Pretty Amazing Lip Colour by Bare Minerals with Swatches ♥

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Thought I would share you my thoughts about the very gorgeous lip colours by Bare Minerals. I think there products are amazing especially the eyeshadows and the lip glosses, lipsticks but I will always go back to Bare Minerals because of these beauties. Seriously yummy on your lips. If you love true and very opaque lip colours then go purchase yourself a few of these because you will NOT be disappointed a tiny bit! I have a red one of these but unfortunately it didn't make the blog because it is running seriously low and it's quite messy too, with it being my favourite! oopsies, when I get a new one I will definitely be showing you all, my red love!

I will tell you a bit more about these Pretty Amazing lip colours and then I will show you swatches and compare the colours too! Not really seen many blogs about these which I am shocked because I would re-purchase these time and time again. So calling the product Pretty Amazing was risky when launching it because your setting a standard there and you need to be sure that it is well, pretty amazing! A big massive thumbs up because I think they knew that this lipstick/gloss would sell well and be at the top.

They were roughly £14-16. Can't remember it was quite a while ago so don't hold me against the price haha! They are super thick and super stay! Considering it is super thick, it isn't sticky on my lips! Very hydrating and really opaque lip colours. All the shades are bold and bright, even the nudest shade is. It has an unbelievable shine to it considering it is so pigmented. With the high shine and high pigment you really do look polished when you apply this lip with any outfit and occasion! GORGEOUS.

The two shades above are gorgeous! I will start off with the left picture which is shade "Allure". This shade is quite a cheeky peachy. I am all about peach and oranges in the summer but when it comes to winter, not so much BUT don't not wear this in winter if you love the colour.

Then there is shade "Charisma" on the right picture! This was one of my first lip colours I bought out of the bunch and I will buy it again. If your a girly girl and you love your pink lips then you may fall in love with this one. This one has you can see is a warm pink and could compliment any skin tone and also it as tiny hints of gold in there too to make it stand out more.

The texture of these are silky and buttery and glide on with such ease. If you want a crisp line in the bolder colour then the applicator can do just that. The applicator is a small sponge type and this is one of the best applicators I have used because it doesn't smudge, applies straight away onto the lip in just one layer and it holds enough product to put another four layers on.

The last colour is "Moxie" a very bold name for a very bold colour. It is beautiful. I don't wear this often because this colour is definitely a colour you should wear on a bright summers day so I do apologise that it is now winter haha. Definitely a bright light pink, even though it may look like its the sort of colour that will make you looked washed out, it doesn't! I would say if your a fan of that milky creamy pink then pick this up. It compliments any skin tone again and looks lovely with a nude/brown smokey eye.

I would say my overall for you guys is that it is Pretty Amazing. I love these so much and they last for such a long time, definitely worth the pennies. What do you think?

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