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Ah dear! Been working out two nights in a row and I am hurting so bad. My legs and my bum hurt and I can see myself waking up tomorrow with much more aches and pains! I am doing a tiny post about some certain favourite lipsticks that I posted on my Instagram. I get a lot of questions on there about the finish, if they are good and what shades! So I thought it would be much much easier to let you all know on one big post than replying to everyone individually because there was a lot of girlies that asked me similar questions! I hope I answer all your questions, and enjoy reading!

I will start left to right!

First is the "Rouge Volupte Perle" in shade 108 - Celestial Mauve. Definitely a creamy nourishing lipstick and when applied it feels soft and non-drying! My lips feel hydrated throughout the day. It is quite a pearl/satin finish and you don't need to top up either throughout the day which I guess is a BONUS for any lipstick because your using less product!

Second is the "Rouge Volupte Shine" n shade 13 - Pink In Paris. Oh I love the name on this now because in four weeks I am hopefully be in Paris for a few days a week before Christmas for my boyfriends big birthday! Anyway stop day dreaming Ashleigh! Pink in Paris is a very suttle rosey pink with a hint of warmth. Quite a glam finish too, with a lovely silky and juicy texture. It kind of feels like butter on your lips.

Then it is "Rouge Volupte Shine" in shade 8 - Pink In Confidence! So it is the same texture and appearance with the shade 13 above. These have a lot of hydration on their formulas which is a big must with my lips. Pink In Confidence I would say is a dusky pink, quite a cooler shade than the others with a more of a translucent finish but with a good amount of pigment.

Last one is "Rouge Volupte" in shade 7 - Lingerie Pink. Apparently Rouge Volupte is a winning lipstick, which I like to hear. The pigment is spot on and quite intense. Perfect colour for Summer has it is quite bright and stunning. Long lasting and comfortable, hydrating on the lips. Non sticky, silky texture when applied. Can't go wrong with this type of product!

What do you think of the YSL lipstics?

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