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Well it is nearly christmas! It is like four weeks or five away and I can't wait to by all my presents and hopefully I will be away the week before so fingers crossed. Well Body Shop have been very naughty and keep mentioning a chance to win their christmas collection of body butters, shower gels and pretty much everything.. I kept entering and I wasn't getting no where haha so I couldn't wait anymore and went out and bought the Vanilla Bliss Body Butter! IT IS GORGEOUS. Never smelt anything like it before. I have bought vanilla scents before from Body Shop but this is just better than ever.

I purchased this gorgeous smelling body butter from Body Shop! I love body shop because they have amazing products for a really affordable price. Also you can buy one scent in all the different types for example, you can buy this scent range in shower gel, lotion, scrub etc! So you can buy your scent in everything haha if you obsessed like me!

I would say this is part of my christmas haul. I love buying christmas things, it gets me in spirit. Well the newly christmas range in the Body Shop is the Vanilla Bliss, Cranberry Joy or Ginger Sparkle. I had to go with Vanilla Bliss has it is one of my favourite scents ever.

Vanilla is definitely ideal for hydration for all types of skin. What I love most about this body butter that it is easily absorbed into my skin without feeling sticky and slimy for ages. I have extremely dry skin and can be so itchy and flaky due to my eczema and this vanilla body butter is actually heaven on my skin. People with oily/combo skins can definitely use this product also!

The smell, oh my goodness. It smells edible (but don't eat it)! The smell stays on for hours and it is just the right amount of scent and not to over powering! It actually smells like a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a hint of vanilla cupcakes! Talking about it now is making me hungry, so lovely.

The texture is smooth and silky, I love putting some in my hands and rubbing it to make it warm and then applying it because it feels like a very light oil being applied! I have seen an improvement on my skin with using this, which I am amazed! It is so rich and hydrating. I love that it contains all my favourite ingredients, cocoa butter and shea butter. The most moisturising ingredients out there that are natural!

I would advise to use this during winter times, because all that wind, rain and chills can cause your skin screaming for help so, buy this and be free from itchy, flaky and dry skin! It worked for me. Looking for a moisturiser that keeps your moisturised all day then here is another reason to purchase it! I give this body butter a massive thumbs up like the Vineyard Peach Body Butter that I reviewed not to long ago and you can click here to have a read about that review > Vineyard Peach Body Butter

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    1. Love love love the sound of this! I am a fiend for anything that smells like Vanilla!
      I'd love if you checked out my blog too and follow back if you like it! :)

  2. This is my favourite body butter from the Body Shop. So much so I purchased 4 tubs, and currently waiting for them to hit sale, which they did last year; £3!! Keep eyes peeled! . .


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