place to shop for beauty, makeup and hair goodies! Definitely the best straighteners I have purchased from GHD's. Really easy to style with, so get this on your christmas list and get styling!

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2 comments on "GHD Gold Series Classic Straighteners ♥"
  1. I really need a new pair of hair straighteners and I'm so tempted to buy GHD's but they are just so pricey! They sound like a good investment though.

  2. i was planing to get the ghd straighter but then i opted for the cloudnine hmmm the ghd looks so pretty.
    your blog is so sophisticated!
    I just followed, follow back?


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