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Evening readers, on this cold winter night on Christmas Eve Eve, well I haven't done an Ask AshleighBeauty post in a long time and I asked you lovely readers on Instagram to give some questions which you would like the answer too. I'm in a festive mood so thought I would add some festive questions that some of you asked! Thank you by the way for all your lovely questions, so here goes!

Question One;
If you could wear one item out of your makeup bag forever, what would it be? by thatonecalledmeg on instagram.
Tough question there lovely meg! It would always be mascara and recently I have been loving Revlon's Lash Potion mascara, so yes that would be my mascara I would wear all the time! It's the best mascara I have used in a very long time, woohoo to Revlon!

Question Two;
Do you think "Expensive" makeup mean "Better Quality"? by emanuelaspalletta on instagram.
Not always, course there is higher end and more expensive products out there that are better than your normal drugstore brands, and that is why they are more expensive due to them actually working or giving your the perfect makeup HOWEVER there is expensive brands that isn't worth the money at all because the quality of their makeup is bananas. I won't name or shame any brands as I don't put negative reviews on my blog! If I don't review it then it isn't good! So yeah I have found that some expensive brands should not price some of their items that high when they don't work or the quality is poop!

Question Three;
When did you start wearing makeup and was it because you were self conscious of your appearance or just wanted to play and create looks? by _fragilepetal on instagram.
I bought, well should I say my mum bought me my first mascara which was "High Impact" by Clinique or it could of been a "Dior" one, can't remember. I was aged about 14/15 and mascara was the only thing I wore at that age, however I blame my mum for my makeup addiction. It isn't because I am self conscious. I love makeup, I love how you can play with makeup and beauty and what it can do to you and just have fun with it really!

Question Four;
Quick Cure for spots? by meganelizabeth200 on instagram.
I shouldn't advice you this because it's not really a proper product for spots but.. I have seen it work on so many people and my friends. That spot curer product your after is toothpaste! Simple apply a little dab on your spot and leave it on for a good 20-30mins and it really reduce that spot! Yes it works.. If you fancy more of a "real" product then Clinique's "Spot Gel" is also a life saver!

Question Five;
If you could get any tattoo, what would you get? by pxstel on instagram.
I already have a tattoo! It is a tribal style that goes from my side belly too up my ribs and it has gorgeous pink flowers from small to big as you get to the top of my ribs, along with love hearts that intertwine. This basically means, I am the flower and I have grown into a bigger flower (woman) and had love throughout and then I have hidden "D" and "M" which you can't see straight away, but that means "Daddy" & "Mum" as they have helped me become the woman I am today!

Question Six;
What do you want for Christmas? by flowersinthewind on instagram.
My mum and dad bought it me today actually but can't use it til' christmas! It's a Nikon D3200 camera for my YouTube and still photographs for instagram! I can't thank them enough! It's what I have always wanted for a few months now and I got it!

Question Seven;
What is the best present you have ever gotten or given away for Christmas? by xfashionisax on instagram.
Currently my best present I have received was two! I received my iPad last year and now my Nikon camera for my youtube this year, both from my parents! Also my boyfriend bought me the most gorgeous fur coat the other year that I fall back in love with every winter! The best present I have given out is probably some techno things for my dad, a Samsung tablet for my mum last year!

Question Eight;
What will you be wearing Christmas Day/or worn before? by vicsvortex on instagram.
This year I have no clue what I am wearing however I know I will be wearing red lipstick has that is quite festivey! Last year I wore a fluffy cable knit jumper and I think it was leggings probably with red lipstick of course! If your wearing all white with halos this year make sure you put some red lippy on!

Question Nine;
When did you stop believing in Santa? by jodie_weston on instagram.
I never stopped believing in Santa because he is a real person! However I stopped believing the flying reindeers and that when I was about 8/9 because I seen my parents eat the carrot and the mince pies that they put out for "Santa" to eat! Hahaha.. Still makes me laugh.

Question Ten;
What would you do if you won the lottery & what would you buy first? by dreaming_in_chiffon on instagram.
If my friends read this, they will back me up! I have always said if I win the lottery the first thing I would buy would be makeup! Yes makeup and beauty. I think that proves my slight obsession for makeup and beauty eheh oops!

Well gorgeous people! You got any extra three questions squeezed on there, only usually do seven! Felt festive and in a good mood and all the festive questions made me happy! If I didn't fit yours on then don't worry there is always a next time! Love you all

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